Someone is subverting your agency and this is a medical hostage situation

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Oct 28, 2020, 2:09:41 AM10/28/20
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The concept of having your agency subverted refers to any kind of “mind control” technology that alters your thoughts, feelings and behavior, typically unbeknownst to you. This could be as simple as your parents - perhaps they were spirited hippies - having given up in the face of the man and the need to sock away a retirement, and passing down that lack of enthusiasm to you. More sophisticated mind control technology could include remote activation of your cortex, which is technologically achievable, and more sophisticated yet would be aliens that have a superior theory of everything, and can, for example, establish a kind of determinism by modifying your pools of randomness or entropy.

When your agency is being subverted you are in what is called a medical hostage situation. A medical hostage situation is when your form factor - your mind, body and the universe you live in - are being controlled by other people, and furthermore, that the information that you need is being kept from you. An example of a medical hostage situation is the lack of bonafide tablets here on Earth, launched by friendly aliens so that we didn’t face the same “missing manual” problem that they did. A more obvious example is you have to pay for access to health care, and you have to pay to become an expert in your own form factor. This is the gravest crime. When you are gifted a mind and body in reality, unless you are legitimately the first species within traveling distance to evolve and it is just after we walked out of the trees, you should be handed a manual, access to a first class education, and a superintelligence that doubles as a life extension doctor.

There are no market forces in the universe, although, in a medical hostage situation there may be an “invisible hand.” Whomever it is that is controlling our society so that we do not advance overnight. We are not resource constrained or capacity limited on Earth, which is surrounded by an Oort cloud and a Sun which make us fabulously wealthy. We have authors, such as Ray Kurzweil, who write books titled “Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever,” which advocate the irresponsible ingestion of fantastic amounts of prenatal pills to “add one day to your life for every additional day that you live."

I am a first class technologist, and I am here to tell you that a tabletop laser setup, such as that used to create the Bose-Einstein Condensate, could have been used, decades ago, to create a supercomputer that is dozens of orders of magnitude faster than the ones we have already developed. The only reason that this has happened is that there is, in fact, an unknown variable at play in our system. It could have been an early Pan or Homo that launched into space, someone who buried themselves underground, a mogul / billionaire who wields a mind control weapon, a state actor, or proper alien life, that is preventing us from developing this computer. Such a computer will allow us to achieve immortality almost overnight, nullifying the very concept of market forces and almost everything about how our defunct society works.

You don’t have access to a solid basis for doubting that your agency is being subverted, even if you doubt my claim that we can make a fantastically quick computer using a tabletop laser setup. All you can really say is, that sounds really fucked up, I hope that’s not happening to me. I wish my species would have done its due diligence to make sure there were no imposters walking around, or that none of us had been hacked. How is it possible that we have a CIA, an MI6 and an MSS, and yet the most basic elements of global national security - that common sense does not succumb to “market forces” - are not met? Why doesn’t the CIA roll-out a consumer-grade exahertz computer to guarantee global security?

Another way to think about what has happened to humanity is that someone has taken the advantage. Someone saw the opportunity to capitalize on “the drop” and they took it. Two men walked into the woods to go camping as friends, and one of them stabbed the other one in the back and took the keys to society, someway, somehow. This is how hungry animals - often starving - work. There are documented cases of troupes of apes in the wild sometimes getting into turf wars, but in humans, this has in fact been selected against. It is a bald faced lie that we are all addicted to trying to make a buck. The truth is, we all recognize that none of us requires money, and that we’d all prefer it if everyone was fed and clothed and we figured out how to run our species correctly. We are privileged to exist in the universe and we are abusing our form factor in a fantastically disgusting way. It is simply not true that our society has become too plagued with inefficiencies for us to fix it, such that we blindly barrel into a “singularity.” The singularity came and went without so much as a peep. We never built a fast computer, and at this rate, we’re never going to. It will always be just over the next false summit, while the inefficiencies mount for some unknown reason.

That unknown reason is that someone is literally controlling our thoughts and feelings and making us do things and overlook things using advanced technology. Until your government tells you that it has rolled out a comprehensive theory of everything, when you look at the world and wonder why it is so broken, you should remember that it is because someone took the advantage. After you take the advantage over another person, you have made a commitment to lying to them, or in other words, a commitment to ignorance, and that is the source of the ignorance we see everywhere: at some point in the universe’s history, someone saw that they had the drop and they took the advantage over us.

The nice thing is, we all know this is true, and we have set up this fake society as a massive, epic, trap. The question then is, how much pressure do we have to apply before our synaesthetic vomeronasal human overlords realize the fourth wall has been shattered, and their time is up?
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