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Re: Micromass/Waters ZMD vacuum problem

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Aug 28, 2010, 8:55:19 AM8/28/10
On Aug 19, 1:43 pm, jojo <> wrote:
} Since the amber vacuum light prohibits operating the ZMD, i cannot see
} any m/z's.
} There is an Edwards Pirani Gauge on the system, which is read-out by
} the Masslynx software and shows a <10-4 mbar. But somehow, the ZMD
} still shows an amber vacuum light. I replaced all big and small O-
} rings but that did not fix the problem. We reseated both turbopumps,
} replaced the oil of the RV28 roughing pump, checked all vacuum tubing,
} checked the water cooling system (2L/min, 15C, ethylene-glycol/water
} mixture) and the temperature of the turbomolecular pumps (which is
} below <50C). I'm slowly running out of options, so i started thinking
} that it is maybe the electronics (how else does the ZMD show a vacuum
} failure but the software shows that the vacuum is fine).
} Thanks for the help!
} Best,
} Jori

Are you sure turbos are reaching full speed-if below 80% the amber
will not turn to green. You can check via Engcon using both "rd1" and
"rd2" pages (rd1=Pirani reading, rd2=turbo pump speed) without having
MassLynx active.

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