1956B MSD - Quad DC fault

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Helen Fredricks

Oct 26, 2010, 2:10:05 PM10/26/10
Hi all, I'm looking for a bit of technical help with an Agilent 1956B
LC/MSD - trying to save a few $$ and troubleshoot before I have to call
in the pros! here's what's happening:
-Its giving a Quad DC fault in the logbook,
- if i try to do a checktune it comes up with "difficulty with ion
optics electronics - Quad DC fault"
- it fails all points of the MSD ion optics test giving "quad DC fault"
for each of the failures
-It fails the MS Quad electronics test on the RF drive scan part, the
chart is spikey instead of a straight line
-On the analyzer board there are two red LEDs lit up - DS3 and DS2 which
apparently are "Lens2_off" and "octapole_off" not sure if this is a
fault or just a status response, the machine is powered up and otherwise

so, with all that information you think I'd be able to tell whats wrong,
but sadly I'm just not savvy enough where MSDs are concerned

there's a chance that I can mine another MSD for parts, but I'm not sure
what needs to be done! any suggestions gratefully received!


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