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Chip Cody

Mar 19, 2010, 12:20:28 PM3/19/10
On Mar 10, 11:09 pm, wrote:
} On Mar 9, 9:35 am, SLJ <> wrote:
} } Hi All,
} }
} } I am using a 3200 Q-trap. The software for it is Analyst (1.4.2). I
} } want to integrate a chromatogram without using Quantitation Wizard.
} } Could anyone tell me how to do it? Thank you.
} If you mean take it right out of Analyst to integrate in another
} software package, Analyst has an export tool to get it into AnDI for
} Spectrometry binary format, after which several packages will import
} it.

If you can can export the chromatogram as a text file, there is a
utility in my Mass Spec Tools software suite (from that
supports simple manual peak integration: you can use the mouse to draw
the baselines and/or drop perpendiculars.


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