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RETALIATION & ABUSE at Leica Microsystems

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Mar 17, 2015, 6:09:00 AM3/17/15
> Korsen v. Danaher's Leica Microsystems
> Workplace discrimination at Danaher..... SURPRISED, you really shouldn't be!
> Sounds a lot like another Leica manager: who
> was hired by:
> 1) Peter Reimer
> 2) Peter van den Broek
> 3) Thomas P. Joyce
> 4) H. Lawrence Culp

Here You GO:
Age/Sex Discrimination is ALIVE and WELL at Leica Microsystems!

Douglas Reed/Peter Reimer/Peter van den Broek got rid of Ann Korsen and then they turned around and hired a KNOWN DISCRIMINATOR in John V. Taulien who was previously in Federal Court in the matter of:

Lees v. Taulien (Thermo Electron Corp) <-- READ THIS ONE!

Danaher Corporation surely knew about the discriminatory POS they hired in John Taulien... you did know didn't you Thomas P. Joyce and H. Lawrence Culp?

You DID do your due diligence didn't you Thomas P. Joyce and H. Lawrence Culp?

So you must have wanted an Age/Sex Discriminator on the Danaher/Leica payroll who would continue with his history of ABUSING employees!

Wondering how many people now working under John Taulien are being ABUSED???

Google "John Taulien" and you will find tidbits like:
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