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Rich Ulrich

Jun 11, 2021, 6:25:18 PM6/11/21
I've been checking every day and writing down what
the Johns Hopkins site reports for current cases of covid-19
in the US. These numbers are updated every day.

They report, with nice graphs, the cumulative cases and
deaths in an interesting set of nations -- all nations together
and then separately. Below the separate graphs, they show
number of cases for the day, taken by subtraction.

Occasionally, they make corrections to the data for the last
day or two.

The number of "deaths" reported in the US for yesteday
is minus twenty. (I suspect a typo.)

Rich Ulrich

Rich Ulrich

Jun 14, 2021, 4:09:56 PM6/14/21
Revised numbers for the past week and more are monotonicly
increasing, so they have fixed that.

Overall, the U.S. rates for deaths and confirmed cases are
staying remarkably low, given that masks are coming off and
businesses are opening more widely. Here in Pittsburgh: My
grocery aisles are no longer marked for one-way traffic. Plastic
cashier-guards are disappearing. The tea store allows browsing
inside, again.

Here is an account that says that today there is an association
between vaccination levels and new cases, deaths, and hospitallzations
(across states, or maybe, also, counties). The association was not
notable a couple of weeks ago (it says).

Some good news mentioned is that hospitalizations are remaining
fairly constant in the worst of cases (i.e., not going down is the
contrast to "going down"), and new cases are no longer putting
pressure on hospitals.

I watched the French Open on TV last week and saw their sanctions
in effect -- masks, no crowds, then thinned crowds, and evening
curfew restrictions. French President Macron won cheers from the
crowd when he permitted the audience of the Nadal-Djokovic match
to stay in place after set 3, at 10:40 pm, instead of chasing them out
so they could beat the 11:00 curfew. (D won in the 4th.)

Rich Ulrich
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