Google and people want to destroy academical Analyst!

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Tomas Ukkonen

May 29, 2022, 1:24:25 AMMay 29

My name is Tomas Ukkonen and I'm Analyst and Scientist.

Google wants to destroy me because it doesn't show anything important about me. It doesn't tell I have (had) now a minicompany called Novel Insight and that I have been Senior Analyst in Itella TGM Oy using bank secrets and all. I have also been Scientist and Google keeps telling I'm musician although it is my hobby and I only use 5% or less my time creating music.

When I talk like Analyst and how data science, data analytics and academics (physics) go wrong when they don't talk about Simpson's paradox and try to create mathematics of causality. Physics also use probability distributions which go wrong if no causal analysis is not properly made. They are just typically silent about Simpson's paradox and still try to create theory of everything using math that is not correct.

Hospital also started saying I'm some type of criminal even when police investigation has shown (Riihimäki police, Police Pulliainen, Prosecutor Kekki) that somebody took a loan using my name from Switzerland. They just curse when I talk them about modern physics and don't want to be intellectual.

Do you want to help me?

Tomas Ukkonen, M.Sc.
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