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Shuttle Status for 08/08/90 (Forwarded)

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Peter E. Yee

Aug 9, 1990, 6:32:41 PM8/9/90
[Reconfiguration of our news host delayed the delivery of this article. -PEY]

Wednesday August 8, 1990 11:30 a.m. EDT



STS-35 -- Columbia (OV 102) - VAB High Bay 3

Preparations continue for rollout of the Shuttle Columbia
from bay three of the Vehicle Assembly Building to pad 39-A.
First motion is currently assessed to be as early as 4:00 a.m.
Thursday, August 9. Once at the pad, Columbia's payload bay doors
will be opened and servicing of the ASTRO-1 payload will begin.
Also, portions of the Shuttle interface verification test not
completed in the VAB will be conducted at the pad. Currently in
work are closeouts of the liquid oxygen connector/electrical
monoball work and installation of insulation around the liquid
oxygen and liquid hydrogen umbilicals.

STS-41 -- Discovery (OV 103) - OPF Bay 1

Work to remove the damaged portion of freon coolant loop
number two has been successful. Yesterday, the new portion of the
line was brazed in and engineers took good readings on the
pressure tests. Later today, a 24-hour pressure decay check on
the line will begin. Also, today, service of the RTG water
system is scheduled to begin and preparations for the APU tank
depressurization is in work.

STS-38 -- Atlantis (OV 104) - Launch Pad 39-A

Pending Columbia's readiness for rollout tomorrow morning,
Atlantis is scheduled to be rolled back from pad 39-A to the VAB
at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. The RSS was retracted from around
the vehicle at 8:00 a.m. this morning as workers make final
preparations for the rollback. Atlantis should arrive at the VAB
before mid-night and will be parked outside high bay 1. Once
Columbia is moved out to pad A the following day, Atlantis will
be moved into high bay 3 of the VAB, destacked, and returned to
the OPF.
Thursday August 9, 1990 10:00 a.m. EDT



STS-35 -- Columbia (OV 102) - en route to pad 39-A

The Space Shuttle Columbia is currently on its way out to
pad 39-A this morning. First motion leaving the Vehicle Assembly
Building occurred at 5:47 a.m. Columbia is expected to arrive at
the pad around 12:00 noon today and be hard down on the pad by
early afternoon.

Once at the pad, the rotating service structure will be
moved around the vehicle. Work will then commence to repair a
pair of faulty solderings found last night in the electrical
monoball of the liquid oxygen umbilical. Power up is targeted for
mid-day Friday. The Shuttle interface verification test will be
conducted following power up. Servicing of the BBXRT payload is
slated to begin first shift Saturday. On Sunday, the GOX flow
control valves will be installed on the vehicle.

STS-41 -- Discovery (OV 103) - OPF Bay 1

The damaged portion of freon coolant loop number two has
been replaced and the 24-hour pressure decay check is underway.
Depressurization of the APUs is complete. Currently, the bay is
closed to non-essential personnel while technicians continue with
the hi-point drain of the fuel from the APUs.

STS-38 -- Atlantis (OV 104) - Outside VAB high bay 3

Atlantis was rolled off pad A last night with first motion
occurring at 10:14 p.m. It arrived at the VAB this morning
shortly after 4:00 a.m. and will remain outside high bay 1 until
Columbia is hard down on the pad. This afternoon between 2:00 and
3:00, Atlantis will be moved into high bay 3 of the VAB for
destack operations. Demate of the orbiter from the ET/SRB stack
will occur this weekend and transfer to the OPF is targeted for
Monday morning. The external tank flange joint is scheduled to be
removed and shipped to the vendor for analysis on Friday.

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