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Welcome to and!

These newsgroups were initially created and moderated by George Herbert
in 1993:

He graciously passed the reins on to a team, who took over moderation in |
2009. The current moderator is: |

Greg Moore <mooregr (at)> |

The moderator may also be reached via the following addresses: |

<sci-space-science-request (at)>

<sci-space-tech-request (at)>

For discussing planetary and non-planetary space
science; including technical issues in planetary science,
planetary science space missions, techniques, goals, and
information about the planets themselves, space astronomy,
physics, space science in general, stellar science (ours and
others), etc. Questions about space science, the planets, etc.
The primary emphasis is on doing science in or about space;
sci.astro remains the appropriate group for astronomy per se.
Technical issues and directly related policy issues on all
aspects of space flight; space launch vehicles present, past,
proposed, and propulsion (including poorly or undeveloped
methods such as ion, solar sail, laser-sail, antimatter, etc);
space station design, engineering, operations, and goals; and
any other types of spacecraft technology, engineering,
operations, and related topics. Technical issues involved in
developing space resources, colonization of space, etc.
Technical, costing, and directly related policy decisions will
also be appropriate. Questions about space technology,
operations, engineering, etc. are all appropriate, at any level.

Posts will initially be judged on content. NO posters will initially be
blacklisted. However, posters who continually post and repost rejected
material may find themselves eventually blacklisted.

For, any post should have a majority of the content be
of a scientific nature. Articles that clearly cite references or avoid
unsubstantiated claims are more likely to pass moderation.

There is room for non-technical details, but if the moderators feel the
post is to far from technical we are likely to ask for a rewrite. A
post that is obviously non-technical in nature or completely off-topic
will be rejected outright.

Posts that include cites, equations and proven science references are
preferred. If you want to discuss esoteric subjects such as alien life,
non-mainstream scientific thought, please make sure to have recent and
citable references for the topic. Pie in the sky posts will generally
be rejected.

Personal attacks generally will NOT be tolerated. Quips at others
expense or ribbing may be tolerated as long as they are not the main
point of the post and are specific to the points being addressed. Topics
that we feel have run their course will generally be closed off until
new scientific information is posted. Rehashing topics over and over
again will not be permitted.

Posts may be crossposted to up to 3 different newsgroups in the* hierarchy. This will be automatically enforced by the
moderation software. The post must be on-topic for all of the
newsgroups, however. In general, and with few exceptions, an article
will not be on-topic for both and at
the same time. The moderators will make a decision at their discretion
if such crossposting is allowed.

In addition to being accessed via an NNTP server and client news reader, and may be accessed via Google Groups:!forum/!forum/

As moderators we realize that we can probably please all the people some
of the time and some of the people all the time, but will never please
all the people all of the time. So be it.

If you have issues with how we are moderating or an issue with why
specific posts were or were not approved, we will consider all
reasonably written emails to us. Part of the reason for an odd-number
of moderators is so that if necessary, we can vote on any posts that
require that.

Please keep in mind the moderators are all volunteers and spending out |
time, effort and to an extent money to make this happen.

Thank you

Your and moderation team.

Greg Moore

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