Propulsion Applied Electrogravitic Crystallography

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Jul 31, 2006, 5:21:57 PM7/31/06
The Lower Side Band Approach to Increasing Phase Velocity
is a method for extracting the lower sideband transmission,
and utilize it as the new carrier frequency, and perform an-
other phase modulation to again increase phase velocity.
This allows phase velocities to increase in circuitry stages,
depending on the negative values of n in the Bessel chart,
established as follows:

For angular modulation, or phase modulation, the phase modu-
lation index (PM), or Delta_q, where q is the phase devia-
tion of the carrier caused by the modulating signal. If
Delta_theta_peak = Beta = Delta_f peak / mue, where Beta is
the argument of the Bessel Function of the first kind of or-
der n where n is an integer and described by J0(b), J1(b),
J2(b), ...Jn(b) (in the table of Bessel Functions of the the
first kind), and mue is the modulation signal frequency in Hz.
The value of these Bessel Functions is representative of the
magnitude of the signal's sidebands plus and minus n. It can
be shown that the values for the minus values (or for the
lower sideband) of n in the Bessel chart represent a dimuni-
tion of frequency and therefore an additional increase in
the phase velocity, since phase speed is a function of fre-
quency, or space. (The carrier frequency becomes represented
by setting n = 0).

The wave group speed of a modulated, longitudinally oscil-
lating field is measured from the oscillation frequency,
separation distance between masses, and the measured phase
shift. Without deriving from classical formula, with r =
separation distance between transmitting antenna and re-
ciever, and for d_0<< r <,= c / 3w , the value for group velo-
city, or c_g = 1/3 c_ph, meaning that the group velocity is
about 1/3 of the value for the phase velocity. The phase
velocity is the velocity of propogation of the field pat-
terns, and for waveguides is greater than c, and is equal
to c x lambda_g / l , where lambda_g is the wavelength in the
waveguide, equal to lambda / sqrt [ ( 1 - ( f_c / f )2 ],
where lambda is the entering wavelength, f_c is the cutoff
frequency in the waveguide, and f is the entering frequency.

Beta...Jn=0 Jn=1 Jn=2 Jn=3 Jn=4 Jn=5 Jn=6 Jn=7 Jn=8 Jn=9 Jn=10
0.2....0.99 0.10
0.4....0.96 0.20 0.02
0.6....0.91 0.29 0.04
0.8....0.85 0.37 0.08 0.01
1.0....0.77 0.44 0.11 0.02
1.2....0.67 0.50 0.16 0.03 0.01
1.4....0.57 0.54 0.21 0.05 0.01
1.6....0.46 0.57 0.26 0.07 0.01
1.8....0.34 0.58 0.31 0.10 0.02
2.0....0.22 0.58 0.35 0.13 0.03 0.01
2.2....0.11 0.56 0.40 0.16 0.05 0.01
2.4....0.00 0.52 0.43 0.20 0.06 0.02
2.6...-0.10 0.47 0.46 0.24 0.08 0.02 0.01
2.8...-0.19 0.41 0.48 0.27 0.11 0.03 0.01
3.0...-0.26 0.34 0.49 0.31 0.13 0.04 0.01
3.2...-0.32 0.26 0.48 0.34 0.16 0.06 0.02
3.4...-0.36 0.18 0.47 0.37 0.19 0.07 0.02 0.01
3.6...-0.39 0.10 0.44 0.40 0.22 0.09 0.03 0.01
3.8...-0.40 0.01 0.41 0.42 0.25 0.11 0.04 0.01
4.0...-0.40-0.07 0.36 0.43 0.28 0.13 0.05 0.02
4.2...-0.38-0.14 0.31 0.43 0.31 0.16 0.06 0.02 0.01
4.4...-0.34-0.20 0.25 0.43 0.34 0.18 0.08 0.03 0.01
4.6...-0.30-0.26 0.18 0.42 0.36 0.21 0.09 0.03 0.01
4.8...-0.24-0.30 0.12 0.40 0.38 0.23 0.11 0.04 0.01
5.0...-0.18-0.33 0.05 0.36 0.39 0.26 0.13 0.05 0.02 0.01
5.2...-0.11-0.34-0.02 0.33 0.40 0.29 0.15 0.07 0.02 0.01
5.4...-0.04-0.35-0.09 0.28 0.40 0.31 0.18 0.08 0.03 0.01
5.6....0.03-0.33-0.15 0.23 0.39 0.33 0.20 0.09 0.04 0.01
5.8....0.09-0.31-0.20 0.17 0.38 0.35 0.22 0.11 0.05 0.02 0.01
6.0....0.15-0.28-0.24 0.11 0.36 0.36 0.25 0.13 0.06 0.02 0.01
6.2....0.20-0.23-0.28 0.05 0.33 0.37 0.27 0.15 0.07 0.03 0.01
6.4....0.24-0.18-0.30-0.01 0.29 0.37 0.29 0.17 0.08 0.03 0.01
6.6....0.27-0.12-0.31-0.06 0.25 0.37 0.31 0.19 0.10 0.04 0.01
6.8....0.29-0.07-0.31-0.12 0.21 0.36 0.33 0.21 0.11 0.05 0.02
7.0....0.30 0.00-0.30-0.17 0.16 0.35 0.34 0.23 0.13 0.06 0.02
7.2....0.30 0.05-0.28-0.21 0.11 0.33 0.35 0.25 0.15 0.07 0.03
7.4....0.28 0.11-0.25-0.24 0.05 0.30 0.35 0.27 0.16 0.08 0.04
7.6....0.25 0.16-0.21-0.27 0.00 0.27 0.35 0.29 0.18 0.10 0.04
7.8....0.22 0.20-0.16-0.29-0.06 0.23 0.35 0.31 0.20 0.11 0.05
8.0....0.17 0.23-0.11-0.29-0.11 0.19 0.34 0.32 0.22 0.13 0.06
8.2....0.12 0.26-0.06-0.29-0.15 0.14 0.32 0.33 0.24 0.14 0.07
8.4....0.07 0.27 0.00-0.27-0.19 0.09 0.30 0.34 0.26 0.16 0.08
8.6....0.01 0.27 0.05-0.25-0.22 0.04 0.27 0.34 0.28 0.18 0.10
8.8...-0.04 0.26 0.10-0.22-0.25-0.01 0.24 0.34 0.29 0.20 0.11
9.0...-0.09 0.25 0.14-0.18-0.27-0.06 0.20 0.33 0.31 0.21 0.12
9.2...-0.14 0.22 0.18-0.14-0.27-0.10 0.16 0.31 0.31 0.23 0.14
9.4...-0.18 0.18 0.22-0.09-0.27-0.14 0.12 0.30 0.32 0.25 0.16
9.6...-0.21 0.14 0.24-0.04-0.26-0.18 0.08 0.27 0.32 0.27 0.17
9.8...-0.23 0.09 0.25 0.01-0.25-0.21 0.03 0.25 0.32 0.28 0.19
10.0..-0.25 0.04 0.25 0.06-0.22-0.23-0.01 0.22 0.32 0.29 0.21

One may extract the lower sideband transmission, utilize it as
the new carrier frequency, and perform another phase modulation
to again increase phase velocity. This allows phase velocities
to increase in circuitry stages, depending on the negative
values of n in the Bessel chart. Taking the value of r from
r = separation distance between transmitting antenna and re-
ciever, we have a new iteration taking place when a circuit stage
for the new carrier frequency is set up. Using Delta_n =
n_i ( GM ) [ 1 / r_i - r_f ] ( from Gravitational redshift
theory ) to measure the frequency shift, the new value for the
lower sideband of carrier frequency is used to measure the value
for r_f in a newer geodesic, i.e., a new constant C in the expres-
sion C = 2GM. Note that as the carrier frequency diminishes, the
value for 2GM in the above expression C = 2GM must compensate in
order to balance the above equation for Delta_n. It is commonly
assumed that G is invariable, but this is primarily an output of
theories from General Relativity.

The post-Newtonian definition of the Gravitational constant G in-
clude parameters w exactly equal to w(phi_0) where phi_0 is the
value of phi today, eons after the value of phi (that existed in
the primordial universe and in the center of neutron stars).

The phase carrier-to-noise and signal-to-noise ratios are fil-
tered, so that carrier frequency is kept from being subject to
Gaussian noise. The phase carrier-to-noise value keeps the cir-
cuit tuned to a specific center frequency, while the phase
signal-to-noise ratio allows filtering of unwanted harmonics
within a specified bandwidth. The specified bandwidth can be
determined by power summation because the signal energy is pro-
portional to the square of the Bessel coefficients included in
the summation. The required bandwidth can be determined for a
particular efficiency.

J_0(Beta)**2 +2[J_1(Beta)]**2 +2[J_2(Beta)]**2 +..2[J_n(Beta)]**2
= 1 where Beta = Delta_q_peak = Delta_f_peak / m Where Beta in
this case is the phase modulation index or the carrier frequency
phase deviation (peak) in radians, n is the order of the Bessel
function (from the above chart), and m is the modulation signal
frequency in Hz. The bandwidth requirements for phase modulation
follow Carson's Rule: B_IF = 2 ( Beta + 2 )_fm, where B_IF is
the IF bandwidth, Beta is the modulation index for phase modula-
tion or the carrier frequency phase deviation (peak) in radians,
and f_m is the modulating frequency (highest), with 2 < b < 10.

The spectral components involved in the phase modulation are
given as follows:

A [J_0(Delta_q_peak ) sin (wt + phi) + J_1(Delta_q_peak ) cos
(wt + mt + j) + J1(Dqpeak ) cos (wt - mt + j) - J2(Dqpeak )
sin (wt + 2mt + j) - J2(Dqpeak ) sin (wt - 2(mue)(theta) + phi)
- J_3(Delta_q_peak ) cos (wt + 3(mue)(theta) + phi) -
J_3(Delta_q_peak ) cos (wt - 3(mue)(theta) + phi) +
J4(Delta_q_peak ) sin (wt + 4(mue)(theta) + phi) +
J4(Delta_q_peak ) sin (wt - 4(mue)(theta) + phi) +
J5(Delta_q_peak ) cos (wt + 5(mue)(theta) + phi)...]
where A = magnitude, w = 2(pi)F, F is carrier frequency,
t is period, Delta_q_peak is the peak phase deviation of the
carrier, and mue is the modulating signal (2(pi)f).

When a situation arises involving resonance of the several
excited mediums, such as that for quaternic semi-conducting crys-
tals, an infinite number of parallel translations (for an infin-
ite number of crystals) can occur into different spacetimes, but
only w.r.t. the resonant frequency for each type of biquaternic
(connected to 4 non-hydrogen atoms) RF crystal. Therefore, the
maximum bandwidth for translation to occur depends on the fre-
quency range of the conducting crystal, ad infinitum. Funda-
mental Crystal Frequency Ranges are from 40.00MHz to 167.00 MHz,
but the resonant frequency depends on the thickness of a crystal
slab. The thinner the slab, the higher the resonant frequency of
a crystal oscillator. For semiconducting synthetic crystals
other than tetrahedral, there is a correlation between a specific
scale factor and the bond length d measured in angstroms for os-
cillation strengths measured in eV. Thus for the synthetic qua-
ternic semiconducting crystal, lower frequency shifts can be
realised when the Lower Sideband approach is used to increase
phase velocityof translating frequency of group wave packet vel-

The boundary between ionizing and non-ionizing opto-thermal
radiation exists at 46.6 nanometers = 4.66 angstroms = absolute
limit of harmful radiation, with a frequency of 6400 THz. 750 THZ
- 300,000 THz is within the Ultraviolet Spectrum. Therefore, the
para-positronium probe beam radiation is practically situated
near to this limit. This means a practical source of propulsion
could be developed using quadrupolarized crystals.

Joe Strout

Jul 31, 2006, 6:18:14 PM7/31/06
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"American" <> wrote:

> The boundary between ionizing and non-ionizing opto-thermal
> radiation exists at 46.6 nanometers = 4.66 angstroms = absolute
> limit of harmful radiation, with a frequency of 6400 THz. 750 THZ
> - 300,000 THz is within the Ultraviolet Spectrum. Therefore, the
> para-positronium probe beam radiation is practically situated
> near to this limit. This means a practical source of propulsion
> could be developed using quadrupolarized crystals.

Super! You go do that. I know a guy with some
super-collosal-mindblowing-fractal-robots that will probably want to
partner with you. (His robots should be self-replicating and curing all
the world's ills by about 1998 or 2000, if I recall correctly.)

- Joe


Aug 1, 2006, 12:05:53 AM8/1/06
Space travel is still really part of a belief system, rather than
being some kind of over-licensed, dictatorial, kingdom-now tourist
trap philosophy for carnal pleasure (that can be espoused only by
the ignorant) because the original ideas surrounding superluminal
transport currently being propogated do not belong to the ignorant,
but with the Creator alone. We are living on borrowed time. This
represents the 'value' of technology as we know it. Any "dumbing
down" of this type of technology will not recognize it as such,
and will be unable to "afford" it as such. The "runaway" techno-
logy of superluminal space travel is not so much "runaway" if it
represents the free will of carefully nurtured intuition. The
scientific method represents a logical foundation from which to
launch an intuitive project that is based upon careful observa-
tion, as well as applied science, or engineering.

This is why I have presented some of the science involved as a
premise for launching what follows. My hope is that a careful ob-
server will notice to where this is all leading - it is revolu-
tionary technology that far exceeds our current levels of expec-
tation, and although in it's infancy, promises to deliver private
enterprise into the dawn of a galactic economy - if our current
dominionist government can reinvent themselves according to what
would be defined as a New Constitutional Convention.

Although Einstein never publically completed his equations of the
unified field theory, there are those who believe that he did indeed
complete his work, for which he postulated that time itself is a geo-
metric. By altering the resonances controlling positronic/antiposi-
tronic cycles in both the atomic and Schumann harmonic 4-space,
it is possible to forge a link between the decompressing g-field of
a high electron, semicondicting, quadrupolarized crystal element
and the earth's gravitational field. The resulting phenomenon mani-
fests itself by first having an observer establish a grid system be-
tween the physical and nonphysical worlds of matter and anti-matter.
It is said that the earth itself is a representative grid whose longi-
tudinal and latitudinal coordinates are spaced at geometric distances
of 2C minutes of arc. If this is the case, we can assume a
total of:

2C(60 min/degree)(180 degrees/pole)(2 poles/geodyne)=
43,200 C minutes/geodyne, or 21,600 (2C minutes)/geodyne

for the earth's entire spheroid grid. Each 2C minute division repre-
sents an in/out distance between plus/minus fields of geodyne.
(This information follows Cathie's grid theory, which can be found
on the internet under "Leed1.asc").

Since a lower frequency of higher amplitude will subsume the ground
based 2C harmonics (between tachyonic orthogonal connectors), the
tachyonic 4-space spans the subsumed pulse chain at a single hop by
exchanging the total light equivalent of decompressing field mass
action switches with the directional 4-space equivalent.

The theory of mass action revealing the interchangability between
mass and time in the subsumed 4-space tachyonic "bubble of nothing"
decays is at the cutting edge of this technology.

Using a highly tuned quadrupolar pulsed probe beam to bombard a
highly polarized high electron crystal, the elements atoms become
irradiated to lower energy states, causing a particular color or
frequency for each quantum jump. The greater the jump, the bluer
the light, or the higher the frequency. The smaller the jump, the
more the color of the light radiated goes towards the red or lower
frequency of the spectrum. The energy released represents a plasma
state between the atom and the electron cloud. If the plasma stream
is confined to the probe beam, the resultant repulsion is in the
direction of the probe beam's axis. Cosmic decompression becomes
energized by the extraction of energy, stored as plasma, according
to the 3-spin of the electron (mentioned later).

The key to establishing the hypertranslation between the aforemen-
tioned gridpoints is to subsume the Zeeman splitting in amplitude
and wavelength, while establishing a scalar fringefield between
the 2C harmonic fringefield(s).

Since scalar wave technology uses the principle of phase conjugate
pumping "reflection waves" in order to increase the photon emis-
sion, as well as reabsorption, with a resulting increase in the
mass of the electron auger fringefield, approximately 3.3% of the
subquanta (positronium) is captured by the electron temporarily,
forming both para-positronium and ortho-positronium, with shorter
life expectancy of 1 nanosecond (10**-9) for para-positronium,
meaning that, for an incident X-ray period ~10**-19 seconds,
there is an overall pulse chain length of 10**10 wavelengths of
0.711 Angstroms each, amounting to 7,110,000,000 Angstroms total
length, or 71.1 meters.

As previously mentioned, the boundary between ionizing and non-

ionizing opto-thermal radiation exists at 46.6 nanometers = 4.66
angstroms = absolute limit of harmful radiation, with a frequency
of 6400 THz. 750 THZ - 300,000 THz is within the Ultraviolet
Spectrum. Therefore, the para-positronium probe beam radiation
is practically situated near to this limit. This means a practical
source of propulsion could be developed using
quadrupolarized crystals.

Since charge carries positive momenta for para-positronium, the
effect on precession of the quadrupole becomes a magnetically
resonanting one, using the positive ionic charged positronium
probe beam (with a life cycle of only one nanosecond, 10**-9)
before being replaced by a state of negative energy (frequency
pulled by a lower-side-band treatment of the local field strength,
estimated to be around -5.4*10**11 erg/cm**3). At nuclear pulsed
magnetic resonance, the magnetofluxgate flywheel decouples the
inert mass of the rotating disk part from the flux of gravitons.

In addition, energy for *translatory* motion can be drawn from
the rotary motion of the interacting disk/tube arrangement,
thereby producing phased linear forces that violate the CPT law.
This suggests that there is a Lorentz invariant (not covariant)
of gravitational interaction that is not associated with rela-
tivistic theory. Relativistic theory must be corrected using
the Dirac/Wigner solution:

The gravitational interaction that results from the induction
of phased linear forces are the result of 2-vector, differential
and transformational operations of a degenerate 2-fold basis
wave function that can be handled by using the 2 x 2 Pauli spin
matrices, which are Dirac related. The alternating, rotating,
charged "disks" represent amplification of the dipolar circum-
ferential cissoid cis(m_l,theta), (with m_l representing the
magnetic quantum number), which is also part of the larger,
cotwisted, counterrotational quadrupolar basis wave function.
The quadrupolar basis wave function is a direct result of
matrix modeling of invariant, or non-relativistic character-
istics of eigenfunctions, in terms of space coordinates, and
not of spin. In fact, rigid topological equivalence between
two spherical manifolds is a requirement for geometric equiv-
alence, and therefore space-like (but not timelike) trans-
lations may occur.


Aug 1, 2006, 12:20:34 AM8/1/06
Properties of non-relativistic quaternions include the un-
paired three-spin electron degeneration, that is, without
an external magnetic field (earth's gravitational biofield),
the three unpaired spins give rise to four degenerate spin
wave functions. During resonance these four degenerate spin
wave functions are represented by the three degrees of spin
freedom with a fourth plus or minus time vector within the
quaternic conducting crystal. The three degrees of spin
freedom for the dual quaternic resonate by pulse chirping
at the Fabionacci Series of the Golden Mean and is a biquad-
ratic operation of quaternions (between two conducting qua-
ternic crystals). The resultant repulsion of pole and anti-
pole are treated as a specific velocity of frequency or
phase propogation and direction of vibration of the entire
particle between two repulsive nodes in space.

The crystal itself has already been prepared by a curing
technique that orients the ions in the crystal according to
their polarities. Each crystal may be visualized as having a
cubic structure. For polarization, each of the columns of
cubes have four visible faces, with the tops and bottoms of
the column representing a positive and negative polarity.
Upon positronium bombardment, irradiation causes the auger
electrons to have a particular rotation, precession, and
wavelength. We may use the terms spin, twist, and flip to
describe these properties. Spin and twist are character-
istics of the electron, and can be represented by the fol-
lowing sequences:

spin[u,f,r,b,l,d] = [u,r,b,l,f,d]

twist[u,f,r,b,l,d] = [f,r,u,l,d,b]

where u,f,r,b,l,d represents up, front, right corner, down,
left, and back corner. Since rotating a cube four times
brings it back to its original position, the electron's
spin and twist decompression frequencies operate in phase
multiples of s_n = 1/4**n and t_m = 1/4**m of the pulse probe

The covariant terms that are associated with permeability
(m), frequency (n), gravitational vector acceleration dir-
ectional cosine w.r.t. x-axis, or polarizability tensor (a),
gravitational vector acceleration directional cosine w.r.t.
y-axis, or the deviatoric stress tensor, or the phase tensor
(b), and the charge density tensor (s) can be directly related
to the above electron characteristics and are defined in the
Christoffel expression for which there is a four dimensional
component of Riemann curvature that is dependent upon the
local curvature of spacetime.

These topics are covered in the "Design of the Magneto Flux
Portal", and "Shuttling Hyperspace: Electrostatic Potential
Matrix, Ground State Changes, and Eigenstates with Positive
Energy Change for the Quaternic Crystal in 5 Dimensions", an
article in which I explored the theory for a 4 dimensional
space that is fractal-mapped (Sierpinski) to a 5 dimensional
torus when the geometrically distinct topology such as a 3-
torus (made from a cube, or more precisely the tetrogonal
lattice, which fills in the center vacancy, and reconstructs
the pole values for spin by pulse chirping the probe beam so
that topological equivalence is conserved).


Aug 1, 2006, 12:25:07 AM8/1/06
The 3-torus, from torus screw theory, consists of 3 donut
chain segments with 1/3 fractional charge. An abstract vis-
ualization would be to imagine the opposite sides of a cube
that have been glued together in the shape of an inner tube.
The "chain segments" are actually the boundaries of symmetric
ends of the cube being glued together, creating a continuous,
but entangled medium. Measuring one of the entangled "rings"
in the quantum entanglement will disengage that ring from
the other two, but will not affect their connection. By
measuring the spin on one of the rings, the measured ring be-
comes disconnected, while the other 2 rings can still re-
main entangled. These three rings represent the CORDIC algor-
ithm for implementing the delta function for generating the
time-locks in the aforementioned, THz-range, high amp puls-
ing network. The delta function is simply the Kronecker delta
tensor, which takes two contravariant vectors and turns them
into a scalar, ds**2, where ds**2=dx**2+dy**2+dz**2, or other-
wise written as ds**2=[delta_ij](dx**i)(dx**j), where [delta_ij]
equals the Kronecker delta. This equation can also be rewritten
as ds**2=[g_mue_vue](dx**mue)(dx**vue). (See Wikipedia ref.)

"... where the Greek letters just remind us that we are summing
over four dimensional space time. Now in the case of special rel-
ativity g_mue_vue is zero for where mue and vue are different,
+1 for the space indices 1,2,3 and -c**2 for the time index.
We can call this special matrix "nu", giving us the formulas:

The Kronecker delta, as used here, represents an automatic sum-
mation over the indices, from the multiplication of tensors,
also called tensor "contraction". "Contraction" is an operation
that produces a new tensor from an object whose tensor char-
acter is known. (In German, the word for contraction is
"Verjungung", which is translated as "rejuvenation", see ref.
on Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics).

The bases of the Sierpinski-generated tetrahedrons represent the
boundary of the vacuum lattice structure, whose representative
tetrogonal-leg resonate at inverted pi phases for doublet gener-
ation. The doublets are separated by a confining plasma stream.
The A_a body-centered tetragonal lattice then retains its topo-
logical equivalence within this 3-torus during hypertranslation,
because the edges of the lattice (Sierpinski gasket), e, raised
to the power of the reduced Hamiltonian, -H, is a function of
the Kronecker Deltas subsumed (i.e., field effected) by the
S-gasket. (e.g., Let e(G) be the number of edges in G, where "G"
represents a Sierpinski gasket representing a network of intercon-
nected resistors. The product of the Kronecker deltas and the
weighting factor, p(K,q), represent one half of a disjointed set,
E(G), with the other half of the set having a weighting factor
of 1). The Kronecker deltas use the values of ones and zeros in
evaluating the positive and negative phasor (pilot wave) repre-
sentations between the resultant gradient of multiplications be-
tween vectors and the (pseudo-random) orthonormals of their phase
conjugates. The greater the bandwidth (inversely related to polar-
ization) of the positive or negative phasor or pilot wave, the
greater the number of spanning trees in the Sierpinski gasket.

The reduced Hamiltonian -H, requires a partition function Z(k,q)
that reveals the proportion required for the number of spanning
trees in the gasket, when taken to the limit as q approaches zero.
The model with one general pseudo random number generator have
what is called "toppling operators" that do not depend on the
state of the local pseudo random number generators, but are non-
local in their distribution. Being non-commutative or non-local
in each state means that each outcome of particle distribution
can vary non-locally. This is what would appear to an observer
as local "time hops", suggesting a fractal nature of 4-space.

The Dirac Hamiltonian is not *totally* Lorentz covariant
since it is, in part, not an invariant (ibid) "world scalar"
and is the generator of the particle motion with the
ordinary time t (in space and time and not in the space-
time continuum). The spacelike four vector of Dirac is
"tachyonic", while negative energy, or "Dark Energy" is
the canonical conjugate of Time. Being not world scalar,
a "global supersymmetry" is implied that prohibits a
cosmological constant, using the aforementioned conformal
(or scale) invariance, under which the metric is multiplied
by a spacetime-dependent function, e.g., g_mue,vue becomes
[e**(lambda)(alpha)]*(g_mue,vue), where lambda=wavelength,
alpha=polarizability tensor, and g_mue_vue=spacetime metric.

Since one has to take into account the polarizibility tensor
(when calculating for the value of "alpha"), the gyromagnetic
precession gets modeled like the precession of a gyroscope,
having an angular velocity as well as angular momentum (w,H)
that is stored in the electric field. The angular position of
the precessional spin axis, theta, and angular velocity, w,
have a transfer function, Theta/Omega = H/(Js**2+K), where
J=inertia, s=represents the index for J in the complex number
domain, and K = 'spring constant' = magnetic resistivity =
1 / magnetic susceptibility for the *second* resonance peak
(I chose the second resonance because it relates to the prox-
imity of the resonance frequency, i.e., pulsed
frequency dependent).

The center-of-mass energy of amplitude reaches a maximum
value when w is just under 0.8(w_r), where w_r = Raman reso-
nance (rotation frequency). The energy amplitude of the quad-
rupole oscillations becomes "extremely large" while the fre-
quency of the quadrupole oscillation is close to zero. This
is where the ELF frequencies become important for the decom-
pressing quadrupole. The precessional 'wobble', or off-center
-of-mass causing off-Raman resonance oscillations between
positive and negative states, has oscillation frequency de-
termined by the ~0.9 detuning from the Raman resonance. This
phenomenon is a result of the Optical Bloch Equations result-
ing from a vortex cycling in and out of the Fermionic crystal
(driven by optical stirring of the pulse probe), whereas in the
aforementioned oscillating quadrupole, the 0.8(w_r) represents
the Rabi oscillations of an atom in a light field.


Aug 1, 2006, 12:30:00 AM8/1/06
One can wonder whether the 'second resonance peak' can be
used as a gauge for some of the non-transitive shell states
in a decompressing crystal g-field, while still retaining the
transitive ones. In this way, the entire crystal's atomic
field becomes decompressed, while still retaining the 'ghost
field' of the original crystal. Of course, the nuclei would
be preserved from nuclear magneton resonance by avoiding
those particular frequencies, or harmonics near them.

The "e" charge of the electron is an ionic one that delivers
MASS as "space synchronous" energy in terms of a mass-to-
length, or l(l**2)(t**-2), or (l**3)(t**-2). This involves
the super-position of two INBOUND and OUTBOUND resonant fre-
quencies, with a mass-to-length transformation with the con-
ventional dimensions of Einsteinian Energy m(l**2)(t**-2)
becoming (l**3)(t**-2). This represents the fourth state
of matter with (p,iq) representing the phase space, and
the common element between both p and iq being the electro-
magnetic coupling constant, calculated for each particular
Fermi plasma state, which varies for both electrons
and phonons, and is dependent upon the frequency and ampli-
tude of the probe beam.

The magnetic moment of the neutron is to be regarded as due
to the rotation of a negative electronic charge distribution
of the electron cloud. However, with a 'tuned' probe
beam, we are talking about superimposing a space reso-
nance as a negative out- wave at the center of the
electron's in- wave, forming a spherical standing wave.
The standing wave produces annhiliation of the in- and
out- waves, producing a pair of photons with even momenta.

Each of these photons represent a red-shifted and blue-
shifted sum of shared space resonances between two other
photons. These two other photons represent the "dark
energy" photons in the far field component of space
resonance. For para- positronium, there is a charge con-
jugation parity of -1, meaning that the momentum fre-
quency, in terms of the parameters of the sine function,
is equal to:

-[gm(c**2)b/h], where the value gm(c**2)/h=mass frequency.

In these equations, "g" is a relativistic term, equal to

g = [1 - (v/c)**2]**-1/2 for the doppler effect. The

value for b is the relative velocity b = v/c.

Now we come to a fundamental change in the way we view
mass "m" in the above equations. The terms used to de-
scribe mass frequency become "programmable" from a
"carrier wave" standpoint, but notice that due to the
negative charge conjugation parity, there must be a
"negative mass frequency" involved. This happens to be
the point where a subharmonic of the phase conjugated
replica wave becomes the new carrier for the decompres-
sed EMF "fringefield" along the plane of polarization.
Since relative velocity, b, is only a ratio of relative
velocities =v/c, where actually, v can be said to equal
c+n, with n equal to either +dv and -dv, but not simul-
taneously, representing the upper and lower sideband
spectrums, we have established an interdependency be-
tween the near field and far field components w.r.t.
"hidden" mass frequency becoming a new fringfield mo-
mentum frequency.

What of the decompressing radius encompassed by the ab-
sorbing medium? ELF wavelengths above 10,000 kilometers
have a center frequency of 76 Hz, with a +/- 4Hz shift,
80 Hz for "1", 72 Hz for"0". Since we were using para-
positronium, notice that we originally stipulated that
the momentum would be "even" only, corresponding to a
"carrier", or "2" value. Multiples, or harmonics of
these carriers have a correspondingly increasing fre-
quency w/ decreasing wavelength, e.g., 71.1 meters =
11.67 MHz. 35.55 meters = 13.665 MHz., and 17.775 meters
= 8.3325 MHz. All of these frequencies are harmonics of
3 to 30 Hz ELF waves, but what harmonics, in particular,
do they need to be in order to be earth harmonic? One
good place to start is the Schumann resonance, which is
7.486 Hz. If we use 7.486 MHz., then the corresponding
wavelength would be 14.953 meters. This is approximately
2.103(10**-20) seconds, which corresponds to the afore-
mentioned 1/f pulse chain harmonic of the
Schumann resonance.

For the sidebands, we have the "information" exchange
taking place between the aforementioned red-shifted and
blue-shifted sum of shared space resonances between the
two negative intrinsic charge conjugation parity photons
of positronium and two other "dark" photons of positive
intrinsic charge conjugation parity. Since the lower side-
band equals increased phase velocity, the blue-shifted
sum would represent the near-field exchange of space
resonances with the far field, since phase speed increases
with a dimunition of frequency.

The grounding mechanism for the decompressing g-field is
simple: the recapture of fringefield electrons into the
polarized crystal when the probe beams are turned off.


Aug 1, 2006, 12:32:19 AM8/1/06
Several diagrams in some of the ARRL books for Radio
Amateurs (Spread Spectrum Communications Theory) show the
"zero frequency", DC, as being CENTERED between the upper
and lower sidebands, ergo negative frequency being the
recipricol of time, f=1/t, for TIME REVERSAL below 0 Hz.

The mathematics of phase conjugate waves uses theory of
reflection. Some elementary functions f(z) possess
f(-z)=-[f(z)], and others do not. Examples of those that
*do* are the functions z, (z**2)+1, e**z, and sin(z). When
z is replaced by its conjugate, the values of each of these
functions changes to the conjugate of the original value.

Moving one step further, we can expand (z**2)+1 into
(z_n + i_n)(z_n - i_n), making i_n the value of bridging
discrete levels of charge for each value of "n" in a de-
compression sequence, w/ "z" representing the magnitude
of the phase conjugated scalar.

For visualizing a reverse wave, a true mathematical rep-
resentation of this would be not as a SPATIAL represent-
tation of photon/mass absorption and emission mechanism -
but SPATIOTEMPORAL, in the form of the aforementioned
*imaginary number* on the y-axis, representing the "nega-
tive frequency", or "lower sideband" DC carrier wave. An
example of this is the holomorphic differential, w, being
the total differential of a holomorphic function in a
*neighbourhood of each point of a mappable surface S*, in
this case being a Riemann surface of genus 2 (e.g., torus)
where w = f(dz), dz=dx+i(dy), and f is a holomorphic func-
tion in z. The SU(1) Kahler invariant form (Schlichenmaier),

w = [2i/(1 - [(z)(z_bar)]**2]d(z)d(z_bar)

represents a Riemann surface M taken as *quotient space*,
meaning that the M space is the result of two surfaces
that are being divided from one another, with the condition,
z, as an element of the Riemann sphere, |z| < 1/G

with "G" representing a Fuchsian subgroup (upper half plane
resulting in the hyperbolic function of a projective
special linear group. The linear group is isomorphic to the
group of all orientation-preserving isometries within the
boundaries of the hyperbolic function).

A linear fractional transformation defined by a matrix from
PSL(2,C), the projective linear group, will preserve the
Riemann sphere, but will send the upper-half plane H to
some open disk named "delta". Such a transformation will
send a discrete subgroup of PSL(2,R), real numbers, to a
discrete subgroup of the Riemann sphere, PSL(2,C),
preserving "delta". (Fuchsian subgroup)

Deltronic translations for the discrete subgroup PSL(2,R)
include tori, producing worldlines for tachyonic systems
and Witten "bubble of nothing" decays. (Silverstein)

In a genus-2 Riemann surface, there are 2**2g spin struc-
tures, corresponding, roughly speaking, to the assignment
of periodic or antiperiodic boundary conditions for the
Fermions along each generator of the Homology group
H_1(sigma). These spin structures are classified into two
groups; a spin structure is even if the number of zero
modes of the chiral Dirac operator is even and it is odd
otherwise. In the case of the torus, for example, we have
four spin structures, corresponding to (P,P),(P,A),(A,P),
and (A,A), with P(A) indicating periodic (antiperiodic)
boundary conditions along the homology basis (a,b). With
the flat metric on the torus, we can see that (P,P) is the
only odd spin structure. The other three are even. (ref.
String Theory and Quantum Gravity, L. Alvarez-Gaume' and
M. A. Vdzquez-Mozo)

As the understanding goes, the odd spin structure (P,P)
is the only structure with gauge bosonic activity between
multiverses. Likewise, the same tori structure represents
the electron: the rotational structure for the inertial
mass that includes gravitons acting on a toroidal energy
flux is a favorite representation in the "torus of time"
scenario. The torus is a genus 2 "mappable surface" that
uses "holomorphic functions" such as the SU(1) Kahler metric
(invariant). These systems describe a microcosm of the "grav-
ity wave exhaust" forensics now being studied by those *not
within the black world* of FTL technology. Once the discovery
of a geometric pattern of Poynting energy density flow related
to earth's spherical harmonic(s) is established, transpor-
tational gridlines can provide the required flight path
and monitoring, so that, excluding the sea of space, the
internationalization of trade would become a thing of
the past.


Aug 1, 2006, 12:34:42 AM8/1/06
Albert C. Crehore published "New Electrodynamics" in 1950.
In this book he described how the motion of protons in the
nucleus would produce gravitational field effects. Gravit-
ational field effects such as counter-bary are used in
the mainstream effort to develop non-aerodynamic non-rocket
flight systems that usually referred to as "anti-gravita-
tional". By making use of the Crehore Paradigm it is pos-
sible to derive a method of producing counter-bary. It's
most likely Crehore had no knowledge of Brown's 1928 British
patent for a gravitator device that would have been a macro-
scopic analog of a Crehore atom. (See ref. quote)

Today, the counter-bary method can be represented mathema-
tically using an orthogonal pair (upper and lower Hessenburg)
matrices that represent left and right handed operators, or
"partner symmetries". Partner symmetries, or Lax pairs, are
used for obtaining non-invariant solutions of partial differ-
ential equations, using the Monge-Ampere equation that, for
control theory, governs the Kahler metrics of scalar wave

The relevant Monge Ampere equations have been described for
a non-linear plane of a moving threadline. The "threadline"
represents a serialized (thread) decompression (kinetic) rou-
tine for the rotating/counterrotating disk/tube arrangement
involving geometric and material non-linearities, i.e., shock
wave-fronts propogate at v>c for T=(1/-f), longitudinally, and
<,= c for T=(1/f), transversely. The interdependency for Lax
pairs allows, in principle, 3 of 4 longitudinal/transverse
pairs to be phase conjugate mirrors at a single pulsetime
during some pulse programmed, marched time series. Three out
of four mirrors are used because the fourth phase conjugate
wave is used as the pilot wave, and not "mirror" for the rest
of the single 4-step in the series, being the aforementioned

red-shifted and blue-shifted sum of shared space resonances
between the two negative intrinsic charge conjugation parity

photons of positronium and two other "dark" photons of posi-
tive intrinsic charge conjugation parity. The dispersion re-
lation (a.k.a. mass shell) w = 2*(pi)*(nue) = c|k| for far
field gravity waves is violated in the near field for freq-
uency "nue" and wave 3-vector k = p/h, where k = Newtonian
g-constant = 6.670*10**-8**2/g, p = phasor (part of
phase space (p,iq), where p = momentum component of phasor
and iq = imaginary instantaneous charge component of phasor,
where p**2=m**2, which consists of one half of a 4-momentum
"p" that includes energy as part of its timelike component,
nue = wavelength, w = frequency = f, with 2nf = angular
(phased) w_ph, n = # rotations, h = Planck's constant, and
c = speed of light in vacuum.

Not only by programming the timing of the pulse probe, but by
programming the counter-baries with the counterrotating,
spiral shaped magnetic transmitter coils at their rotational
frequencies, an "off-resonance decompression" of the g-field
shock wave can be realized for both horizontal and vertical
decompressions. FTL propogation is measured by mapping the
region of time that becomes enclosed in the EMP area (total
space-time) using the formula t_map = R**(1/3) / (l_p)**(2/3)
where R = region radii and l_p = Planck length. Each clock
"tick" represents how distances are gauged by transmitting a
signal to the "fringe" and timing how long that signal takes
to arrive back to the receiver.

The level of precision for measuring clock "ticks" is limit-
ed to 10**-15 meters, therefore, at this point, the measuring
instruments are just on the verge of becoming a black "hole".
The tuned and polarized probe beam focused into the crystal-
ographic plane of polarization, and resultant g-field propo-
gation, gives a longitudinal & time polarized observable/
scalar wave-paired photon, on the fourth Minkowski axis,
between lattice points for each standing wave in the
crystal lattice. Resonance aether anti-gravitons are produced
when the probe beam "pumps" the polarized crystal of its
electron mass energy, creating a repulsive field effect, and
decompressing the resonance into the local EMF.


Genus 2 Surface

Fuchsian subgroup

Holomorphic differential

Non-Euclidean Crystallographic Group

Scientific American Magazine, November, 2004, Black Hole
Computers, pp. 53-61


Quote from:

Tesla Video: (This file is 379Mb, and may take a while
to download!)

Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics, Frederick W.
Byron, Jr. and Robert W. Fuller, Dover, p. 34)

Joe Strout

Aug 1, 2006, 11:29:03 AM8/1/06
In article <>,
"American" <> wrote:

> Properties of non-relativistic quaternions include the un-
> paired three-spin electron degeneration, that is, without
> an external magnetic field (earth's gravitational biofield),
> the three unpaired spins give rise to four degenerate spin
> wave functions.

Quaternions yes, but what about non-relativistic complex numbers? Or
relativistic integers? And let us say nothing of the slow-moving
irrational numbers (*shudder*)...


Aug 1, 2006, 1:48:52 PM8/1/06

Are non-relativistic complex numbers part of the Unified Field Theory?
Answer: Yes, but in this case, non-relativistic complex numbers are
not *Totally Lorentz Covariant*, because if they were, it would be a
world scalar, implying that a different kind of "global supersymmetry"
is implied, which is really a subset of the spacelike 4-vector of
meaning that the cosmological constant is a variable (ibid), and space
and time are distinguishly separated from the space-time (totally
covariant) continuum.

Are non-relativistic integers part of the Unified Field Theory? Answer:
following the above proposition, and in an orthogonal relationship with
complex numbers. Are you joking?

Do you mean by "slow moving irrational numbers" that total covariance
implied? I'd rather use the term "revariance" to avoid being
world scalar!

First, let's get our representations of those complex, relativistic,
complex numbers geometrically, O.K.?

There has to be a basis for establishing the cubic face centered mole-
cule, as well as any other quadrupolarized crystal, if you've been
sticking close to the analysis. Here is a much simpler diagrammatic
of how our number system remains "quaternic":

One can use the Laplace equation to define some of the functional para-
meters listed in the Bosonic Exchange Mechanism [e.g. f(r sin(wt))] and

in terms of four boundary conditions for the BI-II crystal: u(0,y)=0
0<y<b, u(a,y)=0 for 0<y<b, u(x,0)=0 for 0<x<a, and u(x,b)=f(x) for
The edge of the crystal on one side represents a boundary for covariant

ion charge/gravimetric mass exchange, where the "b" value assumes
that the "y" value is held constant for values of "a" that vary
between 0 and "x".

We will commit a fundamental research heresy by assuming that tem-
perature has a negligible effect on ion charge, since there is a
ature and inverse frequency relationship in the vibrational resonance
theory, which we would have to take into account for a more complete
picture of the BI-II operating environment. Suffice it to say that we
will overgeneralize the analysis for the sake of a less rigorous theory

so that we can state the homogenous and inhomogenous boundary
for the dipolar diamond centered lattice, which is more resolutely pic-
tured at the link provided below. A transformation of coordinate
is also in order for the r, z, theta, and phi into the spherical coor-
dinate ((del)**2) * u(r, theta, phi, z) domain.

As one should see, I'm trying to establish an understanding with
the theory of quaternics with respect to hypercubes, all in the context
of achieving some base for establishing fundamentals to the theory.


Aug 1, 2006, 3:57:05 PM8/1/06

The spherical coordinate domain calculation for the r, theta, phi,
and z components involves a transformation of coordinate systems
from Cartesian to spherical:

where ((del)**2)u(r,theta,phi,z)=u_rr+(1/r)u_r+(1/r**2)u_qq+
(1/p**2)u_ff+u_zz , where the "u" represents the translating
Function du w.r.t. spherical coordinates, e.g., (dd=partial der.)
u_rr= (dd**2)u/ddr**2, u_zz= (dd**2)u/ddz**2, u_qq=(dd**2)u/ddq**2,
u_ff=(dd**2)u/ddf**2, r=sqrt[x**2+y**2], p=sqrt[r**2+z**2], z=z,
theta=[tan**-1][y/x], and f=[tan**-1][r/z]. The mathematics for
the "translating thread" example that is described in a fortran
program I have written, as well as the "p" phasor above can be
identified with four of the adjoining line segments that are pro-
jected from one of the faces of a cube (shown at left) towards
the body center of the cube. The face of the cube represents a
rectangle in spherical coordinates. Each of the diagonal line
segments to the cube face represents a hypertranslating thread
"p" that experiences anisentropic forces, which are dependent
upon nuclear dispersive, as well as earth/ionospheric gravi-
metric resonances. In addition to anisentropic forces, the trans-
lating thread experiences longitudinal wave propogation. When
the crystal lattice becomes polarized by a specific mass-to-
charge ratio, the BI-II dipole expands or contracts within an
oscillating magnetic field that oscillates between two opposite
faces or "charges" of the cube.

Where are we now in the dynamics of the above body centered
cubic? Note that the value "p" is the radial amplitude of a
"phasor" that signifies one of the surface boundaries of the
BI-II crystal. The range of this phasor is between 0 and pi
radians in steps of pi/2 radians, which corresponds to the op-
posite face of an "adjacent" crystal. Note also that the mag-
nitude of this phasor is independent of the value for theta,
but reaches a peak value of "c" (which actually corresponds to
a magnitude of a 7th shell decompressed valence field "gradient"
for which we will theoretically predict the nuclear magnetic
decompression for a harmonic of Schumann resonance amplitude,
wavelength, and cyclotron frequency). Neither of the equations
at the bottom left (link below) have a boundary condition. Only
the singular points @ f=0, phi=0, and phi=pi of the equations
have the characteristics that the coefficient of the highest-
order derivative is zero, while some other coefficient has a
non-zero value. However, we can impose a "boundedness" condi-
tion for each of these "cases" to make them "conditions". In
the case where the partial derivative function of "u" is inde-
pendent of the variable theta, we have a condition where
(del**2)u=0 in the rectangular arrangement, and we can state
a complete boundary value problem and solve it by separation
of variables.

If we vary the phase angle phi for the phasor "p" such that
phi does not equal pi/2 radians or multiple of pi/2 radians,
we have actually inscribed a disk of zero thickness at right
angles to the phasor "p", resulting in a piecewise continuous
function "F" of theta for theta (0<theta<2p). We can then
state the Poisson integral transform of "F" using the
following function:


The theta_p in this formula is not the same as the theta
(no subscript) used in the diagram above for coordinate trans-
formation, but represents the angle that the right angle
"disk" plane to the phasor "p" makes with the orthogonal
radius r_o, where the term "r" (not the cartesian "r") is
utilized such that r<r_o for "U_p" being a harmonic throughout
the interior of the circle r = r_o for a condition of the
Poisson integral transform shown below:


The formula in the above table applies for each fixed theta_p
where "F" is continuous, thus "U_p" is a solution of a
"Dirichlet type" problem for a disk r<r_0 in the sense that
the boundary value F(theta_p) is approached by U_p(r,theta_p)
as the point (r,theta_p) approaches (r,theta_p0) along a radius,
except at the finite number of points corresponding to the
orthogonal radii (r(theta_c,q)) where the discontinuities of
F may occur. The value of the harmonic function at this loca-
tion, which corresponds to the center of the circle, is the
average of the boundary values on the circle.

Harmonic functions can be shown to exist that involve r**n
powers of amplitude for associated phase multipliers "n" for
each "n(theta)_p". Each of the functions for potential (P)
shown in equation (1) and the unknown logical function (U)
shown in equation (2) below can be represented by series in-
volving the elementary harmonic functions r_n(cos(n(theta)_p)))
and r_n(sin(n(theta)_p))) as shown in each of the equations
shown for (3). Both constants a_n and b_n are calculated from
each of the expressions presented for equivalent functions
F(phi), which involves the frequency response utilizing all
pole and all zero filter functions (for assumed fixed order
recursive bandwidth and wavelength calculations, ref. the
Levinson-Durbin Algorithm)

Note: Pole zeros are caused by adding a finite number of input
samples together and poles are caused by feedback. Nuclear
dipole resonance is a feedback phenomenon, whereas crystal-
lographic ionic potential is a feedforward phenomenon. The
tetrahedral design utilizes the same arrangement as a pair of
inverted triangles, each formed by joining three ions on a side
to a single ion at its vertex. (See below)

If we require that the magnitude and direction of the equal
and opposite crystallographic pole phasors and zero phasors
are attached pole/zero pairs of orthogonal phase "flipper"
vertexes, we can assume a dipole resonance exists between
diametrically opposed ions in the "cube" diagram when a
polarized pulse sequence is applied to the BI-II dipole.
For example, we can pulse the green orthogonal group of cir-
cularly polarized phasors with their red counterparts.

Likewise, the blue orthogonal group of circularly polarized
phasors can be pulsed with their magenta counterparts. Each
of these pulse pair sequences represents a dipole resonance
sequence. On the other hand, rather than representing oppo-
site faces of the cube, the pairs of phasors can be resonated
on one face of the cube, so that the direction of atomic g-
field decompression is in the direction perpendicular to one
of the 6 cube faces. This represents the gradient of magnetic
field decompression, or "g". For this example, the gradient
"g" represents the twin pair of resonating red and magenta
phasors. The cube has now become similar to the atomic
crystal pictured on the previous post as:

The conditions for formula (3) for the values of a and b vary
between being elliptically polarized and circularly polarized,
meaning that the amplitude values of a and b are equal for
circular polarization, along with having a difference in
phase angle always being pi/2, but are different for ellip-
tical polarization, for differing amplitude between a and b,
as well as phase angle.

The phase angle for elliptical polarization differs by (n+1)
increments of pi/2, where n=1 or more. Note that only for el-
liptical polarization, the values of n=1,3,5,... represent
phasors that are 180 degrees out of phase for dipole magnifi-
cation, but the values of n=2,4,6... represent harmonics of
the n=0 condition for maximum decompression. At the n=0 con-
dition for elliptical polarization, the only difference be-
tween being circularly polarized is that the amplitudes of a
and b are not equal, meaning that the resulting gradient is
not directly orthogonal to the face of the cube.

We can now imply a condition for the n's and f's in formula
(3): Since the f's are always multiples of pi/2 and equal for
both a and b in both elliptical and circular polarizations,
the n's in the formula for a_n and b_n can only equal
0,2,4,6,... for elliptical polarization a (not equal to) b,
and 1,3,5,7... (a=b) for circular polarization. The pulse
polarization sequencing controls the amount and direction of
gradient off each of the six faces of the cube.


Aug 3, 2006, 12:31:29 PM8/3/06

Analysis of the Pulsed Cubical Membrane


Within the crystallographic boundary for the diamond shaped
lattice we can superimpose a cubical membrane that represents
a crossection of the decompressing "g" wave instantaneously
over two of six faces of the atomic crystal. The geometry of
this configuration is assumed to incorporate a hyperbolic
shockwave distortion off of opposite faces of the cube, sim-
ilar to the sphere inscribed over a square surface, whose
radial component becomes either elliptically or circularly
polarized to two of the six faces of the cube. The instaneity
of atomic field decompression is such that only opposite
faces of the cube can be "decompressed" per pulse interval.
The maximum level of decompression depends upon the charac-
teristic surface of the normal. We are going to assume that
this distortion is an average over the species (grey surface
"neighbors") using a converged lattice potential sum profile
for ionic neighbors as a function of distance for the body-
centered cubic structure.



Solution to the Cubical Membrane Problem



In order to obtain uniform convergence of the series for u
and its first and second derivatives we must assume that f
(continued as an odd function) and its partial derivatives
up to the third order are continuous, while the squares of
its fourth partial derivatives have finite integrals. Also g
and its derivatives up to the second order must be continuous,
and the squares of its third derivatives must have finite in-
tegrals. While this condition is somewhat too strong, it is
known that a discontinuity in the third derivative of f can
produce a discontinuity in the second derivative in u. Dis-
continuities are propogated along characteristic surfaces.
These can degenerate, producing a loss of derivatives (focus-
sing). By our uniqueness theorem u(x,y,z,t) depends only on
the part of the data in and on the sphere of radius c_t cen-
tered at (x,y,z). However, this is not all clear from the
form used above for the solution. This formula expresses the
solution as a sum of simple harmonic motions, in each of which
u is a product of a sinusoidal function of t with a function
of x,y, and z only. These motions are called the normal modes
of the problem. Their frequencies [sqrt(l**2+m**2+n**2)c/2(pi)]
are called the characteristic frequencies. Note that the charac-
teristic frequencies mentioned here are related to the vibra-
tional frequencies of the Bi-II diatomic molecule at or near
a resonant condition. Let us examine the resonant condition
more closely with the four-dimensional tesseract representing
the translation of a diamond body centered cubic in space
and time.

If we know the natural frequency of the absorbing magneton,
we can use the resonance phenomenon to determine the frequency
of the incoming signal. First of importance, then, is the close
correspondence between the incoming signal frequency and the
natural frequency of the absorbing system. When resonance ab-
sorption occurs, energy is taken out of the incoming wave and
is absorbed by the resonating medium. Atoms and their nucleii
are like swiftly rotating little gyroscopes. Instead of wig-
gling to and fro like a compass needle in the earth's field,
they precess around and around the direction of the applied
field, just as a gyroscope precesses around the earth's grav-
itational field. Each atom or nucleus will have a characteris-
tic precession frequency, or a wiggling frequency, in an ex-
ternally applied magnetic field. The magnetic fields that are
applied to a nucleus are determined not just by the the average
and uniform field strength between the poles of a positronium
pulsed power supply, but also by the field of electrons sur-
rounding the nucleii. The energy required to 'turn around'
the nuclear magnets of two Bismuth atoms (in a dipole config-
uration) has been measured very precisely, i.e., the magnetic
moment of bismuth is calculated using the magnetic mass suscept-
ibility for Bismuth X_p/(10**-8)m**3(kg**-1) = -1.70. The re-
sulting magnetic moment in amps-meter**2 is the amount of mass
in kilograms of bismuth times the susceptibility X_p, (using a
field strength of 1 amp per meter).

In order to visualize the diamond body centered cubic trans-
lated into four dimensions, the cube would have to translate
perpendicular to all of its edges, forming a hypercube, or in
this case, a tesseract, as shown in the diagram pictured here:

In a tesseract, all six faces of the cube have extensions that
are similar to pyramids without their 'caps' on them. In a nu-
clear hypersphere, each individual nucleus will have a differ-
ent gravitation constant consistent with the Binding Energy per
Nucleon" for the outermost ground state energy level nucleons,
which is directly related to the intensity of the Strong Nu-
clear Force" just outside the nucleus. Notice in the graph at
right that resonant frequencies of Magnetoreflection spectrum
of Bi transitions shift with the magnetic field strength in
Teslas. The corresponding frequencies for the resonant shifts
correspond to dramatic drops in the radiocity parameter (on
the vertical axis). The heavy electron band (Fermi level)
resides around a magnetic field strength of 35 Tesla. This
level represents the highest radiosity shift available for an
applied polarized positronium pulsed probe beam. The Fermi
levels relate to the outer shell spectral emissives, which
become occupied based upon the distribution of energy levels
and the number of electrons available. We have indicated only
one side of a tesseract in the diagram linked below in order
to better visualize the concept of a swollen nucleus initiated
by a pulse probe*. The cumulative effect of expanding valence
fields for thousands of crystals simultaneously means that
there is a large negative nuclear pole decompression that acts
directly opposite to the direction of the applied probe beam.

*There are, of course, ideas related to the transfer of energy
in the 'perfect' diamond body centered cubic related to thermal
gradient and lattice distortions, but we can assume that these
are only side effects of the larger g-wave decompression that
expands the 7th shell valence field of the BI-II dipole.


Aug 3, 2006, 4:16:56 PM8/3/06
In Post #12, "Analysis of the Pulsed Cubical Membrane"



>Notice in the graph at right that resonant frequencies of Mag-

>netoreflection spectrum of Bi transitions shift with the magnetic
>field strength in Teslas.


>Notice in the graph shown below resonant frequencies of Mag-

>netoreflection spectrum of Bi transitions shift with the magnetic
>field strength in Teslas.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



Aug 6, 2006, 3:20:29 PM8/6/06



To give an example of how eye-candy has taken over the
internet, one of the best examples (e.g., resulting logic-
ally from the original programming languages of Fortran,
RPN, ASM, BASIC, etc.) of replaced syntax by image handlers
rather than information PROCESSING was a language feature
that was also increasingly incorporated into the processor.
Was it really necessary to go further, (unless it was just
for LIMITED gaming) once we hit even the 400MHz speed, or
did LEISURE TIME, IDLE TIME, or WASTED TIME cause the vir-
tual scientific luddite population to disappear within a
decade or so of the appearance of the 1 GHz processor?
(Are the true substantive numerical info-processing lud-
dites hiding behind a rock somewhere?)

The COBAL language that was taught mostly in business
colleges was mostly syntax-tual (minimally substantive
numerical info-processing) in nature, when, as a result
of increased international trade and world banking inter-
ests, the world banking era helped to initiate the various
"performance parameters" into the nationalized business
syntax, i.e., interface definitions among the "non-Babel-
istic" tree-like programming organization with subtrees:
1) Mission 2) Producer 3) Technical Director or Architect
4) Schedule 5) Division of Labor 6) Interface definition
among the parts. In other words, Organizational Restruc-
turing and Product Distributional Networking became hal-
lmarks of the purely capitalistic side of COBAL program-
ming, but what of R&D? It was COBAL that modeled the hu-
manistic side of capitalism, AFTER having an intact,
substantive Engineering Pilot Project Program from which
to withdraw itself. Thus we saw the localism of Leonardo
DaVinci-like spirit of entrepreneurialism vaporize into
the atmosphere of nationalist humanist capitalism.

The Engineering side was never meant to become rigidly as-
sociated with the business side of programming. Any new,
revolutionary technology would, with Machiavellian shrewd-
ness, completely replace the humanist business side with
much better customer satisfaction than the business could
presently tolerate, because the business would then be in-
volved with reinventing itself, layoffs, mergering, or
takeover. Yet if the majority rules in the business office
and relationships actually developed, and all of the busi-
ness became entrenched with protecting, at all costs, the
interests of its particular product trade, then an also-
ran Machiavellian shrewdness would develop on the business
side of the trade, and the business would actually be at
odds with any new product R&D being established on the
business side, i.e., causing "monopolistic practices".

Internationally, the dual nature of the monopoly is barely
perceptable, because the ruse being played on the American
people is that international entrepreneurs numbered a more
robust and creative group, displacing our current en-
gineering sector with a lax market of entertainment para-
phenalia, rather than endorsing revolutionary technology
and creativity. However, the arrival of internet communi-
cation was supposed to finally source over creativity to
the original owner. Yet only a very small minority of en-
gineering entrepreneurs have succeeded in monetary success
outside of the expanding monopolies of dumbed-down markets,
including the youthful sector of the military industrial

If this is true, it begs the question, "How monopolistic is
a business?" and then begin to assess the characteristics of
the business monopoly. Or, by comparison, one asks, "How
monopolistic is the product R&D?" and then maybe consider
such things as affordability, advertising, branding, esti-
mates of the competition, prospective clients, positioning
strategy, promotions, press kits, etc., so it would seem
that the capital-R&D-investing entrepreneurial side is act-
ually detached from the business side, making any dumbing-
down of the product on the business side an economic

So, rather than having a healthy, expanding economy, the
local business stagnates and in the long term, the economy
never grows. This is why current economic growth is seen
as more of a business spectacle than Engineering R&D based,
because the entrepreneur has been removed from the business
cycle as the "problem" rather than the "solution" to worth-
while investment.

These programs modeled the larger organizations AFTER hav-
ing an intact, substantive Engineering Project Program in
which to orient itself, but they never updated their pro-
duct line to incorporate the newer technology, for reasons
being, that the easier choice at the time, would have been
to receive tax breaks from the government through various
initiatives, such as adjusting their minority, reform, and
senior citizen hiring quotas, as well as "back charging"
for shelf space in featuring a product line. Where did the
disconnect with being creative actually occur? If we exit
from being COBAL dependent, and enter the FORTRAN environ-
ment, and banish the destructive license used by establish-
ment types to methodically subvert the spirit of entrepre-
neurialism, we can return to the pre-Microsoft creativity
days that permeated the marketplace, post WWII, and just
prior to the space race and Apollo years.

Advanced technology cannot "educate" the sales force of a
private enterprise so much as they can teach the purchaser
how a technology "works" in operation. A more refined R&D'd
product line could not possibly withstand the mass marketing
within a truly dumbed-down audience of non-believers of the
technology, because the technology becomes dependent upon a
shared mindset of critical thought, being indelibly linked
to a space-based *holographic* storage medium. Yet by for-
cing a social agenda that is based purely upon humanistic
need, with only the basest product lines being the sales gim-
mick, we are witnessing the separation of the classes into a
money-grab, where the entrepreneur of a more advanced, help-
ing technology has become banished to the deep space of eco-
nomic mob mentality. Why? If there were such a mass ignorance
of the technology, there would be no Science Faction alluding
to it; no "dilithium crystal" technology of Star Trek, no
"Stargate", and no "Contact". The ideas propogated by the
Science Fiction writers has been watered down for mass
"consumption" rather than mass "conversion". Ever notice how
Science Fiction has amassed fantasy rather than technology?
This is a direct result of protectionism, and with it, we
must stop and beg the god of appearances, rather than the
God of functionality to be our witness of destiny.

The mountain of our opposition now represents our inability
to claim for God and Country, the technological prowess re-
quired to force an issue against the current bureaucracy,
both Republican and Democrat, in order to liberate those
technologies that have been systematically subverted from
achieving world-wide success, as well as independent recog-
nition and continued privacy.

Read the writing on the wall: Liberal news media, as long
as junk media pervades the TV and radio airwaves, will
create an entire generation of victim cybersquats at the
empire's edge of spintown. As an increasing number of bus-
inesses continue to feed off the latest fad technologies,
driven by a need to quickly get the fix (as the fix
quickens), providing the false impetus for the new impulse
technology to drive market forces; education takes a back
seat to the priorities of instant gratification and there-
fore dumbed-down curriculum vitae in public schools and uni-
versities. Victims are unwittingly drawn in Disneylike fash-
ion to accomodate what is seen as a self-glorifying life-
style rather than one of discovery and space exploration.
Liberal media was meant for protectionists; Although pure
science-faction media was meant for pure, dictatorial ex-
pansionism. We SHOULD BE around 50% expansionist, but
we're only at 1%.

Could not the same be said of the 13 original colonies
during the years they sought independence from imperialist
England? Wasn't the war for independence fought
territorially in order to separate America from the banking
interests of English tax collectors? Wasn't that "early
America" buying time against the Monarchy of manipulation?
In much the same way as the Imperialists, we end up living
with the protectionist choices made decades before becoming
subjects of manipulation, fraud, and deceit, unless we can
expand our territory to earth, orbit and beyond.

Why does the contemporary search for truth seem to run into
these conflicts that literally alienate constitutionalists
to positive financial influence? Maybe it's because of the
sea of change that perpetrates all the fad technologies, such
as television, music, and fashion. Mostly humanistic in na-
ture, these fad technologies are based on the high energy,
short-lived phenomenon known as youth. Cheaper access to fas-
ter media seems to drive the corporate ethos of "buy cheap,
sell cheap, hire cheap". It seems that a new generation of
fad is invented with the current media spin technologies
every few years now (probably every four or eight years
based on either social liberal or conservative politics)
rather than every 10 or 20 years, when this nation was in-
volved in a war-based economy. Although readiness exists,
actual war on our own soil is basically nonexistent, while
the economy is at war with implementing true scientific in-
tuition. Sweeping fad technology is an enemy of scientific
intuition; it seeps through everything bought on the fly;
too many takers are becoming addicted to the small print
on the back side of the "package" without even knowing it.
We are allowing the economic politicians to set the stage
for war in courtroom economic psychodramas when feelings
are allowed to get in the way of tact, or a realistic,
recognized, disciplined, and free willed approach to eco-
nomic prosperity.

"... That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive
of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to
abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its
foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in
such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their
Safety and Happiness."" - Declaration of Independence

Dominionism is a form of Social Darwinism. It monopolizes
wealth-power as a sign of God's election, and berates pover-
ty as a reflection of God's disapproval. It succumbs to the
"Kingdom Now" philosophy of an increasingly obvious numbers
of self-help businesses, as well as the weak-minded who
become their clientele. Only by revolutionizing the current
technology, can the current society regain the spirit of en-
trepreneurialism, particularly in the space transport busi-
ness. A compendium of hopeful NOWisms from times past - the
same kind of blind faith that believes without actually see-
ing, verifying, legalizing, mandating, or approving of the
destination technology that takes believers off the planet
"in the blink of an eye" has become radically distinguished
from the socially stigmatized legalistic mentality, spinning
societal *ideolographies* in the form of populist media mind
control. Such action ends up dulling the lamp of scientific
intuition. Therefore, it is for those who work for the
spirit of independence for entrepreneurs to press on in ex-
panding the new dynamic for exploring the universe; ulti-
mately adding to the markets required for providing the
crystal curing required in the production of orthorhombic
magnetostrictive field generation technology.

Federal courts have stated their interpretation that "expert"
opinions are based on relevant scientific methods, processes,
and data, and not on mere speculation, and that they apply to
the facts in issue. The key word here is expert, and how it
enter's the vernacular of the witnessing body. Who needs to
know the secrets of a science unless a conspiracy becomes
propogated in order to snag a prospective entrepreneur in
court? No doubt that the witnessing body would become an
established, principled, and well informed public only after
certain hearings are revealed; yet a public whose knowledge
actually biases the science in favor of a long-term victory
for scientific independence rather than a particular state
establishment's ipso-facto hearing on the reinterpretation
of legalistic protocol could warrant the entire court to
become part of a scientific and economic witness protection
program! Any defense attorney deemed worthy of hearing such
a case would have to end up relinquishing any new 'innovation'
of legalistic interpretation towards forming a new
*Constitutional Convention*, since the scientific methods,
processes, and data used by independent researchers have al-
ready revolutionized the physical laws governing contemporary
forms of transportation and communication. Thus it is time
for the robber barons of contemporary financial institutions
who have helped to monopolize revolutionary propulsion tech-
nology [with their minimalist funding tendencies] to pay off
their entitlements before the war of economic freedom ships
out to the sea of space!

**************** CURED CRYSTAL TECHNOLOGY *****************

In nuclear physics terminology, the susceptibility, or X,
is improved dramatically for cured crystals, meaning that
a massive number of spins (on the order of a few hundred
thousand) are available in the form of a grouping of fo-
cused field gradients in the direction of polarization.
As mentioned previously, ... "Each fibre crossection is cap-
able of handling 300 mW, so that an entire fibre array of
1000 x 1000 fibres, with uniform intensity not exceeding
100 mW per mm2, could theoretically handle
(100)(3)((1000)(1000) = 300,000,000 watts!" This is a tre-
mendous amount of power that is dependent on both the pulse
supply and cured crystal. Yet the power that becomes avail-
able during decompression is a result of standing wave rotor
growth of the crystal quadrupole, and not the pulse power
supply. The analogy would be that of a spark plug and the
combustion chamber in an automobile. The 'spark' is actually
the pulse power supply, and the 'combustion chamber' is the
earth's gravitational field! In fact, under medium power,
the force of gravity becomes a negligible factor in the cal-
culation of the magnitude and direction of gravitational
force field gradients.

The initial value for "R1" in the above program is expressed
in radians. Since "radians" is a relative term that is also
expressed in terms of another "primitive" value for R that is
not given in the program, we have a programmed value of R1 for
a function that is expressed in terms of "radians" for the
output (i.e., the first statement of
R1=S**(0.25*2.0*3.1415926535897932). This "circular" dimension
for the radius could be divided by itself to give a value of
unity (R1=1) for the first iteration, but this would only
introduce confusion into the explanation for the "resolution"
of the expanding spiral. There are two types of phase shifts
at work here: One is the "rotational" phase shift, that is
dependent upon a single, outermost centroid of angular momen-
tum decompression for the negatively charged dipole, and the
other is the "wobbling" phase-shifted ellipsoid, which repre-
sents the positively polarized probe pulse charge "offset".
This positively polarized probe pulse charge "offset" is de-
pendent upon (2) successive centroids in the decompression
sequence. The "resolution", therefore, for a particular
polarization, depends upon the particular outermost, initial
"starting" centroid with its respective ellipsoid "offset".
Note that the above described "circular" dimension for the
radius is an initial "offset" for the decompression sequence,
and can be taken to mean either a horizontal or vertical
polarization "offset".

"... I designed twenty-four different types of standard ma-
chines with short cores and of uniform pattern which replaced
the old ones. The Manager had promised me fifty thousand
dollars on the completion of this task but it turned out to
be a practical joke. This gave me a painful shock and I re-
signed my position." - Nikola Tesla, after working with
Thomas Edison, 1884. Thomas Edison was a master manipulator.

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Aug 6, 2006, 5:37:58 PM8/6/06

Here's an interesting (well, not so interesting) article berating
the spirit of entrepreneural independence:

The article is entitled "Recapturing R&D Leadership", but
in no way says that the leadership belongs to the individual,
but forces interdisciplinarianism, bureaucratic investment,
global collaboration, and short term "evolution" rather than
"revolution". The writer, John Teresko, who quotes Battelle's
(R&D Magazine) Jules Duga's associate, Carl Kohrt, in saying:

"This century will see biology become a quantitative and
predictive science. Lab equipment investments will grow.
Instead of a lab's typical benchtop apparatus, experiments
will tend to require big, expensive equipment such as syn-
chrotron light sources." He notes that Brookhaven National
Laboratory's synchrotron is being considered for a costly
upgrade to further nanoscience research. Another example
is the completion of a $1.4 billion neutron source project in
Oakridge, Tenn., adds Kohrt. "It will be able to look at an
atomic level in ways that were never conceived of
ten years ago."

and later asserts "No company, on its own, would ever be
able to afford the necessary scientific equipment, he asserts.

Apparently, Carl Kohrt has never heard of scientific intuition,
Scalar Rife Technology, Antoine Prioré patents, crystal
propulsion technology, privitization, competitive capitalism,
American independence, and dangerous liberty.

Teresko later writes,

Despite the rising pressures of the Federal deficit, national
support of R&D got a boost with the president's announce-
ment of the American Competitive Initiative. His focus: com-
mitting $5.9 billion in fiscal year 2007 to increase investment
in research and development, strengthen education and en-
courage entrepreneurship. "Over 10 years, the initiative com-
mits $50 billion to increase funding for research and $86 Bill.
for research and development tax incentives," said President
Bush in announcing the initiative. "My 2007 budget requests
$137 billion for federal research and development, an in-
crease of more than 50% over 2001 levels."

Will that be enough to maintain global leadership? E.g,
how does U.S. R&D spending compare with China? Science, a
publication of American Association for the Advancement of
Science, offered a perspective in its March 6 issue. Its Chinese
correspondent reported that "spending by all Chinese sources,
industry included, will rise from 236 billion yuan ($30 billion) in
2005 to 900 billion yuan ($113 billion) in 2020. Basic research
is slated to climb from 6% of R&D expenditures in 2004 to as
much as 15% in 15 years."

Does the government now decide how and when a company
is able to perform its R&D???? Does the government decide
how and when these sub-bureaucratic enterprises spend and
divest their interests into private industry?

One would think that Socialized Industry belonged to Com-
unist China, rather than the Federal Government of the U.S.!!!


Aug 9, 2006, 12:35:13 PM8/9/06
How is economic growth supported by social networking?
R&D can be kept secret and cause an entire network to
operate without disclosing the shared technology that
might result in legal restrictions being placed upon a
projects operation. Since the advent of open source soft-
ware development, the privatization associated with tech-
nological development has become "a thing of the past"
since the collective nature of open source code that has
become available to the public-at-large causes the devel-
opers to benefit from the experiments of consultants,
hobbyists, etc., i.e., resulting in the expansion of ap-
lication technology that benefits a widening group of
innovators. Job turnovers represent, in some few cases,
an establishment's rebuke of its own systemic failures
of dealing with real innovation.

With a collective informational environment, there is no
direct financial incentive to continue with patenting an
idea, and, unfortunately, there is a unwillingness on the
part of prospective "angel" investors to help a revolution-
ary idea achieve patent status, yet either environment
would suffice for the entrepreneur to achieve success.

The internet represents one way that a collective innova-
tion becomes a great deal more efficient at advancing the
technology than patent representation. As a result of ad-
vancing the technology, new products, producers, consumers,
and markets become expanded to include the innovation, as
well as the affordability, advertising, branding, esti-

mates of the competition, prospective clients, positioning

strategy, promotions, and/or press kits that helped in the
process to achieve the recognition deserved.

How many years would it take for Advanced Propulsion Tech-
nology to "ferment" so that a strong industry is built a-
round it? If we use the trends of the current oil energy
industry to represent a gauge to "replacement" Propulsion
Energy Technology, then the general population right now
represents an overwhelming consensus to the idea that the
*oil industry* requires a major overhaul, excepting, FOR
THE MOST PART, the CRACKING TOWER by-products of oil
and gasoline, e.g., benzene, naptholene, kerosene, -enes, lub-
ricating oils for rotating machinery, greases, cleaners,
cleansers, epoxies, resins, catalysts, compounds, etc.

Yet all of these technologies required adapting the pri-
mary industry, oil, to have a sharing phase, so that they
became beneficial to the general public. One may wonder if
oil has outlived its usefulness, since, with the Pogue Car-
berator, introduced earlier last century, was never mass pro-
duced in the automobile industry, yet only until a barrel
of oil exceeds $80.00, do we hear of automobiles like
Toyota, which exceed 40 mpg - and still out of the price
range of a majority of consumers! The industry statis-
ticians are still tightening their profitable safety mar-
gins to exclude the already overwhelming consensus of
Americans that "oil is running America dry" and not the
other way around! The enemy is from WITHIN, and after 9-11,

How would a revolution in propulsion technology include an
open sourcing of software? Descriptions of the newer tech-
nology surrounding FTL propulsion would include liquid
crystal display technology, since an onboard holographic
storage medium would be required. The "Bekenstein Bound"
is a relationship that is based on the viewer's percep-
tion of what is happening on a "Thing enclosed in a finite
boundary" that becomes a programmed synthesis of a holo-
graphic storage medium. The area of the "screen" must change
when energy flows through it, as the geometry of space
changes with the flow of energy. These technologies are
already being investigated by several companies inter-
nationally, and they entice us to imagine ourselves as part
of a collection of space-time geometries on a networked
holographic screen of consciously extra-limited capacity,
whose collective purpose is to transmit holographic infor-
mation about a "collective environment" that was "hyper-
translated" through space and time. These topics were cov-
ered in earlier posts.

Through the action of indirectly bending the spacetime
sheet between celestial bodies, tachyons are ghost par-
ticles that pull radiation pressure to their source, thus
imparting momentum to a nucleus, rather than pushing away
from it, as in neutron radiation. The resultant loss of
outer shell spectral emissives through increased momentum
would subsequently be evidence of curved space before and
during the absorption of new photons (as electrons) by re-
fraction. This gravitational refraction by electron absorp-
tion is also the result of time dilation, or one aspect of
the tachyon "grid shifting" as evidenced by an induced four
dimensional flux of alternate expansion and contraction,
or wavelength, at the Schumann resonance.

We can assume that the retained information are basic
mental functions associated with the learned experience from
infancy through the adult years that have become nearly un-
conscious, everyday (frozen) activities such as elimination,
walking, and even common linguistics. These activities rep-
resent functional information, but they have no etheric
quality. The history, as well as future, of celestial
resonances is included in this group, because celestial re-
sonances are the most reliable method for enabling the most
vivid recall or projection through programming the uncon-
scious, as well as conscious, mind. Personology theory taps
into this source of celestial resonance by ascribing person-
ality traits to individuals born during specific weeks of
the year. The external influences to personology traits
consisting of information that is exchanged (metaprogrammed)
including superfluidic or chaotic information that would rep-
resent the lack of function to process information according
to inherent or attempts at usefulness, but consisting of the
etheric qualities of structure including repetitive patterned
behavior, group association, and group division in order to
make the attempt at processing the information. The partic-
ular advantage of this group is its ability to retain memory
of diverse environments that may be life threatening, i.e.,
a sort of "red shifted" state of consciousness, and, altern-\
ately, a projected state of consciousness, i.e., "blue
shifted". From these two subgroupings consciousness can be
envisioned it as though it were applied to current condi-
tions, whether they include the convergence of cultural evo-
lution (residing with environmental causes), or the diver-
gence (that resides with genetic programming).

Is the internet a collective "invention" regime? The social
network would seem a "bit too hazy" without a flow of ad-
aptive technologies, yet there are members who can act as
agents in developing the collective technologies, who share
the norm in scientific communication. Most members of a
social network have limited access or trust in another,
and usually the moderator(s), will be editor and/or chan-
neler of what information becomes distributed to the
others. This is the reason for adhering to subject headings
in <>, but too often the subject becomes
gouged, avoided, or subterfuged in order to obfuscate the
original poster's intention, ending up in destroying what
could have been an innovative communication process.




If f(X,T) is a production function with X the representing
the current input of material quantities, and T the vector
of design and technical attributes, the value of T can be
held constant, for optimizing output for each set of in-
puts, or for minimizing inputs to obtain a fixed quantity
of output, or for minimizing input costs to obtain a cer-
tain level of outputs.

The proposition is, that privately owned auto manufact-
urers have been involved in a conspiracy with the capital
gains taxing authorities, as well as the oil producers,
and consumer credit authorities, to short shrift the
public with overpriced oil, auto, and confiscatory
interest rates, since international banking began "buying
out" the U.S. economy, handing the f(X,T) production
function over to faster, cheaper *3rd world human rights
abuser* collective, rather than MINIMIZING INPUT COSTS

It has already been widely accepted that the U.S. could
not survive another 9-11 event economically, and so we
are made to believe that by buying into the SLOW KILL
OF INCREMENTALISM, we are infinitely better off than
having another 9-11 disaster. THE NUMBERS LIE, and all
Americans must CONTINUE TO BELIEVE THE LIE, if there


Episode of Collective Invention, Peter B. Meyer,
U.S. Dept. of Labor, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
(32 pg. pamphlet)

BLUR, The Speed of Change in the Connected Economy,
Stan Davis, Christopher Meyer, pp 39-42

Infinite Energy, Response to the DOE 2004 Review of
Cold Fusion Research, Charles C. Beaudette, May/June
2005, p 28

The Mythical Man-Month, Essays in Software Engineering
Frederick P. Brooks, Jr., p 79

Industrial Market Structure and Economic Performance,
F.M. Scherer, International Institute of Management,
Berlin, Germany, Rand McNally & Company, Chicago, p 250

Three Roads to Quantum Gravity, Lee Smolin, Basic Books,
pp 171 - 178


Aug 10, 2006, 5:47:09 PM8/10/06
Can anyone explain why we have a whopping $391 Billion
Defense Appropriations Bill awaiting signing and not
one penny for any kind of Advanced Propulsion Techno-
logy R&D for lowering the incredible gas prices? Enemy
"watchers" are those who practice the political "dumbing
down" of all PACS who might inadvertantly operate under
the umbrella of Transnational Dominionist manipulation.
With an advanced technocracy comes responsible divest-
iture - first, to the ones who need advanced propulsion
the most, and second, to those who can still afford the
current gas prices - but that is not why the "watchers"
are there. The "watchers" are there because they never
learned about advancing the cause of freedom. They
waited for people who were just like themselves to be-
come ideologues of extinct technology, never taking
the initiative to ask questions and demand answers.
Newer technology causes us to focus on the innovators
as well as the innovation, and to discard that which
doesn't measure up to the increased potential.
Therefore, the watchers are "left behind" rather than
"taken up".

The U.S. has totally ignored a policy that would have
enabled *technocracy* to neutralize Dominionist (i.e.,
"watcher") global ambition while simultaneously reduc-
ing the defense budget and the tax load on American
citizens. Since technology is a political tool in to-
day's world, it also becomes a weapon that must be used
to destroy, correspondingly, those who would compromise
a higher reality of greater innovation and technology,
because technology is the dynamic lifeblood of modern
economic development. The Inside-the-Beltway Oil PACS
represent a distortion on the common sense reasoning
that if a problem exists with the rising cost of a bar-
rel of oil, then the oil technology has already been
given over to Dominionist (i.e., "watcher") causes, and
a newer technology, that is in line already, will re-
place the *traitor technology* with a much more efficient
and cost-effective one.

If the Inside-the-Beltway Oil-PAC statists have become
mutually exclusive in protecting their unmodernizable
transnationalistic Dominionist status-quo energy estab-
lishment, then Democracy has failed to represent the
growing consensus that "oil is running America dry" of
true replacement technology, in the form of Electrograv-
itic Crystalographic Propulsion Technology. The enemy
within the beltway have much more reigning influence than
popular news outlets will ever admit, yet *TREASON* is de-
fined in the Constitution as "aid and comfort" to this
inside-the-beltway enemy of private industrial energy re-
vitalization. Since the intention to "aid and comfort" is
a vital element of TREASON, then it might be suggested
that our current PAC representatives are suffering from
a severe case of idiocy, inefficiency, and intellectual
myopia, if they continue to turn a blind eye towards
CHEAP, EFFICIENT, and VIABLE alternatives to gasoline.
Recently suggested alternatives may replace, but will
never be able to reverse the spiraling trend of fuel
costs. This is an attack on our freedoms as Americans,
and an insult to American ingenuity and financial

A cruel sociology could explain the disenchanting appeal
of Neo-Conservatism. The rise of the internet's New
Technocracy has alienated those who are unable to keep up
with the change, yet while this change was happening, a
creeping superficiality of mass media proclaiming contin-
ual crisis and situational ethics *encouraging* insecurity
and cynicism of religious, educational, and institutional-
ized democracy has gained Populist momentum, obfuscating
the Intellectual Knowledge Class of the Left - not to be
confused with the Constitutionalist "Intellectual Applica-
tions Class" of revolutionizing technology.

Newsmongers are nothing but oppositionists. They cannot
stand to be loyal followers of their own cause. They are
all windbags with no substance; they jump ship the minute
it gets to port. There must be an innate discomfort with
being on the winning side. Many newsmongers are born resist-
ors, haters of authority, and are apt to rebel against
anyone in power. There must be a perverse satisfaction in
malframing the good intentions of honest patriots for them
to believe that they have somehow shaped history. They are
the friends of mob rule, and enemies of innovation.
Licentiousness describes their species of liberty.

Alexander Hamilton thought that man's nature was evil, and
that he needed strong government to control his passions.
Thomas Jefferson, a tactful man, saw man as essentially
good, and needed his freedom protected from Monarchy. There
is essentially no difference today, with the exception that,
government has become too strong, and the dynasties of the
dominionists have nearly turned our country into a society
of antiquated automatons, complete with their programming
instructions from inside-the-beltway, Washington, D.C.

It will surely take some reinventing and technological con-
vincing in order to break the shackles of the energy death-
grip over the economy, but the best way to do that is to pre-
sent the facts of the matter. The facts consist of the afore-
mentioned theories, and there is plenty of scientific and
engineering technology available already to support those
theories; the only questions that remain are how to implement
those constructions with our current automotive and energy
industries, without running into the brick wall of dominion-
ist establishment. It would have to require a new
Constitutional Convention, without the choice of location
being a subversive one to its surroundings.

George Mason wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights, which
became the basis for the Declaration of Independence. George
Mason later led the fight against ratifying the Constitution
because it failed to contain a Bill of Rights. It was men-
tioned a couple of posts ago, "Dominionism is a form of Social

Darwinism. It monopolizes wealth-power as a sign of God's

election, and berates poverty as a reflection of God's dis-
approval". We can now see what is happening when we include
George Mason's proposal for the FIRST AMENDMENT:

"All men have an equal, natural, and unalienable right to the
free exercise of religion, according to the dictates of con-
science; and that no particular sect or society of Christians
ought to be favored or established by law in preference to
others" (Kate Mason Roland, The Life of George Mason (N.Y.,
G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1892), Vol. I, p. 244)

Clearly we have here a violation of a majority of the civil
rights of taxpayers, when the oil PAC monopolies, directed by
Arab interests, become overwhelmed by Dominionists, rather
than *overhauled* by Constitutionalists!


Aug 12, 2006, 10:04:42 AM8/12/06

The business of lending blood money is one of the most
thoroughly sordid, cold blooded, and criminal that was
ever carried on, to any considerable extent, amongst
human beings. It is like lending money to slave traders,
or to common robbers and pirates, to be repaid out of
their plunder. And the man who loans money to govern-
ments, so called for the purpose of enabling the latter
to rob, enslave, and murder their people, are amongst
the greatest villians the world has ever seen.

- Lysander Spooner, No Treason (Boston, 1870)

Any person involved in the political process who does
not recognize the fraudulent nature of our current en-
ergy establishment cannot even pretend to be a member
of either the Republican or Democratic process, because
neither party represents any form of deregulating com-
petition towards revolutionizing the *gasoholic* tech-
nology. Even the gasoholics, by virtue of being bureau-
cratically entrenched in the post-New_Deal age, cannot
escape their own World Banking captors in the bi-partisan
oil-PAC mentality scheme of things.

It is for Constitutionalists and Revisionists alone,
to mandate an upgrade to Article I that would allow indi-
viduals to police those who would monopolize government
by false representation or outmoded technology, and to de-
fend and protect technologies that are business and life-
enabling and enhancing. Multinational corporations that
monopolize truth-in-lending practices in order to estab-
lish trade routes and paper trails should be required to
offer an advanced replacement technology at an initial,
equal cost, in order to maintain an all-cases divestment
plan, for universal economic expansion, but ONLY UNDER
tagging would continuously be available for anyone wishing
to access the location of the compact technology. If the
advanced technological unit became non-functional, the
owner would be required to return the original unit with
an explanation w/flight recorder/log diagnostic of its
malfunction to the Licensing Bureau for possible investi-

An "Economic Constitutionalist" with "coup d'oeil", or the
ability to make sense out of the war between private enter-
prise and industrial overregulation, would quickly make
sense out of what was happening with the Energy Monopoliz-
ation and act to implement a completely new course of bi-
partisan action. However, this has not happened on either
side of Capitol Hill, and so the entire bureaucracy must
be overhauled, piece by piece, until overregulation is
stymied and the transportation sector is revolutionized.
Constitutionalists must act NOW, and base their actions on
experience, intuition, and mental simulation than some
predetermined, analytical, synthetic, systematic decision-
making manufactured by the market anarchists of our day.


Aug 13, 2006, 4:09:45 PM8/13/06
In George Gamow's "Mr. Tompkins in Wonderland" the Planck con-
stant takes on some unusual properties. Lifesize distortions cause
interference patterns with running gazelles. The skin surface of
older elephants is fuzzy, providing a quantum uncertainty. Quantum
gravity diffusion has also been noticed in heavy metal blocks.
Can the Bouguer Anomoly Gravity Reduction/Expansion also include
quantum gravity effects?

The phenomena of squeezing/amplification was theorized for the
photon states in quantum optics by Gamow. Soon, it was shown
that they can be repeated for charged massive particles. These
charged, massive particles also move between crystallographic
boundaries in a pulse-probed, charged, quadrupolarized crystal.
In the 1­dimensional non­relativistic quantum mechanics, the sim-
plest such effect of a manufactured gravitational atomically
decompressed gravitational expansion is produced by the scale

U = e**iµ[(qp+pq)/2] ; where µ (is an element of) R;

wavefunction of(x) -> U(wavefunction of (x)) =
(1/sqrt(sigma))*wavefunction of(x/sigma) where sigma = e**µ

Amplification for "massive" particles (ions) is accomplished by
using several methods. Some of these methods include the analysis
of two-photon coherence, parametric amplification, harmonic os-
cillators with time dependent frequencies, transition probab-
ilities, photonic antibunching, and geometric phase coherence.

Some of these systems overlap in their analysis, but they repre-
sent over 30 years of separate research in this area. It seems
that no one *private* corporation has carried this research to
it's natural applicable fruition, even though the national en-
ergy sector would seem to be pulled down by increased global
energy costs. Yet these systems represent an incredibly untap-
ped resource of propulsion technology awaiting to be exploited
to their fullest.

What remains is the strength and gusto to proceed in a manner
that would require militant-like resolve, that would turn the
gasoholics on their heads, leading the tidal wave of support
that would make Henry Ford, Howard Hughes, and the four-leaf
clover highway planners an event of ancient history. Say good-
bye, for the most part, to Exxon, Mobil, Shell, and British
Petroleum! Here comes Hyperon! You want a world melting pot?
You got it! Quantum consciousness is the new paradigm. Let the
stars fall from the sky! Let the race to the asteroids begin!
Let the earth join the extra-solar federation of maritime trade!
See you later, Faust and Mephistopheles! Milton's "Paradisio"
just imploded.

[1] Gamow, G.: Mr. Tompkins in wonderland, Cambridge University
Press, Cambridge, 1953.


Aug 15, 2006, 5:19:45 PM8/15/06

SVALSIK has just announced completion of its "Geodyne assimilator"
for recon missions to the asteroids. The "assimilator" allows "NHC"
tuning for resource exportation at the rate of 1000 grams per
second. The Nano-Host System features dimensional filtering up
to the 11th chirality using 1 over pi nano-emitter substrate in
the portal circumference. Controls feature a calibrated spectral
resolution slider for smooth incoming and outgoing transmissions.
Crystal integrity up to 1.2 parts per million phase resolution for
cargo transport.



Mr. Chairman, it is a privilege for me to be here again. I have
testified before this subcommitie previously. As a matter of fact,
it is three years ago this month that I testified over on the
house side before the House Armed Services Committee in which I
disagreed with the political appointees of the Carter Administra-
tion and indicated that the technology which we were licensing
to the Soviet Union, specifically for the Kama River plant, was
being diverted to the Soviet military. It is 10 years ago this
month that the president of the United States inaugurated the era
of detente with a trip to Moscow.

A central component of that historic trip was the hope that great-
ly expanded trade ties between the East and the West would lead to
mutual cooperation and understanding.

Obviously, those hopes have not taken place. In that 10-year per-
iod, as we in the administration have indicated in the last year,
we have been exploited both legally and illegally by the Soviet
Union and Eastern Europe. This technology which has helped the
Soviet immensly in their military industrial infrastructure.
Again, 3 years ago, I personally disclosed the failures of the
Commerce Department in the licensing process, referring to it,
as I said in my testimony, as a shambles.

[Brady was criticized and his information suppressed for speaking


Thank you, Mr. Brady. Mr. Brady, the members of the subcommittee
are, of course, aware of your personal commitment to this impor-
tant area, but I believe that it is important that the record re-
flect fully your position on the specific question of export tech-
nology and particularly reference the efforts some years ago to
help the Soviet Union construct some trucking facilities.

Would you, for the purposes of the record, explain your role in
this matter?


Mr. Chairman, about 3 years ago, the Export Administration Act
was up for review, the House Armed Services Committee decided
that it was going to hold hearings on that extension, in addition to
the committee of appropriate jurisdiction, namely the Foreign
Affairs Committee on the House side.

There were some statements being made on both sides in Congress
that were not totally consistent with the facts. We had intelli-
gence information that trucks were being produced at the Kama
River plant for the Soviet military and, in fact, being dis-
tributed to Eastern Europe for use in Eastern Europe endeavors.

An administration witness was asked about that and denied it.
I was asked about it and confirmed it. And, as a result of that,
I was labled a whistleblower and eventually left the Department
of Commerce. In point of fact, that was the tip of the iceberg.
There had been apparently intelligence through the 1970s, partic-
ularly the latter half of the seventies, indicating that there
was substantial diversion taking place (and) ...for some reason
the intelligence just didn't get to the top. So that was my role.
I eventually had to leave government for it.


Director of the Hoover Institution, W. Glenn Campbell, had also
claimed that the book: National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet
Union was a "plagarism of the author's works" that was published
by the Hoover Institution, and removed the title "Research Fellow"
from the author, Antony C. Sutton, and removed both his name and
that of his secretary from the personnel roll of the Hoover

Glenn Campbell became chairman of Ronald Reagan's Intelligence
Oversight Committee.

Clearly, there is a conflict of interest between the Dominion-
ists in government and economic independence in the U.S., yet
the representatives on both sides of Capitol Hill would rather
represent the transnationalist continuum of Federal Reserve sup-
ply, since bureaucratic sponsorship became the latest transna-
tional approval tool of favoritism, rather than having indepen-
dent engineering entrepreneurs find seed investors to stop the
tide of international dominionism. The tares have thus become a
prerequisite for the wheat getting into the international market-

"Men and governments, no doubt, are selfish, and prone to abuse
power when they have it; but no government can stand that rests
only on the selfishness of the human heart, or on what in the
last century they called "enlightened self interest," L'interet
bien entendu, and not on the sense of duty, strengthened by loy-
al affection. People must feel not only that it is their self in-
terest to sustain government, but that it is their moral and
religious duty to sustain it; and when they have no moral sense,
no religion, and no loyal affection, they should know that they
cannot sustain it, and society must cease to exist. A nation of
atheists were a solecism in history. A few atheists may perhaps,
live in society, and even serve it for a time, where the mass
of the people are believers and worshippers, but an entire na-
tion of atheists was never yet founded, and never could subsist
any longer than it would take to dissipate the moral wealth ac-
quired while it was yet a religious nation. It is well said by
the Abbe de La Mennais, before his unhappy fall: "Religion
is always found by the cradle of nations, philosphy only at
their tombs" - meaning, as he did, philosphy in the sense of
the rational exercise of the faculties of the human mind on
divine and human things, aided by the light of revelation. The
ancient lawgivers always sought for their laws not only a moral,
but a religious sanction, and where the voice of God does not,
in some form, speak to men's consciences, and bid them obey the
higher power, government can subsist only as a craft or as
sheer force, which nobody is bound to respect or obey."

- Liberalism and Progress, Orestes Brownson, Brownson's Quarterly
Review for October, 1864

One would be apt to disqualify the "invasion" of Iraq or the
"invasion" of Lebanon as an attack on religious freedom if more
attention were paid to the moral responsibility that the "Good
Samaritan" teaches, yet the focus was purely upon contemporary
liberal ideolography, and where the 60 year veil of bureaucratic
grace-to-humanist-belief paved the way for Dominionist govern-
ment to enslave those just escaping the tyranny of transnational-
ist partnership, in the form of exporting trade secrets and the
waiver of unblessed assurance, in order that the re-negotiated God
of humanism would make *God's natural laws* the uncompromised sci-
entific dogma of Dominionists. The lie is that most voters still
believe that humanism should exist as a religion alongside moral
relativism, and that Dominionism is 'just another religion' along-
side Christianity.

The business of lending blood money is one of the most thoroughly
sordid, cold blooded, and criminal that was ever carried on, to
any considerable extent, amongst human beings. It is like lending
money to slave traders, or to common robbers and pirates, to be
repaid out of their plunder. And the man who loans money to govern-
ments, so called for the purpose of enabling the latter to rob,

enslave, and murder their people, are amongst the greatest vil-


Aug 19, 2006, 5:37:29 PM8/19/06
Atomic decompression REMAINS APPLICABLE to the con-
version of massfree energy into kinetic energy, using both quad-
rupole resonance, pulsing the crystal's plasma reactor
for simultaneous transmission and reception, using Tesla
coils, whose distal ends of whose secondary windings are
co-resonant and connected to a capacitor. Each capacitor
is in turn connected to either the inner or outer set of
counterrotating disk/tube coils, providing the pulse fre-
quency to counteract and repulse the earth's electrostatic
and electromagnetic fields by superposition of the decom-
pressing g-field resonances of the polarized crystal.

The invention relates to systems for the conversion of en-
ergy, referred to as Tesla waves, as opposed to conventional
electrical energy. Zero-point electromagnetic radiation
is used to counteract a tuned, decompressing nuclear elec-
tro magnetic field. Based upon the Casmir effect, there is
INITIALLY an attractive force that causes positronium to
exist (an electron circling a positron), albeit for a very
short time (~1 nanosecond->0.1 microsecond), with the decay
attributable NOT TO THERMAL RADIATION, but to the DIFFEREN-
AND EARTH ZPE RADIATION. It is assumed that since the radiation
is invariant w.r.t. Lorentz Transformations, the radiation
intensity = f**3, where f = frequency.

The Zero Point Energy Theory of Gravity is equivalent to
saying that the virtual elecytromagnetic field spectrum con-
sists of a background of Maxwellian random-phase EM radia-
tion, and can be formulated by stochastic electrodynamics
(SED), as distinguished from QED, where quanta are mistaken
as virtual entities, and there is no such thing as infinite
energy. The ZPE spectrum is a result of the distortion of
a real physical field whose virtual particles already exist
in the Maxwellian background. GRAVITY, AS HUMANS EXPERIENCE,

gested in 1913 by Einstein, that Specific Heat fell into two cat-
egories: Temperature dependent and rotational dependent.
By deriving Planck's Law without discontinuity, The value
of the ZPE was made to equal h*a. Einstein had already placed
limits on infinite ZPE (ZPE through the Rayleigh-Jeans dis-
persion law). Einstein believed, that at high frequencies,
the thermal energy exchange of waves was replaced by the
thermal energy exchange of particles, however, since there
are no thermal gradients experienced by SED, pure field dis-
tortion, or 4-space mapping is a macroscopic manifestation
of the Casmiric forces between the dynamic crystallographic
fringefield and the earth's gravitational field.

The production of radiant energy which is not thermal in na-
ture, related to ZPE, based upon superluminal propogation
without infinite spectrum, usually associated with Cherenkov,
non-Lorentz invariant, non-random transverse phase, longi-
tudinally mass-free (Tesla) wave, and temperature and pressure
independent, is part of the theory of 4-space manifestation.




Additional needed properties of stars to support life:

1) The location of the star may indicate its metallicity proba-
bility. Galactic thick disk discoveries indicate stars with low
metallicity, as well as galactic halo stars. Both young galactic
thin disk and old galactic thin disk have shown evidence of met-
allicity within the range that could support life.

2) The metallicity of the star should be similar to that of our
own sun. According to scientists, life emerged in the Milky
Way's disk rather than in its halo because the former is metal-
rich and the latter is not. From "The Alchemy of the Heavens"
by Ken Croswell, p. 100:

Over its life, the Milky Way Galaxy has grown more and more
metal-rich. The Galaxy's stars have forged heavy elements like
oxygen, calcium, and iron. When these stars died, they ejected
the heavy elements into space, where the elements drifted for mil-
lions or billions of years. Some of these elements encountered
and enriched the interstellar clouds of gas and dust that gave
birth to new stars and planets. In at least one case, on one
water-covered planet circling one yellow star, these elements
gave rise to life. We are therefore made of elements forged in
the Milky Way's stars billions of years ago: the oxygen we
breathe, the calcium in our bones, and the iron flowing through
our veins all came from stars that died long ago and cast their
remains into the Galaxy. We are heirs to these ancient stars.
We are stardust.

3) The age of the star will be an indication of its luminosity.
For example, the Sun is 40% brighter today than it was at birth.
Alpha Centauri A, which is 1 billion years older than the Sun, is
50% more luminous than our Sun.

Star# RA hms Dec 0/ Spectrl Type Dist-L.Y.
Sun................................ G2V... 0
9012 .0 20 18 -12 29.2 .....G2V....66.4
67 ..1 38 44 +42 21.8 ......G2V....37.4
136...3 16 41 -62 46.0 ......G2V....36.6
243...6 42 52 -27 17.6 ......G2V....53.4
368...9 45 22 +46 15.3 .....G2V....49.3
376...9 58 08 +32 10.2 .....G2V....60.3
9346.11 05 32 -29 54.1 ....G2V....67.8
9434.13 11 34 +56 58.4 ...G2V....65.1
582..15 18 25 -48 08.1 .....G2V....50.1
9537.15 59 08 +33 27.2 ...G2V....77.5
9589.17 15 40 -75 17.7 ....G2V....70.8
776..20 00 34 -67 27.2 .....G2V....62.6
9777.22 14 45 +12 38.8 ...G2V....77.5

Using the aforementioned technology, travel times to these nearby
star systems are reduced significantly, by a factor of a million
or more. Advanced technology is not so far fetched as


Aug 20, 2006, 5:29:42 PM8/20/06



>confirmed existence of water on the surface of Mars? We've known
>that there is water locked under the surface of Mars at the
>poles and at other various spots, but this is the first instance,
>that I know of, of a frozen lake being found on the surface.

>If we are going to go to Mars someday, it's important to know
>where the water is. It's a resource that we'll need above all
>except oxygen. A ready supply, on the surface, is very important
>for any future endeavors we make on Mars.

>As for comets, of course they have water on them, we've known
>that for decades. But how often does a comet or asteroid that is
>large enough to be worth mining for material come to close enough
>to earth to make the effort in sending out ships, even automated
>ones, worthwhile? The costs would out-strip the gains until we are
>able to mine the asteroid beltd itself, and we are a lot closer
>to Mars than the belt (both physical proximity and the technology
>to make it to the location).

>There are, of course, Near Earth Crossing Comets just like there
>are Near Earth Crossing Asteroids. Many are due to arrive to
>within a few lunar distances... the key is to choose those that co-
>incide with plans for a double rendezvous, and then plan the
>delta-V's around that...

>>Now there is non-harmful radiative nuclear power available for
>>nuclear pulse power"

>er. care to enlighten? Never heard of such a technology.

>>"Even 500 tons to orbit (4x the Saturn V), which may be pos-
>>sible with hardware derived from Space Shuttle technology at rea-
>>sonable costs, you're still 1/2,000th the payload of a moderate-
>>ly large Orion which can lift 1 million tons into orbit (4x a
>>superfreighter) AND BEYOND!"- (From William Mook, Subject: Re:
>>Asteroid mining Newsgroups: Date: 2002-09-18
>>17:19:37 PST).

>>(But this is only the beginning). A nuclear pellet used in pulse
>>driving a "superfreighter" consists of 3 sub-spherical parts: For
>>the first sub-sphere, a DT (deuterium Tritium "gas" core surrounded
>>by a thin shell of Plutonium-239, surrounded by Beryllium, which
>>is all surrounded by a chemical "lasive" explosive, encased in me-
>>tal combed cladding. For the second sub-sphere, a miniature U-235
>>core surrounded by D3He, with a 1 mm thick boron-lithium nanofibre
>>shell casing. These shell casings are themselves clad in U-235 me-
>>tal, and the U-235 metal clad unit itself is surrounded by metal
>>combed cladding, which is itself encased in U-238 metal. The en-
>>tire U-238 metal sub-sphere is itself coated with a 1 mm sputter
>>deposited boron-lithium nanofibre over the entire surface. The
>>third sub-sphere consists of a chemical explosive encased in a
>>1mm thick shell of sputtered boron-lithium nanofibre, with its
>>shell tangent chemical "wick" open to the 3-spherical chemical ex-
>>plosive, all encased again in a 1mm thick shell of sputtered boron-
>>lithium nanofibre. The chemical explosive is designed to be laser
>>ignitable, and the entire 3-sphere encased pellets have an O.D.
>>of 3.94 cm.

>>Current nuclear technology prevents the accidental ignition of a
>>nuclear device by lightning, so that the chemical explosive can
>>only be detonated by a "tuned" laser. Other "non-sensitive" detona-
>>tion techniques, such as a rifle bullet or secondary explosive
>>(incl. fire or other incendiary device) are non-resistant to the
>>metal combed cladding. In addition to these measures, electro-
>>mechanically preset codes prevent each pellet from being detona-
>>ted until the pellet's transducer recieves the correct code.


Water can be easily extracted from intersecting a outer belt
moon, where you could extract, centrifuge, and filter out the
contaminating particulates.


>I would think that the centrifuging of water at the asteroid
>in question would be rather inefficient. You'd need to 1. get
>a behemoth of a centrifuge to the asteroid (the smallest ones
>I know of that would fit the requirements are VW-Beetle-sized
>behemoths), 2. find a way to keep the water liquid throughout
>the entire process 3. find a way of stabilizing something spin-
>ning, with a considerable amount of mass inside, at 1000 to
>10000 g.

>There are reasons the industrial centrifuges are bolted into
>place. You'd have no such luxury in space.

If you understood the dynamics of nuclear propulsion, then you
also must understand that we are, in effect, launching a small
refinery of sorts into orbit, along with teams of space technic-
ians and engineers to take care of a great deal of the logistics
of such an operation. The spinning centrifuge operation requires
a soils lab processing system: 0.25% cyanide solution is com-
bined with coarse charcoal in a high speed centrifuge while ac-
cepting regolith from the storage cannister. The 0.25% quantity
is subject to an ore 'test for fitness' prior to refining the
entire cannister. Climate controlled storage tanks for both hot
cyanide concentrate and H2O are pumped simultaneously into a
mixing tank for the refining operation.


The refining process for outer and Jovian moon H2O, as well as
precious metals has already been brainstormed" by many people who
are very interested in this type of exploration, as well as
extraterrestrial resource development. What is really needed here
is to convince the numbskulls in Washington that it is a very
much needed and worthwhile venture.


>Not saying that it could not be done, but it seems to me that it
>would make a hell of a lot more sense if you were to do this at
>all to simply melt the ice out there, and purify it at some sort
>of home base. And if we are mining the asteroid belt for materials,
>then the closest logical base for that would be in orbit around
>Mars. Hence we'd need bases on Mars, and thus we'd need water for
>us humans to drink while we built said bases. Hence the finding of
>water on the surface of Mars is still an important finding.

I'm certainly not saying that Mars could be useful in the long
run, but why not *hijack* the space program for a clear path to
the stars from earth orbit? There are even plans on the board
for faster-than-light craft (Check out Dr. Chiao's website at:

The real object here is to find some earth-like planet that sur-
rounds a G2V spectral class star, which average about one in every
70 parsecs from our own sun. The technology to do it is *here*.
Yet, there are those friends of the Dominionists (cronies) who
are friends of the rich, pure-bred brown-nosers both in govern-
ment and the private enterprise who "kiss up" to the first oppor-
tunity to recieve their blessing from them. They represent earth-
bound transnationalist Dominionism, world economic control through
burdensome environmental scare-tactics, One World Government and
religion, and world class military dictatorship.

Are governments around the world tied too strongly to oil that
"all for one and one for all" has become the motto of transnational
energy diplomacy? Aren't we exporting energy idiocy instead of
energy industry? The gold standard has been replaced by the oil
standard because of the popularity of the automobile, but if the
internal combustion engine should be replaced by the magnetoflux-
gate, isn't the new gold standard bismuth? Only one tried, true,
and tested science is all that is needed to convince a new consti-
tutional convention that our current economic system is too tied
to an antiquated 'highway' civilization that imprisons rather than
liberates the free will of space exploration.

Rhetoric is a result of the "grey area of generalization" that
Dominionists use to descibe the most "relevant technology" in terms
of "what is needed" verses "what is required" (for whom?) that is not
being communicated. It is a problem that most *intellectual capital-
ists* share independently of the Dominionist's ideology.

God commanded Moses to return to Egypt, not because Moses needed
to contact Pharaoh, but because Moses needed to gather up all the rest
of his people before they could move into the "promised land". Many
of those who would leave with Moses into the wilderness would com-
plain. Their natural desires would become barren in the wilderness,
but their renewed aspiration of truth would become a pillar of cloud
during daytime, followed by a purification, or pillar of fire by
night. This would be enough to raise them from their despair. While
in Egypt, Pharaoh insisted on punishing the Israelite foremen by re-
quiring them and their people to gather their own straw for making
bricks, rather than providing the straw, as they were used to doing.
The foremen could not keep up with producing the same quantity of
bricks while having to search for their own straw, as Pharoah
had insisted:

The Israelite foremen realized they were in trouble when they were
told, "You are not to reduce the number of bricks required of you
for each day." When they left Pharaoh, they found Moses and Aaron
waiting to meet them, and they said, "May the Lord look upon you
and judge you! You have made us a stench to Pharaoh and his offic-
ials and have put a sword in their hand to kill us."
(Exodus 5:19,20, Men's Study Bible, NIV, Zondervan, (c) 1997)

This passage represents the culmination of the workings of the Holy
Spirit in the natural world (Egypt). In the same sense that our
current Dominionist research in aerospace design represents the
Egypt of old, no effort that becomes sidetracked by liberal poli-
tical or unscientific compromise will achieve spacefaring to the
degree that believers can enter into the promised land of an in-
terstellar economy. In fact, current longsuffering in the aero-
space industry requires a greater resource for economically boot-
strapping a heavier earth-to-orbit technology, rather than requir-
ing Space Access lobbyists to beg for their own straw. (See status
of H.R.5382 "Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act"

Primarily, those who reject additional funding in order to re-align
the research for earth-to-orbit technology, also reject the God of
promised lands in the universe. These people represent the Senators,
Congressmen, and Legislators who are the Pharaohs of our time.
They try to make a "stench" of anything that is contrary to their slave

driving of the economy! Their slavish acolytes of our current mili-
tary industrial complex actually promote the marginalization of sci-
entific research in earth-to-orbit technology by marginalizing fun-
ding and grants necessary for real competition and common ground
to exist for venture capitalists. Case in point: The monopolization
of influence peddling by the Aerospace Industries Association for
slush funding the $15 billion Defense Export Loan Guarantee (DELG)
program. Thirty four nations have already defaulted on their loans,
amounting to $34 BILLION in credit liability! So why are we export-
ing technology when we should be creating advances on our own?

"There is nothing that is a more certain sign of insanity than to
do the same thing over and over and expect the results to be
different." - Albert Einstein



An engineer should not attempt to maliciously injure the profes-
sional reputation, business practice, or employment position of
another engineer. However, if there is proof that another engineer
has acted unethically or illegally, the engineer should advise the
proper authority.


Engineers and their societies may actively and aggressively lobby
for legislation that would prohibit competitive bidding for design
services by public agencies.


Responsibilities to the public demand that the engineer place ser-
vice to humankind above personal gain. Furthermore, proper ethical
behavior requires that an engineer avoid association with projects
that are contrary to public health and welfare or that are of
questionable legal character.


In a sense, the United States suffers from an arrogant sense of
economic pride much the same way the British did during the revolu-
tionary war. With U.S. based foreign investments increasing the
prospect of a new world economy, this century will usher in the
birth of international gadgeteering, which is more or less an oli-
garchy of product and service imitators, and export of inventions
and ideas that is only a banished minor socialist characteristic
that is held in contrast to a real team based entrepreneurial asset
of western ingenuity and innovation. This new world economy is
quickly being transformed into a serpent that eats its own tail
(the consequences making it impossible to wind up in the higher
and more diversified economic growth that is a result of careful
planning and investment for long term research and development)
and eventually will devour itself, leaving only a bureaucratic head
that the unrewarded innovators of industry must eventually *emulate
or become economically trampled to death!

*The word EMULATE in the above paragraph corresponds to reprobate
mind in the sense that there is probably a great body of knowlege-
able men on the planet who have misapplied their knowledge towards
an inchoate expression of existentialist groupthink, that includes
the arbitrary dumbing down of those who don't agree with the party
mantra of the good 'ol days.


Aug 23, 2006, 5:17:56 PM8/23/06
>From the polynomial:

Given p(x) = x**5 + a_4*x**4 + a_3*x**3 + a_2*x**2 +
a_1*x + a_0, and

and alpha, beta, gamma is greater than or equal to 1,

with alpha, beta, and gamma also part of a smooth mani-
fold equal to M, and alpha, beta, and gamma an element
of End(TM) endomorphisms of the tangent bundle satisfy-
ing the quaternionic relation:

alpha**2 = beta**2 = gamma**2 = (alpha)(beta)(gamma) =


With the manifold (M,alpha,beta,gamma) called hypercom-
plex if the almost complex structures alpha, beta, gamma
are integrable. If, in addition, M is equipped with a
Riemannian metric g which is Kähler with respect to alpha,
beta, gamma, the manifold (M, alpha, beta, gamma, g) is
called *hyperkähler*.

Since g is Kähler with respect to (alpha,beta,gamma), we
have del(alpha)=del(beta)=del(gamma)=0, denotes the Levi-
Civita connection. This means that the holonomy of 'del'
lies inside the group Sp(n) of quaternionic-Hermitian en-
domorphisms. The converse is also true: a Riemannian man-
ifold is hyperkähler if and only if its holonomy is con-
tained in Sp(n). This definition is standard in differen-
tial geometry.

The polynomial can be broken into sub-multiplier polynomials,
consisting of complex Monge-Ampere equations that are fur-
ther described with CPT (as a relevant potential theory for
multi-dimensional complex analysis). It deals with plurisub-
harmonic functions and maximal plurisubharmonic functions.

The 'imaginary mass' that emits the tachyon follows its path
from the original transitioning shell electron through a de-
compressing radius of curvature that remains in proportion
to the (resonated) electron's radius from the nucleus of the
dipole part of the quadrupole. This action also purposely
violates CPT invariance, as well as projective relativity
theory. The theoretical quantization spectrum representing
the zeros (horizon of primes) of the Riemann Zeta function
can be identified as a universal number that affects CPT in-
variance for systems in the current space-time sheet.


Aug 25, 2006, 4:30:07 PM8/25/06

A Proximus Maximus of the Economy and Precious Metal


Up at the front of the sentries guarding monetary incumbent-
ism is the SCE (Society for Computational Economics) who model
economic behavior based on the laws of both mathematics and
physics. Who can predict the straight and narrow between the
golden calf of metalism, the Federal Reserve Notes (dubbed
'paper tiger') of government, and the electronic exchange of
the credit industry? When is asteroid mining for precious
metal not a golden calf? Doesn't it seem to be when the paper
tiger and/or electronic exchange reign the day in systemic
abuse? There is a form of electronic exchange that repre-
sents a prepayment of cash before the credit card is issued.
Yet the prepament is most likely to be a paper tiger one than
it is to be coin, or metal. Is there a credit card available
that only accepts metal for prepayment? Not a single credit
card company exists that trades precious metal for financial
credit. Since the society of convenience exists, technology
is racing ahead to avoid the gravity of metal, but both the
paper tiger and credit card industries have ganged up to ex-
clude the Holy Ghost from metal. Why isn't the Holy Grail of
physics and mathematics (the Grand Unification Theorem) pursu-
ing this? Mainly because of a misapplication of theory to the
technologies involved in supporting the balance of power be-
tween the three, into the straight and narrow.

Whatever technologies have been misconstrued to exist for one
or two in the balance of payments, should be applied to the
other(s). This is not what the business section of your local
newspaper reports on. This is a problem not only endemic with
national economics, but also a world economic system as well.
Ideally, it is a world economic system that must place itself
between the threes, as in a *Sierpinski order. Where there is
to be a massive industry for mining precious metals on the
asteroids would seem at first to throw the entire balance of
economies out of harmony, yet we're also talking about more
than 60 years of New Deal economics prior to this event!
[Monies paid into the Social Security system were buried in
the ground rather than invested in T-Bills or Savings
Certificates]. Yet can government beg its own ignorance of
precious metals on the asteroids for those years, and allow
divine grace to intercede for it on behalf of those taxing
entities who have misappropriated funds and technology in
the tri-une economy? Regarding macroeconomic ripples, that if..

"... the Federal Reserve sets the rates for platinum, which
it would not if the privateers are the ones who set the price
in the first place. Just because there is "policing" or "fear"
that greed will run amok on earth is no reason to believe that
the privateers are a bunch of pirates, either. You can arbi-
trarily set the price of platinum as low as you want, so the
resource for platinum will then just "dry up" without replen-
ishment." (ibid INPROSYS 8/07/2004 post at MSN groups).

An easing of constraints on the use of minted coin, set by the
privateers, would allow the economic paradigm to shift back
into the direction of pay-in credit cards, as well as easing
the national debt, as promisory notes reinvest towards fi-
nancial and technological independence.

*The Sierpinski order is defined as the group of theories
pertinent towards establishing a permanent presence in space
using advanced technological methods for both propulsion
and communication, which must cooincide with an economic
plan for territorial expansion, as well as the appropriate
environmentally friendly standards which accompany that expan-
sion. Dangerous liberty must also be exercised if the cause of
freedom is to leap forward, rather than grind to a halt. The
boundary of vacuum lattice structure, which is itself defined
by the Riemann horizon of prime numbers, defining the smallest
solution with the *Sierpinski number* being a positive, odd in-
teger k (a Sierpinski number) for which the integers k**2n+1
are all composite (that is, for every positive integer n),
establishes k = 78557, with a covering set of {3, 5, 7, 13,
19, 37, 73}. The covering regions are utilized so that BI-IV
harmonic resonance is used as the 'etheric puller' between the
attractor regions, which also forms the basis of resolution of
the convergence (regions of increased resolution between tach-
yonic and deltronic exchanges). Sharpness of resolution depends
upon the amplitude and frequency of the pulse sequence from
the Riemann horizon of primes.

The deltron exchange represents the "mirrorverse" between bo-
sons, while the bosonic exchange represents the "multiverse"
between deltrons. One cannot exist without the other, but only
"one" is allowed to exist simultaneously with the other. Alter-
nating the spin resonance flippers (magnetic/electromagnetic)
at the hopping frequencies in the counterotating disk/tube su-
perconducting ring arrangement provides the resolution and hy-
pertranslation required for superluminal propogation.

When simultaneity exists, there is bosonic hypertranslation be-
coming exponentially separated in space and time from disingen-
uated deltronic hypertranslation, since the self-organizing as-
pect of bosons are distinct from the self-organizing aspect of
deltrons (the order of programming the pulse sequencing for in-
itiating lift and directional movement is outwardly directed
bosonic self-organization, whereas degaussing the resonance us-
ing a white gaussian noise filter is inwardly directed
deltronic hypertranslation). Both systems are inimical towards
framing the mindset of superluminal and interstellar trade
and technology.


Aug 26, 2006, 1:55:53 PM8/26/06


When simultaneity exists, there is bosonic hypertranslation be-
coming exponentially separated in space and time from disingen-
uated deltronic hypertranslation, since the self-organizing as-
pect of bosons are distinct from the self-organizing aspect of
deltrons (the order of programming the pulse sequencing for in-
itiating lift and directional movement is outwardly directed
bosonic self-organization, whereas degaussing the resonance us-
ing a white gaussian noise filter is inwardly directed

deltronic hypertranslation). Both systems are **non-inimical**

towards framing the mindset of superluminal and interstellar trade
and technology.


The "inimical" systems are the *contemporary* ones!


Aug 28, 2006, 2:13:59 PM8/28/06


Earth has the keys to all of life in the universe. That is
how plentiful our environment is. The number of species that
have existed since life began on earth may approach a billion,
and ironically, the powerful leaders of humanity vie with each
other for brief moments of glory that threaten ourselves with
extinction, and yet we stand at a threshold, and we have been
poised to understand our place in the scheme of things called
the universe. The collective conscious must become unshackled
from selfish ambition if it is to serve the greater good, in
order to enable greater exploration of space and time for an
interstellar economy to exist alongside international trade.

An understanding of the pre-organic molecules between stars
is a precursor to establishing colonies throughout the galaxy,
since many of these molecules are easily sparated into their
prime constituents, most of which are hydrogen, nitrogen, ox-
ygen, silicon, sulphur, potassium, and carbon. Water, or H2O,
is more plentiful as water ice around the 1.2 cm wavelength.

Some of the 2 through 13 "interstellar" molecules are listed
below, as detected from their optical absorption spectra:

2-Atom Molecules:

CH, CN, CH+, OH, CO, H2, CS, SiO, SO, NS, SiS, C2, NO, HCl,
NaCl, AlCl, KCl, AIF, PN

3-Atom Molecules:

H2O, HCO+, HCN, HNC, OCS, H2S, C2H, N2H+, HCO, SO2, HCS+,
SiC2, H2O+, C2S

4-Atom Molecules:


5-Atom Molecules:


6-Atom Molecules:


7-Atom Molecules:


8-Atom Molecules:


9-Atom Molecules:


10-Atom Molecules:


11-Atom Molecules:


12-Atom Molecules:


Both NH2 and COOH are found in the class I MHC glycoprotein mol-
ecule on the surface of virtually all nucleated somatic cells,
which makes up as much as 1% of the plasma member protein (about
5 x 10**5 molecules per cell), and are noncovalently associated
with Beta-2 microglobulin, which is coded for a gene on a differ-
ent chromosome. These elements constitute chemical signaling
between cells. SH forms a very reactive carbonyl group in an
covalent amide linkage to a macromolecule, for a cell's proteo-
lytic activation. CH2, CH, HO, OH, and I are all associated with
human hormone activity, CN is cyanide, CO IS Carbon Monoxide, HN
is a local chemical mediator, HCN is Hydrocyanic acid, H2S is
Hydrogen sulphide, SiC2 is Silicon Dicarbide, H3N, COO-, and H3C
are associated with neurotransmitters. CH3OH and (CH3)2CO come
from Progestin and Progestogen, Oxandrolone and Anagestone Ace-
tate (or Chlormadinone Acetate). SiH4, Silicane Hydride, has a
molecular weight of 32.12 and a melting point of -92 degrees
Centigrade. CH3CH2OH comes the estrogen Estradiol Dipropionate.

These formulas suggest that there can be no doubt that interstel-
lar molecules form the building blocks of human life, and can
also be organically synthesized on silicate surfaces, while car-
bon grains can form the hydrocarbons. A radiation-resistant spe-
cies would *have* an auto-immune system functioning in one way
or another, with advanced molecular systems of the above mole-
cules, in order to travel extra-galactically, disguised as an en-
larged molecule 'fooling' mother nature with its magnetically de-
gaussed internal 4-space, morphing through space-time to a distant
galaxy, scanning for life near a G2V star in the galactic disk.
Since H2O, NH3, H2CO, and HCO are formed by metallic oxide grains
*very efficiently*, it is believed that there are more water-
bearing planets in the Milky Way disk, rather than the halo, yet
there are thousands of other disks, with similar metallicities
as our own. Perhaps an ancient race of progenitors is also one
that guides us forward to discover that it is our descendents
that will move into the heavens, in order that we recreate the
conditions for our longevity, as well as providing a continual
preservation of species, in order to advance the human state of
existence throughout the known universe.


Sep 3, 2006, 1:55:22 PM9/3/06



For just $80.00 you can purchase a miniature hydrogen fuel-celled
vehicle called the H-racer that uses its own solar powered "refueling
station" for H2O - suncracked Hydrogen fuel. The company, Horizon Fuel
Cell Technologies, is a Shanghai-based company, founded by Taras
Wankewycz, a Annunakian infiltrator working for the Nephilim (No,
just kidding)

Seems like it's high time for the gasoholics to retrench. Will the
transition be smooth, or will there be economic chaos? No doubt the
pockets of the recapitalizing transnationalists will get fatter as
the same-pricing scenarios get passed on to the consumer. Maybe the
gasoholics saw it coming, and will either form a conspiracy with
the fuel cell industry to "stabilize" fuel prices, in order to con-
tinue to lock in their share of gas-powered automobiles, or, in
a much less likely scenario, the gas and fuel-celled engine manufac-
turers will be forced to compete with each other, resulting in a
lowering of overall vehicle pricing for the consumer. Probably not.

If the consumer cannot "win", the new technology can only add to the
mire of regulation that already exists with the investment, explora-
tion, refining, production, and manufacturing industries, particularly
for *earth-based* transportation - a not-so-humble beginning for an
in-your-face, incrementalized dumbed-down and supremely marginalized
money-grab! Would it be better if *nothing* were done? - An irrelevant
question based on irrelevant statistics (i.e., those who would profit
amount to probably no more than a thousand or so, so what's the use?)

So without a technology that can break away from the gravity-prone
industry of the "rubber soul", an earth-based infrastructure can never
be supportive of a space-based infrastructure, because the priorities
are all messed up. It's unlikely that Shanghai would have as much
*vertically organized infrastructure* as the U.S., since the fractured
nature of world class imitators in the money-grab were stealing the
scene with special effects rather than building a functional dynamic
into the bigger picture of earth-to-orbit technology. As a result, a
large portion of advanced propulsion engineering theory gets sucked
into Merlin's wizardly, appearing only in obscure science fiction se-
quels as "Alphaville" or "Quartermass and the Pit".

One might then begin to rationalize that extreme commercialization
caused the spendthrift population to inwardly do-loop their limited
memory somewhere around the age of 25. Worldwide coal reserves were
figured during the post-war mass-consciousness boom at about 430 Tril-
lion dollars. Dominionists continue the mass-consciousness inward loop
program by not advancing the energy program parameters to expand the
current loop outwardly towards massive earth-to-orbit technology. "He
that by usury and unjust gain increaseth his substance, he shall ga-
ther it for him that will pity the poor" (Proverbs 28:8). IMHO, the
government's business with policing the world of terrorists is the
most "convenient" geopolitical disconnect that they have been obliged
to perform, given the politics of greed surrounding the impasse of
previous administrations. It was sheer pig-headedness on the part of
citizenry that may have caused our alertness to be on hold during 9-11.


Sep 11, 2006, 9:41:30 PM9/11/06



In the representation of periodic signal that uses a continuous
time Fourier Series, we can show that there are linear combinations
of harmonically related complex exponentials that can be written
in the form of (1) and can be represented using Euler's relation
as the form of (3).

(1) U_p(r_theta_p) = 1/2(pi)[Integral from 0 to 2(pi)][P(r_0,r,phi)
- theta_p]f(phi)d(phi)

(2) Limit (as r->r_0)U_p(r,theta_p) = F(theta_p)

(3) U_p(r,theta_p) = (1/2)a_0 + [the sum of n=1 thru infinity] *
[(r/r_0)**n] * [a_n*cos(n(theta_p)) + b_n*sin(n(theta_p)], for
r < r_0, where
a_n = (1/pi)*[Integral from 0 to 2(pi)] F(phi)cos(n(phi)d(phi))
b_n = (1/pi)*[Integral from 0 to 2(pi)] F(phi)sin(n(phi)d(phi))

Harmonic functions can be shown to exist that involve r**n powers
of amplitude for associated phase multipliers "n" for each

"n_theta_p". Each of the functions for potential (P) shown in
the above equation (1) and the unknown logical function (U) shown
in equation (2) can be represented by series involving the elemen-
tary harmonic functions r**n(cos(n_theta_p)) & r**n(sin(n_theta_p))

as shown in each of the equations shown for (3). Both constants
a_n and b_n are calculated from each of the expressions presented

for equivalent functions F(phi), which involves the frequency re-
sponse utilizing all pole and all zero filter functions (for as-

sumed fixed order recursive bandwidth and wavelength calculations,

ref. the Levinson-Durbin Algorithm).

By making the rise time equivalent or less than the relaxation
time of the crystal, we can calculate the bandwidth for a rise
time of 1 nanosecond maximum, then using the formula B_w(t_r) =
2(pi), with B_w = bandwidth, and t_r = rise time, we can calcu-
late where the maximum effective desired bandwidth resides for
an "ideal" rectangular area, bordered by B_w lines on both sides
of the vertical axis and maximum amplitude above the horizontal
axis. The shape under the normally bell-shaped curve implies that
there are important trade-offs when designing the frequency re-
sponse of a system. The pole and zero filter functions can help
to shape the type of area that is enclosed under the curve.


Sep 11, 2006, 9:48:24 PM9/11/06
For 21,600 grid sectors of *2C minutes per geodyne, the spherical
harmonic for ions in the "P" state for L = 1, where L = orbital
angular momentum, there is no crystal field splitting of a lat-
tice with cubic symmetry, even though the expression for the po-
tential (V(r) = Ax**2 + By**2 + Cz**2 = 0) contains the terms
for higher powers of x, y, and z. Any higher values of L will
invalidate the integrity of orthographic polarization of the
crystal lattice by splitting the electrostatic field into doubly
degenerate fields. The spherical harmonics for the electrostatic
field in which the orbital angular momentum L=1 are:

S_11 = -[[(3/8)(pi)]**1/2]*[(x + iy)/r]
S_10 = [[(3/4(pi))**1/2]z]/r
S_1-1= -[[(3/8)(pi)]**1/2]*[(x - iy)/r]

Ideally, it would be expected that without proper pole and zero
filtering, as well as white gaussian noise buffering, the orbital
angular momentum would reache a resonance for the polarized crys-
tal at some harmonic of a particular grid sector. This is where
white gaussian noise is helpful for degaussing any resonance be-
tween the vehicle and geodyne. Even though such an effect would
be miniscule for a single craft, small scale disruption of the
geomagnetic field might be possible for millions of craft. How-
ever, this phenomenon might not occur unless continued use of the
craft was tapping the geomagnetic field continuously for a hundred
years or more. The field amplifiers require *zero stability* which
is one or two orders better than 10**-9 watt. A preamplifier is
thus employed to amplify the signal to a value that is well above
the drift level of 10**-9 watt before applying it to the output
of the magnetic pulsed field discharge coil. Since the output of a
pulsed discharge coil is liable to drift for a number of reasons
including variation of supply voltage or frequency, bias magneto-
motive force, and core characteristics, an even harmonic coil is
used to improve zero stability. In the even harmonic coil, the
load signified by R_L, is not connected in series with the control
coil, but with pick-off windings, which are geometrically dis-
posed on the cores in the same way as the control windings. The
control windings consist of an inductor, resistor, and control
coil connected in series, and powered by a control current, i_c.
Each core can only increase in magneto-motive force during each
half-cycle of the control current. When each core becomes satura-
ted, a current flows in the pick-off coil into each charging cap-
acitor, supplying a reverse magneto-motive force F_d = i_d*N_d,
where i_d*N_d are the number of ampere-turns in the coil. The
current i_d flows by a diode, into each Tesla field coil along
points around the circumference of the disk. The counterrotating
disks are designed to create a field effect between the field
coils and the magnetofluxgate. A harmonic resonance is manufac-
tured by tuning and gapping the field coils, and timing the qua-
drupolarized pulse probe according to specification:

"The center-of-mass energy of amplitude reaches a maximum
value when w is just under 0.8(w_r), where w_r = Raman reso-
nance (rotation frequency). The energy amplitude of the quad-
rupole oscillations becomes "extremely large" while the fre-
quency of the quadrupole oscillation is close to zero. This
is where the ELF frequencies become important for the decom-
pressing quadrupole. The precessional 'wobble', or off-center
-of-mass causing off-Raman resonance oscillations between
positive and negative states, has oscillation frequency de-
termined by the ~0.9 detuning from the Raman resonance. This
phenomenon is a result of the Optical Bloch Equations result-
ing from a vortex cycling in and out of the Fermionic crystal
(driven by optical stirring of the pulse probe), whereas in the
aforementioned oscillating quadrupole, the 0.8(w_r) represents

the Rabi oscillations of an atom in a light field." (From post
#5, this thread)


Sep 11, 2006, 10:14:53 PM9/11/06
The "optical stirring" results from the scattering of ambient
photons through resonance with fringfield photons, whose effect
can be calculated from the "non-renormalizable" Lagrangian for
the resulting shell amplitudes and momenta. The trilinear inter-
action for bosonic exchange WOULD violate CPT invariance; this
suggests that there is a Lorenz (notice the missing "t" - this
is a different person than "LorenTz", See Note 2) invariant (not
covariant) of gravitational interaction that is not associated
with relativistic theory. Relativistic theory must be corrected
using the Dirac/Wigner solution. (See Note 3)

NOTE 1 (From post #8, this thread):

"Since clocks in a high gravity field tick slower than one in a
lower gravity field, we are observing the clock "ticks" from the
standpoint of the earth's gravitational field, which acts as the
lower gravitational field according to this scenario, so that the
observer of resonant frequencies actually views the frequency thru
the earth's gravimetric lense of faster "ticks". Therefore, the
"stretched" wavelength during decompression opens "our" world to
the environment of the "slower ticks" of the "nuclear" world,
where the wavelength actually becomes "longer" as spacetime de-
compresses. The equation for a widening spiral is r = S**(theta)
where S = (phi)**(2/pi) , where r = the radial dimension from the
center of the spiral, "q" is in radians and the value of "phi" is
1+sqrt(5)/2. The key here is how to equate the value of "r" to the
amount of decompression, using "phi" as the decompression factor.
In standing wave decompression, the incident wave is superimposed,
with a localized decompression shaping matrix dependent upon the
amplitudes and sequencing of polarized pulses. In traveling waves,
the superposition of waves have become offset to provide a result-
ant gradient opposite to the direction of the offset."

The gravitational interaction that results from the induction of
phased linear forces are the result of 2-vector, differential and
transformational operations of a degenerate 2-fold basis wave
function that can be handled by using the 2 x 2 Pauli spin ma-
trices, which are Dirac related. The alternating, rotating, char-
ged "disks" represent amplification of the dipolar circumferential
cissoid cis(m_l,theta), (with m_l representing the magnetic quan-
tum number), which is also part of the larger, cotwisted, counter-
rotational quadrupolar basis wave function. The quadrupolar basis
wave function is a direct result of matrix modeling of invariant,
or non-relativistic characteristics of eigenfunctions, in terms of
space coordinates, and not of spin. In fact, rigid topological
equivalence between two spherical manifolds is a requirement for
geometric equivalence, and therefore space-like (but not timelike)
translations may occur.


The Lorenz Gauge (NOT LorenTz - He was only 14) was used to
develop a mathematical relationship between electromagnetic
sources and their potentials (e.g., D'Alembert's Equations,
which define the change in phase and potential minus the par-
tial derivative of the change in phase and potential w.r.t.
time, both over the speed of light squared being equal to the
negative of the density of electric charge over the electric
permittivity and the negative magnetic permeability times the
density of the electric current, respectively). Since one of
the options to the solution to Maxwell's equations that obey
the Lorenz gauge include using ADVANCED potentials, as well
as RETARDED potentials, then for curved spacetime, the retarded
potential at a given x location depends on the particle's his-
tory before the retarded time u; and the advanced potential de-
pends on the particle's history after the advanced time v. Since
a polarized beam aimed at a polarized crystal can create some
field effect with charged particle/antiparticle pairs, the co-
herence can only be a "manufactured" one, if it is to be used
as a field harmonic with a decompressing fringefield.


Properties of non-relativistic quaternions include the unpair-
ed three-spin electron degeneration, that is, without an ex-

ternal magnetic field (earth's gravitational biofield), the
three unpaired spins give rise to four degenerate spin wave

functions. During resonance these four degenerate spin wave
functions are represented by the three degrees of spin fre-
edom with a fourth plus or minus time vector within the qua-
ternic conducting crystal. The three degrees of spin freedom
for the dual quaternic resonate by pulse chirping at the Fab-
ionacci Series of the Golden Mean and is a biquadratic opera-
tion of quaternions (between two conducting quaternic crys-
tals). The resultant repulsion of pole and antipole are tre-
ated as a specific velocity of frequency or phase propogation
and direction of vibration of the entire particle between two
repulsive nodes in space.


Sep 23, 2006, 9:57:40 PM9/23/06



The relationship between phase angle and direction of the nutation
axis (about which the pole spins precess) determines the magnitude
of magnetic resonance induced for each field coil. What type of
electromagnetic field is used to establish the RF phase field? In
order to get a negative "nutation axis phase shift" phi, one must
use a positive electronic phase shift, psi, so that psi leads phi by
almost 90 degrees. This would also lead to a state of partial reso-
nance for the pulsing coils. The pulsing coils employ an unusual de-
sign for pulsing electromagnetic waves. Each field oscillator repre-
sents a cell area "h" in phase space, with the value of h being measur-
ed in erg-seconds. Both the erg vector, or energy vector, and seconds
vector, or time vector, are at right angles to each other, hence the
"area" h. Each cell area h in phase space has four fermion spin com-
ponents of gravitating negative zero point energy [3 spin polariza-
tion oscillators + 1 oscillator(from theory)] and four boson spin
components [3 spin polarization oscillators + 1 oscillator(from the-
ory)] of anti-gravitating zero point energy, hence by suppressing the
fermion spin components, one is actually magnifying the bosonic ones.
Only the bosonic wave interaction is stretched by applying bosonic
theory. The phase space path for the bosonic oscillators is measured
by an equation that shares the treatment of spherical harmonics and
monopole harmonics. Spherical harmonics are used as a representation
of the case where the four fermion spin components of gravitating
negative zero point energy [3 spin polarization oscillators + 1 oscil-
lator(from theory)] mentioned above, cancel each other out (in terms
of the gauge factors). However, the bosonic ones do not: this is a
result of the Hopf mapping that occurs between the two portals. Dur-
ing Hopf mapping, a charge conjugate transformation takes place be-
tween poles, with 3 of the spin oscillators represented by R', R**-1,
and Q**-1, and the successive fourth oscillator comes from the AREA
of the geodesic triangle INSIDE ONE OF THE 21,600 SECTORS formed
by the 3 spin oscillators R', R**-1, and Q**-1. This is the remain-
ing oscillator (from theory) of anti-gravitating zero point energy:

The mass and obliquities of the sun, with outer and inner planets,
all have an appreciable effect on the gravitics affecting hyper-
translation. Obliquities are related to pole orientations, which af-
fect the orientation of fourth oscillator diagram(s) for each sec-
tor's orientation in the celestial sphere. The way that these obli-
quities become canceled out during decompression is through the
use of mirror plane diagnostics, meaning that if we had a spherical
mirror plane surrounding the supercharged crystal, incident gravity
wave(s) of specific xyz potential would become nullified by their
computed phase conjugates in the opposite xyz direction; and this
is exactly what happens; the pulse sequenced magnetic field that
surrounds the transmitting portal actually reflects electromag-
netic energy and compresses (pulls) the space ahead of it (in the
direction between the crystal/fringefield) for slow, near-resonance
translation that radiates at luminal velocity. The earth grid
of 21,600 sectors are square sectors that contain an overlapping
circle of 2 tetrahedrons ea. inside the boundary of the square
grid, and is a measure of the harmonic resolution of the overall
earth geodyne. Each one of 2 equilateral triangles on the structure
represents the (+) or (-) pole boundary of incident g-waves normal
to the surface of the triangle, for several thousand triangles per
earth geodyne. With an imaginary line of navigation joining the cen-
ters of the transmitting and external fringefield, frequency hopping
(starting in the Ghz range) causes all the phase conjugates to be
grounded so that a new celestial spherical hypergravity function maps
into the spherical mirror plane every few ten billionths of a second,
for thousands of triangular mirror planes across the earth geodyne.
Each successive group of mappings occurs every 10**-9 seconds, with
the imaginary line of navigation recomputed at every step, a bit shor-
ter in distance than the last. This causes a well for hypertransla-
tion between the crystal and fringefield to build up before another
ionically charged plasma is injected into the 'vortex'. The mass
plasma is thus "carried along the vortex at subluminal velocity" by
a specific energy level (at its mass wavelength cubed times the in-
teger spin squared).

Microscopically speaking (in terms of the type of Bismuth Fiber
used in the conducting medium) there is a non-linear phase shift
as a function of input power, which affects the bandwidth of de-
compression. The non-linearity is measured in (watt**-1)(km**-1),
for specific values of polarized radii. Each radii used in the
pulse sequence has a specific energy level attached to it that di-
rectly influences the amount of phase shift, or Delta(phi), which
is equal to g x L_eff*2(P_in), where (Delta)(phi) = phase shift,
g = effective fiber nonlinearity at a given wavelength = (2pi/L)
x (n_2 / A_eff) , where A_eff is the effective mode area, n_2 is
the nonlinear refractive index, and L is the wavelength). Each
fibre crossection is capable of handling 300 mW, so that an entire
fibre array of 1000 x 1000 fibres, with uniform intensity not ex-
ceeding 100 mW per mm2, could theoretically handle
(100)(3)((1000)(1000) = 300,000,000 watts! Thus the phase shift for
a larger array would still be the same for uniform intensity.

According to the gravitational theory of relativity, the photon
frequency (of atomic transition) does not change in gravitational
frequency. The resonance frequency for Bismuth is 16.23, 81.15, and
129.84 MHz., and so this frequency remains constant throughout
decompression of the atomic field, however the wavelength becomes
stretched and phase shifted proportionally to the amount of decom-
pression. Decompression of the g-force actually stretches the wave-
length of Bi-II 7th shell electrons, so that the decompressing g-
field is similar to an expanding balloon. As the spiral widens,
the relative proportions between coordinates remain fixed. An elec-
tron at time t_a with lambda = 0.92413 Angstrom wavelength will
have a stretched wavelength at some later time t_b given by l_b/l_a
= R(t_b)/ R(t_a), where "R" represents a power law expansion func-
tion. The expansion function is directly related to the widening
spiral for nuclear spacetime decompression, given some parameter
P_0= X(h)(km)/(sec)(parsec).

Negative time calculations between earth orbit and the asteroid Amun,
at 0.41 AU on November 16, 2008, indicate (0.41)149,597,870.691
kilometers = 61335126.98331 kilometers distance, which can be shrunk
by: x (in negative microseconds) = [(39.37 inches / meter) x ( 1000
meters / kilometer ) x ( 61335126.98331 kilometers ) x ( 1 foot / 12
inches )] / 985 ft. = 204,294,750 microseconds, or 204.294 seconds,
or 3 minutes and 24.294 seconds (The 985 number is the speed of light
in a vacuum in microseconds). Thus the amount of phase space that is
compressed (and alternatively stretched) is approximately a bit less
than 61,335,126.983 kilometers (for the compression) and the space-
craft width (for the stretched space). The standing wave part may be
approximately a few hundred feet before the "white hole" portal, be-
tween the magnetostricted ergosphere and the static limit of the
oblate fringefield.

The solution for dipole moment equation, mentioned earlier, uses the
phase relationship (wt) for determining phase angle for selected fre-
quencies. The energy required for these two conditions is solved for
using Tachyon particle theory for v > c:

E = (plus or minus) m_o c**2 / ( i [ ( v / c )**2 - 1 ]**(1 / 2)

Which is complex and could not be measured unless m_0 is imaginary,
using relativistic mass remains real even though rest mass is
It is important to note that time reversal occurs for negative energy
Tachyons, (but also that for positive energy, forward motion in time
occurs). By reverse engineering this value of time, an altered value
of k for calibrated negative values of time can range between the
velocity of light and the velocity of gravity, which has been estima-
ted to be 2 x 1010 times faster than c! Other terms that use the
Fourier transform to evaluate Newton's proportionality constant, such
as the Function of(change in Teslas), the Function of(phase shift over
time), and the aforementioned depth of dipole ( z_0 - z' ) could be
forced to accommodate the altered values of k, where Newton's propor-
tionality constant, that is equal to m_0 / 4(p) = 10**-7 henry per
meter, is used to vary the gravimetric properties of the ambient field.

This is accomplished by pulse chirping the change in capacitance
charge in a dielectric material that polarizes isotropically, using
"m" as equal to the total magnetic permeability, which is equal to
k_m m_0, where m_0 = magnetic permeability of free space (4(pi) x
10**-7 henry / m), and k_m = magnetic permeability of material in
henry / meter. Since the polarizability of some of the heavier ele-
ments is greater, the gravitic field, which exists outside the peri-
meter of the atom (up to 20.5A**3), can be magnified in such a way
that interplanetary space can be pinched off between distant locations
by altering the material's magnetic permeability k_m , in order to
change the total magnetic permeability, which is equal to k_m*m_0,
The polarizibility of a material is an integral part of spin one
vector fields from quantum theory, related by the terms: electron
charge raised to the power of the magnetic or dipole moment, in terms
of the momenta (or spin) of the boson particle and the symmetric
boson, which is equal to the 4 x 4 spin matrix times the fine struc-
ture constant, alpha = 1/137, or e**2 / 4(pi)hc, where e = elemen-
tary charge or 1.602 x 10**-16 Coulomb, h = Planck constant = 1.055
x 10**34 Jsec, and c = speed of light = 2.998 x 10**8 meter per second.


Oct 7, 2006, 12:21:30 AM10/7/06
Pulsing a quadrupolarized crystal for each set of *self-dual geometry
uses the general symbol PG(n,q), where PG represents the projective
geometry, n = number of dimensions (=2 for a polarized crystal in
the planar direction), and q = positive integral power of a prime
number. Fano's geometry for a plane in a polarized crystal is PG(2,2)
since there are three points on each line, INCLUDING THE ZERO POINT.
The total number of points in the formula for the geometry of Fano
is [q**(n+1)]/(q-1) = [(2**3) - 1]/1 = 7. For q = 2, the positive
"integral power" of a prime number is one resolved in 3-space (time
vector is for totally Lorenz covariance since it is an invariant
"world scalar" and is the generator of the particle motion with the
ordinary time t (in the spacetime continuum and not in space and time).
For q = 3, the Dirac Hamiltonian is not *totally* Lorentz covariant
since it is, in part, NOT an invariant "world scalar" and is the gen-
erator of the particle motion with the ordinary time t (in space and
time and not in the space-time continuum), However the ZERO POINT
MUST HANDLE THE DISCONNECT INTO the 4-space continuum when
the aforementioned four fermion spin components of gravitating negative

zero point energy [3 spin polarization oscillators + 1 oscillator (from

theory)] mentioned above, cancel each other out (in terms of the

gauge factors). However, the bosonic ones do not, hence the Hopf
mapping must be used in conjunction with Helmholtz gaussian pink
noise zero-time generation (within a white noise envelope) in order
to re-establish the (zero-time) reconnect, and degauss any resonance
formed between the fringefield and geodyne.

The ideal crystal geometry for pulsing an orthogonal sequence for
the exchange of covariance functions between bosons looks like a
pair of inverted triangles sharing the same centroid, but at dif-
ferent 4-space(s) and time for the (un)totally Lorentz covariant,
conversely, different space and time(s) for the 3-space and time(s)
for the invariant world scalar. From the topside, each base of the
tetrahedron overlapping the other appears to resemble the Star of
David. The *bases* of the two overlapping pyramidal structures are
the Sierpinski gaskets for each of space and time, and NOT the
UNIFIED spacetime (we've already got one of those!)

The metaphysical nature of the inverted triangles design represents,
for the intellect, a "vehicle of ascension" (Melchizedek). Here we
are talking about the bosonic activity alone which is an initiator
of deltronic, or rotating, inverted triangle, tetrahedral events
that rotate in opposite directions as electrical/male (looking
outwards, counterclockwise) and magnetic/female (looking outwards,
clockwise) in rotation ratios of 21/13, 34/21, 55/34, regardless of
the *speed* in which the rotations occur, but in Fibonacci numbers
approaching the "golden ratio". THIS IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT.
The "zero time generator" (3) discussed in a previous post, is a
programmable device that is unique for each individual's "polarity"
The electrical/male or "Sun" tetrahedron represents the "fathers"
energies given at conception while the magnetic/female or "Earth"
tetrahedron represent the "mothers" energies given at conception.

The substance connecting the domain of electric and magnetic mon-
opole substance comes from the domain of emotion, and is there-
fore labeled "deltronic", as human consciousness can activate
THROUGH INTENTION, The Deltron population, and modulate, or
SPEED UP, each of the aforementioned rotation ratios within
spin-1 bosonic substances, ex., elements with odd value of A and
Z possessing full shells plus single s-wave (1)valence electron
(i.e., Bi-IV). The electric and magnetic substances that are
unique in accelerating the rotations at the specific rotation
ratios are, respectively, called "d-space" and "r-space" through
which the "e-space" domain of Deltrons forms from a higher dimen-
sional substance, producing each of the monopolar substances,
tuned specifically to be, for all intents and purposes, in harmony
with the earth geodyne (g-polarized), or m-space, w/coherently
aligned spin axes, so that in a high strength magnetic field, the
pole orientation(s) are set like concrete. M-states are known to
occur in water, when treated with "magnetic traps" (using a ring
magnet), and water can contain a memory of the motion of mole-
cules that it once contained (2).

If it takes approximately 30 hours for a human blood cell to re-
lease most of its toxins during one half of the decompressing po-
larization time, then the quadrupolarized probe beam that decompres-
ses the fringefield of a Bi-IV atom could be alternately program-
med to detune from each local resonance at plus and minus 90 de-
grees per 30 hour time period. Why this might be important would
be in the case where radiative detoxification were important for
prolonged space travel, i.e. "zero time (3)" is easier to program
the conscious mind for extended stays in space when there are less
"side effects" (due to unipolarized decompression rather than quad-
rupolarized decompression).

How are SEVERAL ZERO TIMES programmed into a single fringefield?
Each zero time (ZT) programmed for renewal represents an inheri-
tance based upon an anchor point for e-neutrino crossing, at an
original ZT = 0 for all (ZT_1 + ZT_2 + ZT_3 + ZT_n) so that, for
example, using December 31, 1953 as a birth date, there are equal
amounts of -(365-1953) + (365+1953) for all ZT = 0.

The neutrino Compton wavelength of one micron, or the size of a
living cell and e-neutrinos, whose Compton radius as big as the
universe, allow access thru the ZPE (Zero Point Energy) through

* The plane dual of each true statement is a true statement for
the geometry. See

(1) Transverse wave perpendicular to the direction of propogation
of a photon. Also called a SHEAR wave. The s-wave threshold is
normally observed with a polarized (resonance) laser light
source, especially with a calibrated, tuned, and quadrupolarized
laser light source.

(2) When a circular magnetic assembly that rotates a magnetic field
in one direction (counterclockwise) for approximately 30 hours,
followed by a clockwise rotation for the same time period (30
hours), will produce a healing effect, removing toxins if drank
during the first thirty hours, followed by cell regeneration
the following thirty hours.

(3) Ref.

"I saw a light from heaven..."(Acts 26:13)


Oct 7, 2006, 12:27:00 AM10/7/06
Pulsing a quadrupolarized crystal for each set of *self-dual geometry
uses the general symbol PG(n,q), where PG represents the projective
geometry, n = number of dimensions (=2 for a polarized crystal in
the planar direction), and q = positive integral power of a prime
number. Fano's geometry for a plane in a polarized crystal is PG(2,2)
since there are three points on each line, INCLUDING THE ZERO POINT.
The total number of points in the formula for the geometry of Fano
is [q**(n+1)]/(q-1) = [(2**3) - 1]/1 = 7. For q = 2, the positive
"integral power" of a prime number is one resolved in 3-space (time
vector is for totally Lorenz covariance since it is an invariant
"world scalar" and is the generator of the particle motion with the
ordinary time t (in the spacetime continuum and not in space and time).
For q = 3, the Dirac Hamiltonian is not *totally* Lorentz covariant
since it is, in part, NOT an invariant "world scalar" and is the gen-
erator of the particle motion with the ordinary time t (in space and
time and not in the space-time continuum), However the ZERO POINT
MUST HANDLE THE DISCONNECT INTO the 4-space continuum when
the aforementioned four fermion spin components of gravitating negative

zero point energy [3 spin polarization oscillators + 1 oscillator (from

theory)] mentioned above, cancel each other out (in terms of the


Oct 14, 2006, 9:19:54 PM10/14/06



The characteristics of establishing a pulse probe sequencing
program for a 24 dimensional elliptical modular grid is a
function of the mass centroids, amplitude, and pulsing fre-
quency. More importantly, degaussing the probe beam with
white gaussian noise preserves the integrity of the Schumann
geodyne between continuous pole locations on the earth, as
well as the celestial grid. By "continuous" pole locations,
we mean either positive magnetic or negative magnetic, with
no mixing of each for a single geodymic transversal. By un-
derstanding the complete mapping of the earth's geodyne at
every resolution between departure and arrival locations,
we can map out a smoother translation with sharper resolution
and buffered transients with frequency and noise filters, re-
spectively. In the golden spiral diagram, the red and dark
grey lines show the symmetry of each part of the spiral, as
it rotates into the center of the page. When rotating towards
the center, we say that the spiral has "negative" curvature.
When the spiral rotates from the point closest to the center
of the page outward, we say that the spiral has "positive"
curvature. The blue half-circles represent what quadrant the
spiral is in, i.e., sectors I thru IV contain three complete
rotations of the spiral, making up 26 different "quadrants:

The points A, B, C, and D represent the first four (of five)
elliptical mass centroids that would appear for a spiral with
this particular resolution. In other words, the outermost
part of the spiral that rotates thru the first 180 degrees has
a matching counterpart (of the same size and shape) curve that
creates a perfect ellipse if it is inverted and rotated 180
degrees, and joined end-to-end with the first curve. Each
successive number in the Fibonacci sequence corresponds to a
smaller and smaller rectangle that seems to orient itself clo-
ser and closer towards the center of the page with sharper
resolution. Note that we have been speaking about inwardly di-
rected self-organization. Degaussing the resonance using a
white gaussian noise filter is inwardly directed. The order
of programming the pulse sequencing for initiating lift and
directional movement is outwardly directed self-organization.

The bandwidth of operation depends upon the frequencies of the
Bi-II 7th shell electrons, which correspond to the LIIIPIIPIII
shell(s) at 0.92413 angstroms at 13.4159 keV. The inelastic
scattering threshold for resonance neutron capture is 901 keV.
Inelastic scattering means that there is no recoil of the
neutron, i.e., the pulse probe is programmable at a frequency
and amplitude that is between the values of neutron resonance
capture (901 keV) and the neutron separation energy (4604.635
keV). Above inelastic scattering, which is above 901 keV, there
is elastic scattering, which involves the absorption (and e-
mission) of virtual photons as electrons in order to replace
the electrons that become radiated as a result of the polarized
pulse sequencing. Polarization means aligning the centroids in
either a horizontal or vertical direction. The above diagram
indicates vertical polarization. Positive or negative vertical
polarization means that the centroids are located above or be-
low the horizontal axis. Positive or negative horizontal po-
larization means that the centroids are located to the right
or the left of the vertical axis. Decompression of the g-force
actually stretches the wavelength of Bi-II 7th shell electrons,
so that the decompressing g-field is similar to an expanding

balloon. As the spiral widens, the relative proportions between

coordinates remain fixed. An electron at time t_a with l =

0.92413 Angstrom wavelength will have a stretched wavelength
at some later time t_b given by l_b/l_a = R(t_b)/ R(t_a), where

"R" represents a power law expansion function. The expansion

function is directly related to the widening spiral for nuclear

spacetime decompression, given some parameter P_0= c(h)(km)/


Oct 25, 2006, 9:23:11 PM10/25/06

The initial value for "R1" in the above program is expressed
in radians. Since "radians" is a relative term that is also
expressed in terms of another "primitive" value for R that is
not given in the program, we have a programmed value of R1
for a function that is expressed in terms of "radians" for
the output (i.e., the first statement of

R1=S**(0.25*2.0*3.1415926535897932). This "circular" di-
mention for the radius could be divided by itself to give a value
of unity (R1=1) for the first iteration, but this would only in-

troduce confusion into the explanation for the "resolution"
of the expanding spiral. There are two types of phase shifts

at work here: One is the "rotational" phase shift, that is de-
pendent upon a single, outermost centroid of angular momentum

decompression for the negatively charged dipole, and the other

is the "wobbling" phase-shifted ellipsoid, which represents

the positively polarized probe pulse charge "offset". This

positively polarized probe pulse charge "offset" is dependent

upon (2) successive centroids in the decompression sequence.
The "resolution", therefore, for a particular polarization,
depends upon the particular outermost, initial "starting"
centroid with its respective ellipsoid "offset". Note that
the above described "circular" dimension for the radius is
an initial "offset" for the decompression sequence, and can

be taken to mean either a horizontal or vertical
polarization "offset".


Oct 29, 2006, 10:12:17 PM10/29/06
The subtle truth about nuclear propulsion is for the
allowed proliferation of nuclear technology for peaceful
means of economic competition, in terms of energy and space
exploration, rather than for weaponry or defense. The idea
of defense only exists between idealogues whose claim is
that the only protection for a nation is its armour, in
order to resist an enemy attack. Although the peaceful use
of nuclear technology for propulsion is closer to establishing
national economic isolationism than it is for geopolitical
expansionism, telecommunications has revolutionized global
non-brick-and-mortar advances in intelligence gathering more
for geopolitical gain than it has for entrepreneurial inde-
pendence in the national economy. As such, nuclear propulsion
advances the mineral wealth between competing economies
whose infusion of capital depends more on multinational in-
dependence than transnationalist tyranny.

In order to clear affected areas of hostile takeover and before
an enemy strike can be adversely effective, remote access to
satellite communication can act as an early warning system for
an approaching army or missle attack. This makes an offensive war
and the act of war itself, an act of terrorism. Who is on the
offensive in Iraq? An example of defensive action would be that
the United States is involved in a long term geopolitical stra-
tegy to promote and enhance the technological initiative for
Iraq to build its own infrastructure, including military, in
order to promote humanitarianism, rather than to become the focus
of an "axis of evil" over all the oil resources in the region.
Is it destabilizing for the people of Iraq to assume that Amer-
icans are a bunch of invalidators when it comes to economic ap-
peasement? Maybe to the old regime, but not the new one.

The global non-brick-and-mortar advances have effectively sub-
tracted out a great part of the U.S. national economy, unless
one is referring to the peaceful use of nuclear energy. This
is the beginning of a national-based-for-security-reasons and
home-based geopolitical "terminal phase" economic technology,
as opposed to the globalist "boost phase" of international eco-
nomic appeasement. An effective prosecuting UN of transnation-
alism against American ingenuity promotes offensive appeasements
internationally than robust economics nationally. Franklin
Delanor Roosevelt stated during WWII "The only thing we have to
fear is fear itself", but doesn't this fear today, circa 2006,
relate to the economic geopolitical globalization from a dumbed
down war machine, remnant of earlier times? Nuclear propulsion
that uses friendly nukes is a thing of the past if the only
dominion for development becomes internationally based. In the
same ratio that nuclear propulsion is able to percolate innova-
tion into newer, international percolations of associated tech-
nology, there seems to be a demonstrable invalidation of enabl-
ing technologies that are geared to make it NOT happen. One
reason might be that the video generation has become so entranced
with war games, that war games themselves have become prop-
oganda machines for real conventional warfare internationally.

Although imaginative and entrancing, these propoganda machines
do not promote ingenuity and creativity. The end result for
the user is a mind numbed robot, directed thru the manipulator-
ium of shock and awe for virtual realities. There is never a
single fathom of carbon based life for the line drawn in the
sand with both sides being a silicon chip!

"In all life one should comfort the afflicted but verily, also,
one should afflict the comfortable, especially when they are
comfortably, contentedly, even happily wrong."
- J.K. Galbraith, Economist, 1989


Nov 2, 2006, 9:44:58 PM11/2/06
There is always a question raised about "What would
happen if a person was able to travel back in time and
kill his grandfather? Wouldn't he be violating causality?
Many awkward observations of this problem include nonsen-
sical explanations that since A affects B, and B affects
C, then A also affects C in a "timeline" or sequence of
events. But time, as it exists in the fifth to twenty-
sixth dimension (Bosonic string theory) does not continue
as a line from the past to the present, but in the fifth
dimension as an elementary particle field of foam bubble
universes that may or may not be connected with each other
via four of the eight different types of strings: Bosonic
w/tachyons, Bosonic/Fermionic w/out tachyons and closed
loop strings, Bosonic/Fermionic w/out tachyons and open
loop strings, Bosonic/Fermionic w/out tachyons and closed
loop strings (non-chiral), Bosonic/Fermionic w/out tac-
hyons and closed loop strings (chiral), Bosonic w/out tac-
hyons (heterotic-right), Bosonic w/out tachyons (heterotic-
left), Bosonic/Fermionic w/out tachyons (heterotic-right),
and Bosonic/Fermionic w/out tachyons (heterotic-left).

The Bosonic theory with tachyons presently is the only
theory to have 26 dimensions, the others have exactly 10
dimensions each. The latest form of the string theory,
the matrix theory, has eleven dimensions - the eleventh
being supergravity. This recent theory lacks precise equa-
tions of motion. However, it is similar to the string
theory in all but the way it utilizes compactification.
Eleven dimensions are compactified into four.

Imagine a foam of universes that vibrate actively or pas-
sively, depending on whether vibrations are absorbed and
become mass, or radiate and eventually add to a harmonic,
tending towards resonance. An open string may connect to a
'mirror' universe that vibrates in harmony with our own,
this being our sister universe, from Bosonic string theory.

That mirror universe would have similarities to our own,
almost exactly, except for stress energy created by inter-
universal massless charge, or crosstalk. Contrary to moral
law, one may kill his grandfather, but doesn't fully realize
that he has committed a heinious act by creating a negative
stress energy in the spatio-temporal vacuum that would pre-
vent him from existing within the future channel mirror
universe to begin with. Now, he will not vibrate in the
future channel mirror universe, because he has killed his
grandfather. Instead, the universe he has come from ori-
ginally will impose, however small, a negative stress energy
within the future channel mirror universe he now resides in.
But how many universes are there or how far must one run
to still percieve this universe as One? According to
Bosonic string theory, we have only one sister universe,
which is beyond the sixth dimension, or the contraturn of
matter, and occupies the seventh thru twelfth dimensions.
It is a mirror image of our own, and can be altered, but
exacts consequences in doing so, by creating positive or
negative stress energy (via superscalar time wave imposed
on genetic predispositioning) within the past or future
channel mirror universe, either by: 1) Mirroring to our
own universe (through a stressed supersymmetry matrix), or
2) Our own past or future mirroring to our sister universe,
but out of harmony, and in all likelihood, unresonant
and unsympathetic.

William Elliot

Nov 2, 2006, 11:40:37 PM11/2/06
On Thu, 2 Nov 2006, American wrote:

> There is always a question raised about "What would
> happen if a person was able to travel back in time and
> kill his grandfather? Wouldn't he be violating causality?

No, he and family will would have disappeared and the event never
happened. For best results, he should pick off Bush's grandfather.


Nov 4, 2006, 6:30:30 AM11/4/06

You're obviously distorting the drama I had intended in the original
post with your drive-by comment. Silly child. What can you do
for your country that involves a little more virtue?

Please leave George W. Bush alone.


Nov 5, 2006, 3:03:49 PM11/5/06

Yet it would be wrong to admit defeat with transnationalist energy
supremacy with only a neo-revolutionary spur limited to familiar
'fin de siecle' psychologies. The populist mentality today can
only have a dumbing down effect on the status quo, since creature
comforts that are located around major economic hubs of monetary
exchange (populated areas) have become a more important issue
than attempting to change the creeping nationalism of transnationist
trade. While national markets were selling out to East Asian and
Chinese interests, no accomodation is being given towards energy
restructuring, which is taboo/nondisclosure as far as the inside-the-
beltway PAC mentality scheme of things manifests itself.

The national result is a dumbing down of a replacement class of
historical artifact technologies, packaged lifestyles, malevolent
capitalism, increasing temptation for corporate cheating instead
of new research and development, and continued political fracturing
and misrepresentation. Populism becomes survivalist when the
freedom to invest in dangerous technology becomes threatened.
Yet political spin games between parties causes the original
intent (of responsible use of technology) to become distorted
and misrepresented. Thus the rule of the day becomes only
a luke warm response to the unheard or unanswered question,
When will a hierarchy of responsible need per capita be protected
from taxing authorities, welfare statism, and bureaucratic
overregulation? When and with whom will independence be served?


Nov 5, 2006, 9:52:43 PM11/5/06
The Planck scale is an internal parameter of the basic wave
equations generating the "elementary" particles as vacuum
excitations. It manifests itself only as a parameter of the back-
ground gravitational field, similar to a refraction phenomenon.
Correspondences between the spacing of the prime numbers
and the spacing of energy levels is revealing in that it myster-
iously indicates what Boole said about mathematics: That math-
ematics is primarily not about numbers, but structures. In fact,
the hypercube represents a system that, when quantized, has
energy levels that are distributed exactly as the prime numbers.
In fact, for 4 dimensional spacetime, you can do a lattice check-
erboard with Quaternionic integers (each vertex with 24 nearest
neighbors). But 4 dimensional Quaternions don't quite work for all
4 forces of physics.

At each future time there is a 2-sphere S2 of possible points, so
this generalization leads to a continuous range of light-cone paths,
not a discrete choice when simply attempting to navigate hyper-
space via tunneling ! The continuous range of light cone paths
leads to past or future parallel universes, causing resonance that
requires high energy damping as a result. The 8-dimensional
Octonionic lattice will give you all 4 forces of physics (gravitation,
electromagnetism, strong nuclear force (holds protons and atomic
nuclei together), weak nuclear force (radioactive decay and acts
over) and it naturally breaks down into a 4 dimensional Hyper-
Diamond physical spacetime lattice and an internal symmetry lattice.
For the spacetime lattice, a metric connection gauge theory is con-
structed from an SL(N,C) connection field, or w_m .

An internal symmetry lattice, or metric field q is assumed to be
Hermitian, meaning that there is a group of polynomials having
orthogonal properties on infinite intervals, which are also positive
definite. From these equations the field strength and covariant
derivative of q are calculated, and then the theory is given by the
Lagrangian, which may be decomposed into two pieces,
w_m = iA_m + B_m. The Am gauges the SU(4) subgroup which
commutes with charge q at a given point. The Bm that generates
the remaining components is called the metric non-compatible
part of the connection. It is convenient to choose the charge q = 1,
which reduces the specific gauge invariance to an SU(4) subgroup.

For the SU(4) gauge field, the group of quaternions
{+/-1, +/-i, +/-j, +/-k} form the 8 vertices of a 16-cell 4-dimensional

crystal. The diagram on the right is slightly rotated from the
diagram on the left:

hence the spin factor in a Klein 4-group. Note that the 4-element
Dihedral group (2,2,2) is a Klein 4-group. (Take the same red, blue,
or green line from each diagram and notice their translation). But
since this 4 dimensional HyperDiamond lattice version of the
D4-D5-E6-E7-E8 physics model is fundamentally a Planck Scale
HyperDiamond Lattice (Generalized Feynman Checkerboard)
model, it DOES violate Lorentz Invariance at the Planck Scale,
affecting Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays! Even so, there does
exist a pertubatively sensible class of metric-connection grav-
itational theories, particularly because the decoupling of the metric
and connection at high energy may allow the theory to scale at
high energies without the need for higher derivative instabilities.

Because of the situation that occurs during resonance, graviton
flux accelerates to the point where the Ultra High Frequencies of
Cosmic Rays induce critical mass at a specific frequency between
particle and anti-particle, causing annhilation. To avoid this is to
construct a laser-activated lense using quaternic semi-conducting
crystals that are electronic superlattice RF transparent structures.
The projected field can then be connected avoiding the frequency
resonance described above.


Nov 9, 2006, 9:54:28 PM11/9/06
These formulas allow you to compute the volume of a sphere
for any dimension, and would be valuable for realizing stretch-
ed space in a four dimensional space time continuum when k = 4.
Vectorially speaking, since the radius of a four dimensional
sphere can be described by the distance between its origin and
endpoint given by: lP1P2l = sqrt ( (x2 - x1) + (y2 - y1) + (z2 - z1)
+ (w2 - w1) ) we can now calculate the volume of the four dimen-
sional sphere using the radius r in the following formula:

V = p**[ k / 2 * r**k ] / ( k / 2 ) !
for even dimensions of k, and

V = p**[ k - 1) / 2 ] * m! * 2** [ (k+1) * r** k ] / ( k + 1 ) !
for odd dimensions of k, where m = ( k + 1 ) / 2.

Actually, the volume of the hypersphere reaches a maximum in the
24th dimension, when the volume begins to decrease gradually to
zero as the dimension increases. Why be interested in the volume
of a hypersphere? Probably since at quantum energy levels, four
dimensional volume and three dimensional continuation in hyper-
time become interchangeable. So what is the value of (w2 - w1)
or hypertime? In harmonic resonance theory, each successive
Planck time interval, is equal to 0.5 x 10**-43sec. A hyperspatial
representation of this would look like a constant (directionally
negatively curved) point on the spiral that circumventing a torus,
where the spiral represents the result of a continuous 4 dimen-
sional negative curvature trace that becomes 'inscribed' on a 5
dimensional torus of time during hyperdimensional translation.

"Hyperdimensional" takes into account a "hypersurface" of
constant curvature, as in a single crossection of the torus men-
tioned above, the thickness of a Planck interval, 0.5 x 10**-43sec.
There are inner and outer zones of radius R, where R represents
the boundary of integration for which field and source (or pole)
variables are evaluated at a reversed time u.

Actually, a reversed time u becomes present at the center of mass
hypersurface positive pole future null cone that terminates at a
past harmonic null cone of the field point on a world line torus
of time. My rendition of this geometrically looks like the diagram
shown below:

The cancellation of R dependent terms can be demonstrated ex-
plicitly between the inner and outer integrals (near and far zone)
field points. At each iteration step, from just inside the boundary
of the near zone out into the far zone, the source stress
energy tensor:

can be decomposed into terms of the form:

where u = t - r is reversed time, and ^n**< L > is a STF (sym-
metric, trace-free) product of unit radial vectors. The inner
integral is given with multipole moment, and is examined as:

that is

where the subscript (m) denote m reversed time derivatives,
and where

The bottom formula represents the gravitational constant G which
becomes modified by the terms q (summation variable), m (reversed
time derivative), r ' = t' - u', where t' is the future null cone
and u' < u - 2R, with u = t - r ( u being the reverse time, t =
near zone world tube (torus) time, and r = radius of the region
exterior to the near zone (radiation zone) with r > R, where R
denotes the characteristic reduced wavelength of gravitational
radiation, lambda = lambda / 2 (pi) ~ S / v = R*B is the frequency
component, L is used to identify radial vector trace-free (STF)
products (of the Legendre polynomial type), and Q repres(ents a
tensor of rank Q, e.g., f **Q = f**i1, i2, . Multiplying
out the above matrix yields the following results:
[ R**( 3 + q - B + m) / ( 3 + q - B + m ) ] [ 3 + q - B + m ] -
( ln R )[ 3 + q - B + m ], where the first product of this
formula represents a scalar (=0) and the second product
represents a vector.

The value of the gravitational constant, C in the formula
C = 2GM now has constant mass M but an altered gravitational
constant G per these formula.


Nov 16, 2006, 10:28:38 PM11/16/06

An adaptation of the recent publications concerning detection of
precious metal isotopes is presented along with a block diagram
of equipment used (above). Remote detection of precious metals
in the asteroids would utilize a robotic flyby to assess the
qualitative nature of the surface of a NEA asteroid without
having to land the spacecraft to take extraneous samples of
regolith. Robotic landers are deemed unnecessary for purposes
of opening the window of opportunity for precious metal mining
of the asteroids. Two papers used for reference in this study
are at the bottom. It can be understood that from a feasibility
study, a measurement system from Monte-Carlo simulation can
be adapted for use in a robotic flyby of an NEA asteroid. Models
include total gamma quanta distribution and pulse height spectrum
of precious metal in asteroidal regolith, along with a Gamma Rate
Detector for remote observation.

The gamma quanta distribution in regolith takes the form:

G(x,y,E_i,E,cos)=Integral [P( E_i,x-x',y-y',h,E )rho(h)dx'dy'dh]

where P( E_i , x-x', y-y',h,E ) dx'dy'dh is the pointed source
function (known), with E_i being the initial gamma quantum energy,
E being the final gamma quantum energy, rho(h) is the concentra-
tion of precious metal solved for, knowing the gamma quanta
energy distribution for a specific flyby elevation, H_specific,
at any of the activation energies of either a gold or platinum

In reference (1) step 2 lists using the EGS-4 Code from reference
(3), using a distribution N ( E, cos(theta)) N_1 quanta are
"generated uniformly on the bottom and collateral borders of
detector and their spectrum of deposited energy N_loss(E) is
determined. Then the pulse height spectrum is calculated due
to the formula

N_i(a_i , E) = integral [ N_loss(a_i , E)/sqroot[2(pi)(rho)(E')]
* exp[(E - E')2 / 2(rho)2E']dE'

where a_i is the parameter of isotopes distribution, rho(E) is
the function depending on the detector specific properties.


1. Calculation the concentrations of radioactive isotopes and
parameters of their distribution in soil for airborne gamma
ray spectrometer system - D. N. Matsukevich, A.I. Borodich,
A.A. Khrutchinsky and A.M. Belov, Institute of Nuclear Problems,
Belarussian State University, St. Bobruiskaya 11, Minsk, 220050,
Republic of Belarus

2. Electronic Dose Conversion Technique Using a NaI(Tl) Detector
for Assessment of Exposure Dose Rate from Environmental Radiation
- Gyuseong Cho and Ho Kyung Kim, Korea Advanced Institute of
Science and Technology, Taejon 305-701 Korea, and Heegon Woo
and Gilhwan Oh, Korea Electric Power Research Institute, Taejon
305-380 Korea, and Dal Kyu Ha, Samchand Enterprise Company,
Anyang 431-060 Korea

3. W.R. Nelson, H.Hirayama, D.W.Rogers. The EGS-4 Code System.
SLAC-Report-265, 1985. 383p. (SLAC = Stanford Linear Accelerator)


Nov 27, 2006, 10:13:56 PM11/27/06
A properly calibrated gamma ray sensor chip converts the
energy of the X-rays to an electric pulse, then to be
preprocessed and stored in a readout chip. Calibration
inputs, measured in fC, are used corresponding to the
transition energies generated in silicon. Picture elements,
or pixels, give the x-y position of the incoming X-ray.
Depending on the digital responsivity and data transfer rate,
resolution is sharpest for photobit's PB-1024 CMOS image sensor.

The readout chip would, logically, not be part of the
electronics of the *GAMS flyby. The reason for this is because
common pixellated scintillators cannot resolve energy for tuning
the close band frequencies between molecular transition shells.
Signals recieved at the GAMS would consist of two arrays. The
first being an 18 X 20 array of position sensitive photo-
multiplier tubes in a 1.5m2 focal plane with a position reso-
lution of ~1 X 104mm. The reason for such a small imaging area
is so that individual molecules of precious metal may indicate
the presence of a larger field for mining; also if a spectacular
number of spectrographic hits were to exceed a count rate ap-
proaching approximately one thousand molecular crystals, a
second array consisting of an 18 X 20 array of **PSPMT's in a
1.5m**2 focal plane with a position resolution of ~1 X 10**5mm
would continue mapping; and again programmed to limitations
similar to the circuitry of a detection processor:


Thin Scintillators and Position Sensitive Photomultiplier Tubes
for Hard X-ray Imaging in Space R.A. Kroeger, J.E. Grove, S.E.
Inderhees, W.N. Johnson, R.L. Kinzer, J.D. Kurfess, B.P. Philips,
Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C. 20375, Universities
Space Research Association, Washington, DC CMOS Image Sensors,