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Sylvia Else

Jun 19, 2022, 12:34:15 AMJun 19
On 19-June-22 2:15 pm, Yosemite Sam wrote:
> On 19/06/2022 1:53 pm, Yosemite Sam wrote:
>> On 19/06/2022 1:43 pm, Sylvia Else wrote:
>>> On 19-June-22 12:20 pm, Yosemite Sam wrote:
>>>> On 18/06/2022 10:54 pm, Sylvia Else wrote:
>>>>> On 18-June-22 8:11 pm, Yosemite Sam wrote:
>>>>>> On 18/06/2022 6:53 pm, Sylvia Else wrote:
>>>>>>> On 18-June-22 4:51 pm, Yosemite Sam wrote:
>>>>>>>> On 18/06/2022 3:33 pm, Yosemite Sam wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Foxtel have ceased their cable service. It would be nice if
>>>>>>>>> they told their customers tho, as I had to ring to find out why
>>>>>>>>> I had no picture. the good news is they give you a new IQ5 box
>>>>>>>>> that runs off the internet for free. Bad news is I have no
>>>>>>>>> foxtel until I get it.
>>>>>>>> problem solved. I have a PC connected to the main TV so I can
>>>>>>>> watch foxtel in a browser with Foxtel Go
>>>>>>> Are they still showing advertisements in the middle of content
>>>>>>> that you're paying for?
>>>>>> yes. they show advertisements in everything except movies, afaik.
>>>>>> I guess if there were no ads the subscription would be much
>>>>>> higher. however, with any show that's live, you can restart it by
>>>>>> pressing the red button so you can skip ads. you can also schedule
>>>>>> record or download shows to do the same. find what you want to
>>>>>> save using search including voice search, on actors or movie
>>>>>> titles, or from the menues. btw, it was reported in the media
>>>>>> recently that Netflix is considering inserting ads into their
>>>>>> content.
>>>>> Netflix is considering offering lower subscriptions to those
>>>>> willing to accept ads. I don't think Netflix is insane enough to
>>>>> think they can just inflict ads on their existing subscribers.
>>>> how would that work then from their end? would they run two servers
>>>> one with ads and one without? btw, the two options foxtel offer are
>>>> an IQ4 via satellite or an IQ5. however the IQ5 box has no FTA
>>>> channels so an external antenna is needed for them, which is not a
>>>> problem for me.
>>> I'm sure they run multiple servers anyway, but I don't see that that
>>> would be needed just to insert advertisements into a stream. It would
>>> depend on a data item in their subscriber database. If it's ads=yes,
>>> then ads get inserted. If it's ads=no, then they don't.
>> Ok
> so the plan will be to hack their database. I'm sure keefy can help with
> that.  :)

Given that that's unlawful anyway, there must be more lucrative ways of
exploiting hacking skills. I'd be willing to subsidise someone's Netflix
subscription if they can demonstrate that they've hacked into Russia and
undermined it's war effort.


Sylvia Else

Jun 19, 2022, 1:16:12 AMJun 19
On 19-June-22 2:34 pm, Sylvia Else wrote:


OK, I have no idea how that post ended up here. As far as I can see, I
was replying to a post that did not have this group specified as a
follow-up. If there's an accidental way of adding a group to a reply,
I'm not aware of it.

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