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Jun 7, 2022, 7:55:11 AMJun 7
At the end per la serie “Zappe sui piedi” In fact Alain Fournier (June 3 2022) says :-) If Newton's third law didn't apply to Lorentz force in any significant way, then CERN's particle accelerator would run into serious trouble.

Mi dispiace Mr. Fournier qualcuno ha commesso l’errore di dirlo :-)

PNN (violating III newton principle ) violates momentum conservation in the sum rule such as in COLLIDERS

Gothalist International are busy inventing some new bullshit that seems likely to save the comic trumpets ... or Sylvia from complete paranoia :-)

.... or rather escape as the knowledgeable gothalists do (Serni, Cesaretti)

or alternatively to hang up the usual desperate tape .... that the pnn does not fly :-)

After all, the rockets show that they were invented by Hitler: suitable only for killing themselves on earth or over short distances (war in ukraine) .... if you expand the scenario to the Moon or to Mars you can only use them to play with robots ..... controlling the enslaved media .... otherwise they notice it

and Rotfl

Comment by Doctor Who ASPS Researcher ““Silvia, rimembri ancora quel tempo della tua vita mortale…” :-)

e lallo

And at the end quello che nessuno vuol verificare : l’esistenza di forze di Lorentz tra circuiti aperti in UHF

Infatti data la parte teorica

..........from www.asps.it
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