Cesaretti and Tajmar soon on Research Gate and elsewhere when ready 😊

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pnn calmagorod

May 29, 2022, 5:41:39 PMMay 29

In a more voluminous PNN Paper than the following 😊
[Poor gothalist mugged also in the part of main donkeys with a bang with the PNN 😊]
In my shameless defense and of the PNN I used the same procedure that the Nobel H. Lorentz used to take him experimentally with his "Lorentz Force" his nobel …….
that for the greatest bad luck of Tajmar and Cesaretti (and the gothalists) did not use NEITHER THE VACUUM CHAMBER, NOR THE TORSIONAL SCALE of the Dresden University. 😊
Which describes exactly their conceit and nonsense of charlatans that excludes from scientific truth those who do not experiment with their equipment.
Except that ops ..ops someone has made certain experiments before them and has also been ennobled with "hand-made" drawings ... which have bypassed all the "goalkeepers" of Dresden University 😊
Where the 1949 text by Perucca duly reports for the HISTORY of physics and not for what Cesaretti pretends
Charlatans nonsense would exclude from truth those who experiment with similar and better equipment (those of PNN (electronic scales)) than those of Lorentz described here.
If not that ops ..ops someone, for their bad luck he made them before them and was also ennobled with "handmade" designs
In fact, Cesaretti "...." bray in a few threads ago (it will be with the link!)

"Specifically about poor Martin, who who knows how happy he will be to be nominated in such a forum of brains, I had already written that a hand-made drawing uploaded to a website of the menga certainly cannot be taken as a basis for an attempt of reply. "

Here are thousands of drawings made "well" by hand http://www.asps.it/peruccaeligio.jpg before the two snacks were born and made by those who DISCOVER something about electromagnetism
(everything we use today !!!!)
and NOT made with CAD ………… where they…. Tajmar and friends of a snack at Cesaretti, in practice with their saccenza do not discover UNFORTUNATELY
plus an "ECaTZO" !!!
to put it to Rossi…. 😊
But this is inessential for the purpose of the deception that is at the basis of looking good ... ... naturally vacuum-packed 😊

E. Laureti

Dean Markley

May 31, 2022, 7:21:37 AMMay 31
Well, that's a lot of incoherent nonsense.

pnn calmagorod

Jun 1, 2022, 11:05:41 AMJun 1
Emidio, a DOI on Research Gate
was successfully generated for your file:

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.29032.14087

PNN per Tajmar e Cesaretti

Experiment Findings

Filename: PNN per Tajmar e Cesaretti.docx

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