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Douglas Eagleson

Jun 5, 2022, 12:29:14 PMJun 5
I once proposed to National Geographic a project. It was to be a geographical survey of the exact high noon point on the Earth. Entailing things like detecting clock, gps, weight, gravity, color?, air pressure, object acceleration via geotropic vertical cesium atomic clock path, radio distortion.

I proposed finding a lead scientist and my job in logistics. The high noon is moving at about the speed of Earth rotation. Designed with a resolution as high as practical. In meters? They politely passed it over.

I have a continuing interest in moon theory.

Another interesting issue. Charting the high earth/moon orbits. These are called by names such a L1. There is an L orbit on the far side of the moon.
Theoretically you can park a satellite in this orbit and it will sit there even as the moon orbits the earth.

At this day in age I hope Space command will monitor this orbit for foreign military satellites.

The high noon point on the far side of the moon stays constant? If so I would want a geographic survey at this moon base.

I have a continuing proposal. Put a robot moon base there and make solar sails on the moon's surface. The sail could be boosted straight up through this L orbit. It would calmly exit the earth moon system into the solar system. Can the sun's emission field be used to power the sail's attitude?

What is the best reflector for this sail? Given moon surface robot construction?

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