Stage 0 landings

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JF Mezei

Dec 12, 2021, 8:46:50 PM12/12/21
Considering that Stage 0 (launch pad) is complex and takes time to
build, how manu launches with destructive anding would be attempted
before attempting a landing of either starship or booster on Stage 0 ?

Would landing of the booster happen much sooner than Starship (in terms
of risks to the stage 0).

or are we likely to see mini landing legs on booster and starship for
early landing attempts in order to not waste so many engines?

If you need say 10 booster launches of 30 engines that are lost to see,
itr means SpacxeX needs to build 300 non reusable engines before
attempting a landing at stateg 0 and that puts Musk's "bankruptcy"
statement in perspective because getting booster and starship to
re-usable state is likely a priority, but the whole Stage 0 thing will
greatly delay this since they can't risk early landings until they are
damned sure it can savely be caught bby stage 0 arms.


Dec 13, 2021, 5:49:45 PM12/13/21
Watch this space, where JF Mezei advised that...
I'd say the answer depends on how quickly the Raptors and plumbing
become reliable. Guidance is not the problem ... Ships 8-15 were all
spot on.


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