Jonathan's Space Report, No. 241

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Jonathan McDowell

May 22, 1995, 3:00:00 AM5/22/95
Jonathan's Space Report
No. 241 1995 May 22 Cambridge, MA


STS-70 is scheduled for Jun 8.

Congratulations to Mike Cassutt who not only found all eight answers to
my astronaut challenge last week, but trumped me with two more I didn't
know about. The first person to fly in space having previously
changed their name was Vladimir Dzhanibekov, who was born Vladimir Krysin.


EO-18 cosmonauts Vladimir Dezhurov and Gennadiy Strekalov carried out
their second spacewalk on May 17. A solar array was removed from the
Kristall module and transferred to the Kvant module; however, they were
unable to attach it properly, and it is lashed to the mounting with
string and sticky tape or the equivalent. A third spacewalk on May 22
appears to have been successful.

The Spektr TKM-O module was launched from Baykonur on May 20. Spektr
carries an array of remote sensing instruments including the Grif,
Astra, Taurus and Oktava-Pion sensors in the main TKS based module and
the Oktava-Lira/Buton, Faza, and Elis sensors on the equipment truss. It
also carries a small manipulator arm and a small science airlock for
deploying materials exposure canisters. The module is based on the
military TKS spacecraft which was first tested in 1977. The O module (as
Spektr is also known) will attempt to dock with Mir on June 1. It will
join the similar D module (Kvant-2) and the T module (Kristall).

TKS class flights:

Launch Spacecraft Cargo
1977 Jul Kosmos-929 Merkur spaceship
1981 Apr Kosmos-1267 Merkur spaceship
1983 Mar Kosmos-1443 Merkur spaceship
1985 Sep Kosmos-1686 Military payload
1987 Mar Kvant SB Kvant module
1987 May Polyus Polyus spacecraft
1989 Nov Kvant-2 Airlock module
1990 May Kristall Docking module

Recent Launches

Intelsat 706 was launched on May 17 by an Ariane 44LP rocket. This launch
marked the second use of the improved H-10-III third stage. Intelsat 706
was built by Space Systems/Loral. On May 18 it was in a 4376 x 35791 km x 4.0 deg
transfer orbit.

The DC-X has returned to flight at White Sands, making a 2 minute,
1 km apogee flight on May 16.

Reports indicate that the classified USA 110 satellite probably entered
geostationary orbit.

Geostationary satellite movements

Intelsat 506 left its 50.0W station in early May to begin an eastward
drift; TDRS 3 left its 171.5W station on May 1, drifting at 2 deg per
day. On May 19 it was at 108E; Brasilsat B2 has moved from 60.8W to
65.0W; the Raduga satellite 1994-12A has begun to drift west from its
45.8 deg E station. Gorizont satellite 1989-04A is at 34.1 deg E.
Meteosat 4 was moved off station at 8W around May 10.

Table of Recent Launches
Date UT Name Launch Vehicle Site Mission INTL.

Apr 3 1348 Orbcomm 1 ) Pegasus/L1011 VAFB/PAWA Comsat 17A
Orbcomm 2 ) Comsat 17B
Microlab 1 ) Science 17C
Apr 5 1116 'Ofeq-3 Shaviyt Palamchim Technol. 18A
Apr 7 2347 AMSC-1 Atlas IIA Canaveral LC36A Comsat 19A
Apr 9 1934 Progress M-27 Soyuz-U Baykonur LC1 Cargo 20A
Apr 19 1912 GFZ-1 - Mir Geodesy 8617JE
Apr 21 0144 ERS-2 Ariane 40 Kourou ELA2 Rem Sensing 21A
May 14 1345 USA 110 Titan 4 Centaur Canaveral LC40 Sigint? 22A
May 17 0634 Intelsat 706 Ariane 44LP Kourou ELA2 Comsat 23A
May 20 0333 Spektr Proton Baykonur LC81 Mir module 24A


Apr 3 Kosmos-2137 Reentered
Apr 4 Kosmos-2290 Deorbited over Pacific

Current Shuttle Processing Status

Orbiters Location Mission Launch Due

OV-102 Columbia OPF Bay 3 STS-73 Sep 21
OV-103 Discovery LC39B STS-70 Jun 8
OV-104 Atlantis LC39A STS-71 Jun 22-24? Under review
OV-105 Endeavour OPF Bay 1 STS-69 Jul 20

ML/SRB/ET/OV stacks

ML2/RSRM-44/ET-71/OV-103 LC39B STS-70
ML3/RSRM-45/ET-70/OV-104 LC39A STS-71

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