JWEhrenfels sex book is real! LOL

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Jan 6, 2004, 10:01:01 PM1/6/04
According to the sock puppet JWE......

| Initially, he contended with aplomb that my book is a fraud and
| a hoax. Then, after I provided him with ISBN data, he revised his
| story, claiming my book to be self-published without recanting the
| statements about the fraud and the hoax. Then, after I provided him
| with links to publisher web sites, he revised his story yet again,
| claiming (again without withdrawing previous prevarications) that my
| book is a vanity project. Guess what? My book is not a vanity project.
| There is no truth to any of his claims, and yet he conveniently shifts
| back and forth between these three positions when it suits him. He
| will not even recant one claim to buttress another, as this would be
| evidence in the archive of his fabrication.

What ISBN Data? There is no registered ISBN #, it the two you presented
were a couple years apart and all a part of the large group given to the
publisher to use as they see fit. There are countless of those numbers that
never saw the light of day since they were assigned to book projects that
never saw the light of day. lol, you pays your money you gets a number.
Bragging rights. lmao!

What is it now, going on four, yes four years that you have touted the
release, imminent release, and soon to be released promises every year?

The last two years you said before the end of the year. *snicker* the years
have come and gone yet no book/s. Twice last year you promised it, once in
a wee bit of honesty due to my postings you started talking about the
process and how it was coming, yet those turned out to be lies as well.

Book is REAL! OK, then where is it? Over three years you've been talking,
and talking and talking like a kook on Usenet.

The proof is in the pudding. If said book is ever published and *if*
people actually buy it, it will not undo the damage and lies you presented
to people and the false numbers you gave to your publisher about the
interest in it.

Yes, I posted the info about the lady who edited your dribble, you did not
give it to me, I located that person myself. Does that mean the book
exists? No, only that she edited someone's work, for the book does not yet

I can post her email but chose not to, I could and can post links, but I

You posted this part of the message first....

| J. Wyatt Ehrenfels : Do Not Be Taken by the Lies about J. Wyatt Ehrenfels
| by ehrenfels@[EMAIL PROTECTED] (J. Wyatt Ehrenfels) Nov 12, 2003 at 01:35 PM
| I am compelled to compose this, not in response to any message or to
| communicate with anyone in particular, but for the archive.
| Apparently, some of the regular patrons of UseNet -- one flaming thug
| in particular -- knew what he was doing when he composed a series of
| rapid-fire deceptive posts, leading the subject header with my full
| name. At first, I wondered, "How does such a post serve him? No one
| responds to them. The posts appear disproportionate to the rational
| and temperate tenor of my previous posts if they do not appear
| entirely unprovoked. And the 'free-floating hate speech' does not
| appear to be directed to me personally, nor is it remotely on-topic
| when we consider the context that is the current thread." But now I
| know: this individual, who goes by the name of Iceman, was simply
| making sure that his derogatory and deceptive records would be first
| in the list of those posts returned to anyone searching my name on
| UseNet.

LOL, made it easy for you to read and find, eh? That was the point.

There is no hate speech, one cannot hate a sock now can they? I pointed out
your flaws, your deceit, which ends up making you look like the kook you

You aligned yourself with Brad Jesness, winner of many Usenet awards, and
he with you, both bottom fish feeding off the other. You wimp out, at least
BJ usually, albeit a bit crazed, posted his positions in the past.

For now each of you has their heads so far up the others ass that its no
wonder you live in the "shadows" of psychology.

On/off topic? LOL like you touting a book that does not exist?

When your full name is revealed, either by yourself, or posted by me then
JWE will become but a sorry memory a history of your buffoonery, a
testament to your disease.

LMAO, That was no yellow brick road you took in Kansas, now was it?

Iceman PhD
Ruler of your worst nightmare!


Jan 6, 2004, 10:04:03 PM1/6/04
On Wed, 07 Jan 2004 03:01:01 GMT, Iceman wrote:

ROTFLMAO! Meant to title it "sez book is real" LOL!

WTH, it's funnAA

Iceman PhD
Ruler of the Nightmare from Kansas Dreams.

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