JWEhrenfels, recognize or remember these?

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Jan 7, 2004, 8:58:03 PM1/7/04
As I expected and already predicted your obfuscation has began.

No dummie you, realizing that you are soon to be outed publicly and seek to
do damage control. I am sitting here lmao, you on the other hand like a
frog are sitting in a pot of water about to come to a boil not realizing
what is going on.

Recognize this?

Bluemont 449

Bluemont 456

Chihuly glass as a backdrop

Yes, I know, the wise can take these and figure out what I already know,
now they will know, maybe someone might jump the gun and out you afore me,
I hope not, but such is life in the big city. Eh Gerry? LOL

I'm in no particular rush, watching you dance is pretty funnAA.

Too bad you made wrong choices in life regarding your chosen profession but
you have only yourself to blame. The bitterness and resentments that
followed were your choice too. No, I will not be your counselor, even if
you make up another mystical nym I will recognize you.

You can, if you wish, commiserate with Brad Jesness, after all he has
enjoyed this type of experience since '96 at the least.

In regards to the book, if it really does exist, by now it would be very
difficult to rewrite in an attempt to make is Shakespearean like with
multiple authors and such. I am sure your personality is deeply embedded in
it and as a result your obfuscation attempt have failed before you yet
begin. LOL

Oh Joy of JOY'S, what will I post tomorrow in this little sad saga.
Oh, I may add a little more tonight, who knows?

I really had quite a giggle over your statement that people are more
intelligent and have more of their faculties in use when they sleep and
dream. 100% of their brain is in use then as opposed to 10% whilst their


Guess that old wives tale about making money when you sleep is not so far
off, eh? *snicker*

Iceman PhD
Sweeping out all dem dumbass fireflies,
Dwelling in the shadows of your mind, bringing them forth into living

Oh yeah, and ROTFLMAO!

John M Price PhD

Jan 8, 2004, 9:48:21 PM1/8/04
In sci.psychology.psychotherapy article <pmh342ew...@icepick.org> Iceman <1c3...@chi-mafia.org> wrote:

: Chihuly glass as a backdrop

OMG! I saw one of his exhibitions! Wonderful art. Would that I could
afford some of it.

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