GOD GLASSES in 10 yrs!

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George Hammond

May 28, 2015, 7:52:40 AM5/28/15
Notice the GLASSES this famous STAR TREK
character is wearing. This article explains why the
entire human race will be wearing them within
10 years!
Geordie LaForge from STAR TREK

It turns out Computerized Factor Analysis has now
conquered Human Facial Expression!
I came across this stunning paper in the prestigious
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society for
2009: http://goo.gl/QM7IuE and in it they present this
Real-time video eigenfaces

In my book INVESTIGATING THE SPOG on page 86
I discuss these faces at length but I will post a short
explanation here.
The top row of faces are real faces captured from video.
The bottom row are fictious "avatars", they are real-time
video alterations of the top row with their facial
expressions artificially changed by Factor Analysis
The experiment was done by setting up a video con-
ference call between two people. The video output from
one was intercepted and went through a computer which
altered his facial expression and then reinjected it onto
the phone line without either party being aware of it.
Several images of the person with different expressions
are used to form a mathematical matrix and then PCA
(principal components eigenvector extraction) is
performed on the matrix. These eigenvectors of the facial
maps are "dimensions" of facial expression, such as
happy, sad, mad, surprised, suspicious etc. By taking a
neutral face image and adjusting the eigenvalues of
these eigenvectors, the expression on the person's face
can be computer controlled, and so fast that not one of
the dozens of naďve subjects ever even suspected that
they were't talking to the actual person!

Long story short, this experiment shows that a pair of
"GOD GLASSES" is well on its way to being developed
such that will be able to "see God face to face" just like
the Bible predicts.

The first use of these glasses will be by law enforcement
who are struggling to strip off the impenatrable facial mask
of dangerous psychopaths such as Ted Bundy... or the
military who are trying to penetrate the psychological mask
of an Adolf Hitler or a dangerous terrorist.
Beyond that, the normal population will soon discover
that they are the royal road to psychological salvation
from the battle for survival. We now know that all
psychological stress and exhaustion is caused by the fact
that no one can actually "see" other people. In general
people look bigger and more threatening than they actually
are. Well obviously the first thing these glasses wil do is
remove the various sly confrontational masks that the
opposition uses.... and doublessly, once this is discovered,
these glasses will become more popular than sun glasses!
Needless to say, the impact of this miracle on mental
health will probably make tranqulizers and psychotropic
drugs obsolete.
Now this may seem like a fantastic dream, but as a
physicist I can take one look at that above Royal Society
paper and see that video graphics and computer
technology is way, way ahead of Psychology Department
thinking..... and in fact at the rate this technology is
progressing, such a pair of "God Glasses" will be a reality
within a decade, and probably cheaper than a cell-phone!

George Hammond, May 2015
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