bioenergy-bullshit !!! STALKING !!! (Re: Musical chairs / Musical houses / TAG... you're it!!!)

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Robert - THX1138 - Born

Aug 22, 2003, 10:00:22 AM8/22/03
"Ronald" <> wrote:

>I don't think it necessarily takes high-tech stalking. Some people may
>naturally have the ability to transfer natural energies from themselves
>(often referred to as bioenergy) to another person. This would then
>act almost like an electronic relay station so they could channel
>energy through that person and affect and control them in a variety
>of ways.

Bullshit disinfo!

All you need is:

a. an instructor,
b. stereotype resources of operative marionettes directed by a.,
c. communication structure from a to b and limited vice versa,
d. constant surveilance & psycho-profile of the target(s),

... and get your daily notorious stalking by subliminal emotional codes
in order to trigger a before tortured PTSD victim to minimize the
cognitive dissonance to the aims of the instructors agenda.

But this is only one strategy out of many, see also:
Robert Born -
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