JWEhrenfels insoluble problem? (was: Campaign, Web Site, and Book Updates)

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Dec 31, 2003, 11:13:04 PM12/31/03
On 31 Dec 2003 07:55:30 -0800, J. Wyatt Ehrenfels wrote:

> The Insoluble Problem
> I am conferring with people I trust (and those invested in my
> anonymity) as to the itinerary of the book tour with special attention
> to the question of whether I should avoid cities and campuses in which
> I spent significant time. Dissent within the ranks of my own staff
> emerged when one staffer urged a return to familiar haunts to promote
> book sales while another questionned the possible consequences to
> being recognized too early in the campaign.

The people you trust? You mean like your sock puppets? Yeah, like they
invested your wife's monies in you perpetual motion of deceit and fraud.

Now comes your mention of using our personal tax monies to support your
travels, promoting your *cough* book. While you look for sexual partners
and your wife slaves away at her chosen profession. Yes, I have read your
little snippet of how you show a woman you love her by having sex with her.

/me shakes haid. The worlds greatest author, most misunderstood person, the
newest Casanova, most maligned person in the world, and one who has stated
that when you are done you will be despised more than Brad Jesness.

Do you really thing that anyone gives a chit who you are? Those who already
know you and of you have little respect for you. To them you are one big
crybaby and absolute whiner. A sponge on society, an abject loser.

LOL, what a pity, you purport to have a book/s, which will not bear your
name, and here you are talking about how you will be revealed to all, and
when. Yet your *cough* book/s will not bear your name. Gee, how funny is


Like anyone gives a chit? Lamer, I hope you do come out. It will be a
rather rude awakening to find out that the illusions of your mind (dreams)
and all that are built up around them in the illusions of grandeur will
suddenly become obvious to you that you are a sub-particle in the mass of
the earth. Your illusions will be shattered (nightmare) for a short while
until you find a new way to build your illusions of self esteem.

Joy of joys! What fun it is watching you, laughing at you, a frigging data
processor, loser in whatever you endeavor to do.

If Bullchit were gold you would be wealthy indeed!

Iceman PhD
Turning Dreams into Nightmares.
Laughing as we skip along,
skip along,
skip along,
Laughing as we skip along,
All the Doo Dah Day......

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