Book trouble in lala land (was: Campaign, Web Site, and Book Updates)

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Dec 31, 2003, 10:50:59 PM12/31/03
On 31 Dec 2003 07:55:30 -0800, J. Wyatt Ehrenfels wrote:

> Book Status
> A breaking news alert on the news page doubles as a link to an
> expanded discussion on the status of the ook release, complete with a
> photograph of Ehrenfels with the two-volume expose/thriller, and an
> estimated date for the imminent release for public sale.

Wassa mattur? ook? LOL!

Here we are at the beginings of a new year and you are starting another new
story here?

Afraid to use Book since that would seem like the beginning of yet another
lie? A Freudian slipperoo?

Does "ook" stand for Open Office Krapola by the hand of JWE?

Tell us, just how does a fictional work become an expose? Hmmmm?

Especially in light of a fictitious nym, a fictitious degree, a missing
book/s, and endless barrage of "Oh, My book is about to be released"!


Yeah, like we should all believe you, you who works as a "data processor".
Who has problems getting new jobs, who insists, yes, even *demands* that
you have your chance at *properly presenting your resume*, lol. Like that
is sure to gain their respect and full attention.

So when is the next promise? New Year, New Promise? LMAO

You funAA!

Iceman PhD
Turning Dreams into Nightmares.
Laughing as we skip along,
skip along,
skip along,
Laughing as we skip along,
All the Doo Dah Day......

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