Psycoloquy 1-30 2001: Calls for Commentators

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Jul 17, 2001, 12:15:07 PM7/17/01
Below are the half-year contents of Psycoloquy for 2001.

Please note that the full articles themselves will no longer be posted
to subscribers and lists, just the summary contents, with the URLs
where they can be retrieved.

Note that below there are a number of target articles on which Open
Peer Commentary is now invited:

(1) 6 related target articles on Nicotine Addiction:

Balfour, Le Houezec, Oscarson, Sivilotti, Smith& Sachse, Wonnacott

(2) 4 independent target articles, all inviting commentary:

Navon on Mirror Reversal

Kramer & Moore on Family Therapy

Sherman on Bipolar Disorder

Overgaard on Consciousness

(3) 5 book Precis, all inviting Multiple Book Review:

Miller on the Mating Mind

Ben-Ze'ev on Emotion

Bolton & Hill on Mental Disorder

Zachar on Biological Psychiatry

Praetoriuus on Cognition/Action

(4) 15 ongoing commentaries and responses on current Psycoloquy target

Social-Bias, Reduced-Wason-Task, Self-Consciousness,
Electronic-Journals, Brain-Intelligence, Autonomous Brain,
Stroop-Differences, Lashley-Hebb, Bell-Curve.



Balfour, D. (2001), The Role of Mesolimbic Dopamine in Nicotine
Psycoloquy 12(001)

Le Houezec, J. (2001), Non-Dopaminergic Pathways in Nicotine Dependence.
Psycoloquy 12 (002)

Oscarson, M. (2001), Nicotine Metabolism by the Polymorphic Cytochrome
P450 2A6 (CYP2A6) Enzyme: Implications for Interindividual Differences in
Smoking Behaviour.
Psycoloquy 12 (003)

Sivilotti, L. (2001), Nicotinic Receptors: Molecular Issues.
Psycoloquy 12 (004)

Smith, G. & Sachse, C. (2001), A Role for CYP2D6 in Nicotine Metabolism?
Psycoloquy 12 (005)

Wonnacott, S. (2001), Nicotinic Receptors in Relation to Nicotine
Psycoloquy 12 (006)

Ben-Ze'ev, A. (2001), The Subtlety of Emotions.
Psycoloquy 12 (007)

Miller, G. F. (2001), The Mating Mind: How Sexual Choice Shaped the
Evolution of Human Nature.
Psycoloquy 12 (008)

Krueger, J. (2001), Social Bias Engulfs the Field
Psycoloquy 12 (009)

Margolis, H. (2001), More On Modus Tollens and the Wason Task
Psycoloquy 12 (010)

Newen, A. (2001), Kinds of Self-Consciousness
Psycoloquy 12 (011)

Turner, R. (2001), An End to Great Publishing Myths
Psycoloquy 12 (012)

Storfer, M. D. (2001), The Parallel Increase in Brain Size, Intelligence,
and Myopia.
Psycoloquy 12 (013)

Storfer, M. D. (2001), Interrelating Population Trends on Brain Size,
Intelligence and Myopia.
Psycoloquy 12 (014)

Storfer, M. D. (2001), Brain and Eye Size, Myopia, and IQ.
Psycoloquy 12 (015)

Milner, P.M. (2001), Stimulus Equivalence, Attention and the Self: A
Punless Reply to Gellatly's Smell Assemblies.
Psycoloquy 12 (016)

Navon, D. (2001), The Puzzle of Mirror Reversal: A View From Clockland.
Psycoloquy 12 (017)

Bolton, D. & Hill, J. (2001), Mind, Meaning & Mental Disorder: The Nature
of Causal Explanation in Psychology & Psychiatry.
Psycoloquy 12 (018)

Meyer, J. (2001), Scientific Journals by and for Scientists.
Psycoloquy 12 (019)

Hutto, D. D. (2001), Syntax Before Semantics. Structure Before Content.
Psycoloquy 12 (020)

Mills, M. E. (2001), Authors of the World Unite: Liberating Academic
Content From PublisherS' Restrictions.
Psycoloquy 12 (021)

Oullier, O. (2001), Does Scientific Publication Need A Peer Consensus?
Psycoloquy 12 (022)

Zachar, P. (2001), Psychological Concepts and Biological Psychiatry: A
Philosophical Analysis.
Psycoloquy 12 (023)

Kramer, D. & Moore, M. (2001), Gender Roles, Romantic Fiction and
Family Therapy.
Psycoloquy 12 (024)

Koch, C. (2001) Stroop Interference and Working Memory.
Psycoloquy 12 (025)

Abeles, M. (2001), Founders of Neuropsychology - Who is Ignored?.
Psycoloquy 12 (026)

Praetorius, N. (2001), Principles of Cognition, Language and Action:
Essays on the Foundations of a Science of Psychology.
Psycoloquy 12 (027)

Sherman, J. A. (2001), Evolutionary Origin of Bipolar Disorder (EOBD).
Psycoloquy 12 (028)

Overgaard, M. (2001), The Role of Phenomenological Reports in Experiments
on Consciousness.
Psycoloquy 12 (029)

Reifman, A. (2001), Heritability, Economic Inequality, and the Time Course
of the "Bell Curve" Debate.
Psycoloquy 12 (030)

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sponsored by the American Psychological Association

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