Trance-Formation of America: Epilogue

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Dec 28, 2001, 2:53:36 PM12/28/01
The safety and serenity of Alaska provided an atmosphere conducive to
deprogramming, despite the pandemonium that ensued. Mark Phillips was
the first man who not only did not abuse us, but cared for our welfare
and well being. His patient, gentle manner was therapeutic, while his
propensity for handling weapons and apparent intellect kept us safe
against all odds. Through his noble actions, Mark taught Kelly and me
that the world of human interaction in which we had existed for so long
was contrary to most human behavior. We learned that goodness does exist
on this Earth, and that there were those in Washington, D.C. who refused
to tolerate the mind-control atrocities they witnessed us and others

As my eyes opened and I woke up to reality, I became enraged. Enraged
for the traumas inflicted on my daughter. Enraged for a lifetime of
abuse at the hands of our country's so called "leaders". Enraged that
the American public had no idea as to who and what was/is running their
country. Mark helped me refocus my rage in a productive direction when
he told me, "The best revenge is total recovery."

I began recovering at the rate of 18 hours a day through intensive
therapy destined to restore my memory and, ultimately, my mind. I
learned the ins and outs of my own mind and recovered my memories in a
journal. The stack of journals grew as over a decade of White House/
Pentagon-level abuse flooded my mind and intruded on my thoughts.
Pictures from my past flashed across my mind as neuron pathways opened
in my brain. I was regaining access to my own mind and control over my
future by recovering my memory of my past.

Best of all, I was falling deeply in love with Mark Phillips. Why
wouldn't I fall in love? He rescued my daughter and me from certain
demise, restored my free will, and was helping me recover in total
safety, and was the polar opposite of my abusers. He treated me with
love, respect, and thoughtful consideration . Equally as important, Mark
proved to be an ideal father figure to Kelly. He provided here with
unconditional love and deep understanding. Through him, Kelly caught a
glimpse of how kind men could be--and how good life could be. I had long
since ceased to know that such a man even existed.

The love factor in my recovery is considerable. Not only did Mark
Phillips save my life, but now I had a reason to live it! The love we
share kept me going at times--like when Kelly was institutionalized in
1989 for homicidal/suicidal behavior. The loving relationship that Mark
shared with Kelly during our short year together as a family was
sufficient to arm here with the strength to survive her ensuing ordeal
as a victim of the so-called mental health and criminal justice

Kelly, now 15, remains a political prisoner in the custody of the State
of Tennessee where she is denied qualified therapy for the MK-Ultra
Project Monarch Mind-Control abuses she endured. The state of Tennessee,
under the politically powerful influence of Kelly's abusers, is in
violation of numerous laws and basic civil rights in their determined
efforts to keep Kelly from qualified therapy and the family she

While many of those in positions to make a difference in Kelly's case
operate on a "Need to Know" basis rather than deliberately conspire with
the bad guys, a closer look into Kelly's case history should raise
serious questions in their minds. Questions like; "What could a child
have to do with the so called "National Security" of our country?" The
Juvenile court judge presiding over Kelly's case closed the doors to the
media and onlookers for "reasons of National Security" while gross and
blatant violations of laws and rights ensued.

For over three long years, Kelly and I have been denied our right to an
unbiased attorney while court-appointed advocates and so-called
"guardians" join forces with attorneys paid off by me pedophile father.
My own court-appointed attorney, who doubles for the Juvenile Court
judge when he takes a day off, has yet to represent my interest. My
interest is in Kelly's well being and future-- and if she will have a
future at all.

While Kelly is still amnesic with regard to most of her past, she is
deliberately denied therapeutical access to her past, due to who and
what she will recall. I am denied access to Kelly for fear she would be
triggered into remembering by my mere presence. As for my deliberately
"triggering" Kelly to remember what she was supposed to forget, as her
abusers fear, it has been my experience that recovery must come from the
inside out. Not from outside input. I want no less for Kelly that the
piece/peace of mind I have gained through qualified rehabilitation.
Which raises the questions: Why has the Juvenile court prohibited us
from saying the name "George Bush?" Why is the "Wizard of Oz" a taboo
subject for Kelly while the State of Tennessee provides her with Stephen
King horror novels? Why are Kelly and I forbidden by the court to say
the words "President," "politics," New World Order", and

In an attempt by state employees to "normalize" our relationship, Kelly
and I are forbidden to discuss the past, my immediate efforts to affect
her dire and desperate situation, or future plans as a family.

Most appalling and unjust in Kelly's view is the State of Tennessee's
refusal to allow her any contact whatsoever with Mark Phillips. While I
am hindered from having private conversations with my daughter due to
court ordered supervisions and censorship, Kelly is denied the right to
even wave to Mark across the parking lot. Considering that, like me,
Mark has never been named as an abuser, declared unfit, or violated any
court orders, the questions must be asked: "Why does the State of
Tennessee go to such lengths to ban all communication between Kelly and
the man who rescued her and taught her the meaning of unconditional

Kelly has asked these questions for years to no avail. The State of
Tennessee refuses to even acknowledge her request for"an unbiased
attorney who will represent her interests instead of those of the
state". Kelly's pleas for an attorney to represent her go no farther
than the deaf ears of the assigned state social worker "managing" her
case. This social worker is operating on a "Need to Know" basis that has
no basis, and she "Needs to Know" that she, along with the State of
Tennessee, will be held accountable in the event that Kelly hurts
someone or herself.

Kelly's frustrations have mounted beyond her ability to cope. I applaud
Kelly for her determined but weakened efforts to stay in control of her
own mind despite being denied qualified rehabilitation for the
devastating results of Project Monarch Mind-Control abuses. Kelly's
daily attempts to accomplish the impossible by psychoLOGICALLY managing
her psychiatric disorder is proportionate to her high intellect and
willful determination. But it is not enough to fend off the
Psychological Warfare that has been waged against her through CIA Damage
Containment practices designed to keep her contained in amnesic silence.
She needs help. She needs a collective voice.

Kelly can be helped through public outcry and through abolishment of the
1947 National Security Act (and 1984 Reagan Amendment to same) that has
destroyed the true security of our once great nation. You can write the
State of Tennessee demanding to know why Kelly is being denied her right
to qualified rehabilitation.

Thank you. - Cathy O'Brien

Every submitted comment of encouragement will be greatly appreciated!


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