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Dec 4, 2007, 10:58:28 AM12/4/07
Scholarships for non European Scholars in the Master in Work,=0A=
Organizational and Personnel Psychology (WOP-P)=0A=
The European Commission will deliver 3 scholarships/grants for the=0A=
2008-2009 academic year to scholars from non European countries who=0A=
would like to participate in the Master in Work, Organizational and=0A=
Personnel Psychology (WOP-P). Scholars apply to carry out teaching and=0A=
research assignments and scholarly work in the institutions=0A=
participating in the course. The grant amount for scholars is a fixed=0A=
amount (1,000 euros a year) and a monthly amount (4,000 euros per=0A=
month with a total of 3 months per year). The application deadline for=0A=
the WOP-P Programme is December 15th, 2007. A second round is open=0A=
till January 20th, 2008. (
The WOP-P Master is one of the 100 supported by the Erasmus Mundus=0A=
Programme and the only one in Psychology. A double degree in WOP-P is=0A=
offered by two of the five European Universities involved in the=0A=
programme: Universitat de Val=E8ncia (Spain), Universitat de Barcelona=0A=
(Spain), Universit=E9 Ren=E9 Descartes Paris 5 (France), Alma Mater=0A=
Studiorum-Universit=E0 di Bologna (Italy), and Universidade de Coimbra=0A=
More detailed information about application deadlines and procedures=0A=
can be found in the web page of the programme ( and=0A=
in the Erasmus Mundus official web page (

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