Let us learn the message which God coded into the Bible which He authorizes, by consistent qualifying "serpents-UFOnauts" to the category of animals having high intelligence and human appearance (PDE JP)

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Nov 19, 2007, 4:47:01 AM11/19/07
A monkey looks very similar to a human. It also have grabbing hands
like people do and also is able to use tools. Furthermore, it has a
high intelligence. In fact a monkey is even able to carry out
implication and logical deduction - like people do. Can thus a monkey
be classified to a category of people. Of course NOT. Everyone knows
jolly well that a monkey is an animal - only that it has a high
intelligence and an appearance similar to humans. So what causes that
given creatures can be classified as people? After all, it is NOT
intelligence - because intelligence is also present in monkeys and in
various other animals. For example my cat called "Teecee", described
in more details on the web page about "bandits amongst us" (see the
web page "bandits.htm"), also displayed the intelligence which I
compared to the intelligence of a 2-year old human, and even displayed
the morality which I estimate as higher than morality of an average
"serpent-UFOnaut". (E.g. Teecee always show the sense of guilt with
his behavior each time he returned from stealing food designated for
cats of a neighbor, while e.g. UFOnauts do not feel guilty even when
they murder hundreds of thousands of innocent people (see the web page
"day26.htm"). But Teecee still belonged to the animal kingdom. To the
category of humans do NOT qualify the appearance either. After all,
monkeys have, while Neaderland Men had, the appearance very similar to
that of people. But no-one classifies them as people. The having
grabbing hands also do not make one to be a human, neither the use of
tools. So what causes that a given creature is qualified to the
category of people, not to the category of "animals gifted with high
intelligence and with human appearance"?

The clarification of this puzzle is encrypted into the Bible
authorized by God himself (see the web page "bible.htm"). Namely,
creatures which by the Bible are called "serpents", "dragons",
"devils", etc., while by present people - "UFOnauts", in the entire
Bible authorized by God himself are consistently qualified to the
category of animals, NOT to the category of people. For example, in
this way categorizes them the verse quoted in previous item #F2 from
the "Book of Genesis", 3:1, quote: "Now the serpent is the most
cunning of all the animals that the LORD God had create." The same
refusal of qualifying UFOnauts to the category of people forwards to
us also the reply of Jesus to the temptations of Satan, given in the
"Evangel of St. Matthew", 4:4, quote: "It is written, Man shall not
live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the
mouth of God." (It means, that this verse tries to tell us, amongst
others, that "a human is only this one, who does NOT live just by
bread, but who studies words of God". In turn Satan, serpents, devils,
etc., who mainly are concerned about material goods, about power,
pleasures of the body, etc., in eyes of God are NOT humans at all.)
Simultaneously from our research on UFOs (see the web page "ufo.htm")
it is already known to us, that these serpents-UFOnauts are close
relatives of people. After all, both humanity and these serpents-
UFOnauts originate from the same ancestors of humanity from the Terra
planet - as this is explained more comprehensively on the web page
about "evolution" (see the web page "evolution.htm"). In spite of this
blood relationship of people and UFOnauts, God qualify people to the
category of humans, but for serpents-UFOnauts the same God
consistently refuses to qualify them as people and qualifies them as
animals equipped with intelligence and human appearance. As this is
clearly indicating, "in the eyes of God someone's qualifying to the
category of people or the category of animals does NOT result from the
fact that parents or ancestors of this someone were people, nor from
intelligence and human appearance shown by this someone, but from
attributes and behaviors that this someone displays". In other words,
"God so designed living creatures, that they must earn becoming humans
and it is NOT enough for them that they were born from human parents".
What even more interesting, the above concerns all creatures which
live on the Earth. In other words, NOT all present members of humanity
in eyes of God will be qualified as people, and a significant
proportion of humanity God is going to qualify to the world of
intelligent animals and then treat the same as animals. On the other
hand, to some present creatures with animal (currently) structure of
the body, God intends to give in the future a chance to be born as
humans and to become humans.

So what are these attributes which in eyes of God qualify someone to
the category of people? This question is so important, that if someone
does NOT gain for himself or herself such attributes, then in eyes of
God is going to be treated as an animal. Of course, the reply God
again coded into the content of the Bible that he authorized. Well,
from the information encrypted in this Bible stems, that the most
important out of these attributes is "the ability, will, and effort of
embracing God". Means, the ability, will, and effort to see the
existence of God in the world that surrounds us, to distinguish the
"hand" of God when God gives something to us, to study intentions and
requirements of this God, to give to God the correct evidence of our
obedience to his commands, etc., etc. In other words, those ones who
are unable, or do not have intentions, or do not wish to undertake the
effort, of embracing God, for example all atheists - according to the
information contained in the Bible which is authorized by this God, in
fact belong to the category of animals with human appearance and human
intelligence, not to the category of people. Of course, there is a
number of manners this ability, will and effort of embracing God
should manifest itself. Let us list here at least several most vital
out of them. Here is several most vital ones:

1. Recognize the authority of God and obey requirements that God
imposed over people. In other words, e.g. every atheist in eyes of God
is just an intelligent animal with human appearance. After all,
animals are unable to recognize and acknowledge the authority of God.
They are also not able to obey God's requirements. For example,
animals everywhere see only the existence of other animals - only that
sometimes more dangerous or more provided than they themselves,
because gifted with a bigger power, cunningness, or ability to
generate something delicious. For example, my cat Teecee with the same
respect related both to me, and to the home fridge. In me he saw a
bigger and stronger animal than himself. Therefore, in order to make
me friendly he used to bring me, in his opinion tasty mice and frogs.
In turn fridge for him was a kind of a cow which instead of milk
generates infinitive supplies of tasty cat's food. So in order to also
make the fridge friendly towards him, according to the cat's etiquette
he used to sit opposite to it and show to it his respect in exactly
the same way as outside of the flat he show his respect to other cats
by sitting for hours in front of them. Once I noted that he also
brought a living frog to the fridge and wanted to give this frog to
the fridge. Information about this "requirement-manifestation of the
belonging to the humanity" is contained, amongst others, in the verse
quoted previously from the "Evangel of St. Matthew", 4:4, quote: "Man
shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out
of the mouth of God." But in fact this "requirement of qualifying to
the category of humans" is so important that it is repeated across the
entire Bible.

2. Gain skills of recognizing hand, work, and acts of God, from hands,
work, and activities of other powers. In other words, in order to
become a human, one needs to learn see the hand of God where this hand
in fact do acts. Therefore, these people, who are unable to notice in
the Bible the authorship of God, but see in it just a book with
stories of ancient shepherds, in fact are in eyes of God just
intelligent animals. (For example, for me is extremely impressive this
well hidden supernatural intelligence encoded into the Bible (see the
web page "bible.htm") and manifesting itself e.g. in the manner with
which the Bible expresses extremely correctly even these most refined
ideas, the effectiveness with which it gives to us the working recipes
for living that prove themselves in action, the effectiveness with
which these ever actual messages were getting through thousands of
years of censorships of serpents-UFOnauts, etc., etc. Also I do not
understand how it is possible, that some people remain blind to this
supernatural intelligence of the Bible - most clearly in order to
appreciate intelligence contained in something else, one needs also
have at least a threshold level of it.) These biologists and their
sympathizers, who e.g. in the creation of the first couple of people
see just only the act of random evolution (see the web page
"evolution.htm") also have NOT acquire the ability of recognizing the
hand and act of God. Or these physicists, who remain blind to the
conclusions that result from the fact that electromagnetic waves
belong to the category of "transverse waves", which propagate
exclusively along the border of two mediums (see the web page
"dipolar_gravity.htm"). Or these medics who search with scalpels
through corners of the brain in order to find soul (see the web page
"nirvana.htm") in there, but they simultaneously remain blind and deaf
for NDE (Near Death Experience), multiple personalities, and other
phenomena of this kind. Etc., etc. The information about the gaining
ability to recognize hand, work, or act of God, is contained, amongst
others in "2 Corinthians", 4:3-4, quote: "But if our gospel be hid,
it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath
blinded the minds of them which believe not."

3. Place emphasis on the development of positive non-physical
attributes such as morality, consistency, helpfulness, goodness,
peacefulness, etc., etc. In other word, obedience to the popular
saying "eat to live, not live to eat", or more strictly "use our body
as an instrument which helps us to acquire positive intellectual and
spiritual values, instead of treating our intelligence and spirit as
tools which allow us bring pleasures to our body." The information
about the need of using our body as a tool for accomplishing positive
spiritual and intellectual qualities, not in reverse, is spread all
over the Bible. For example, this information is illustrated by every
word and every action of Jesus - including into this also words quoted
in item 1 above.

4. Learn totalizm and implement totalizm in our own life. It is enough
to notice in the Internet how "serpents-UFOnauts" react on every
message of totalizm, to become clear that totalizm is NOT just another
one amongst these dozens of philosophies invented by "armchair
academics". The Bible let us know about this quite clearly - as it is
explained fully in item #F3 of the totalizm web pages (see
"totalizm.htm"), the addresses of which are listed below.

5. Differentiate between our secular duties and obligations towards
God, give to God the correct kind of contribution, and maintain a
constructive balance between giving to God and fulfilling our secular
duties. In other words, we should not allow that in our lives any out
of these two main components (i.e. God or secular life) overpowers the
other one of them. Both these components must in us complement and
enrich each other - not compete with each other. So we should NOT
allow that the spiritual matters overshadow or dominate our secular
life, not allow that our secular engagements completely alienate us
from connecting to God. After all, the life is to live, and to
implement what God send us to the Earth to do with his assistance and
guidance. Furthermore, God requires that we give to it a right kind of
contribution. For example, He does NOT want we give to Him our money,
possessions, or any other material goods. For God material gifts are
like these mice and frogs that my cat Teecee used to bring to me, in
order to make friendly towards him this large and powerful animal
which he saw in me. It is God that gives to us material goods so that
we make out of them a right use in our fulfilling our secular duties,
not that we should give them back to Him. God demands from us
immaterial contribution, such as voluntarily recognizing His
existence, recognizing His hand and work, searching and studying His
intentions, obeying His commands, remembering about His requirements
in every secular matter in which we act, etc., etc. In fact, through a
clear showing the difference between the manner of fulfilling the
contribution towards God in the Biblical "New Testament" (which
describes humanity which already is composed of "people"), and a kind
of gifts which inhabitants of the Earth used to give to God in times
of the "Old Testament" (i.e. when humanity was still belonging to the
world of "intelligent animals"), God very intelligently and
illustratively let us know what kind of contribution towards him He is
asking for. The information about the necessity to maintain a
constructive balance between giving contribution to God and fulfilling
our secular duties, is contained, amongst others, in "Evangel of St.
Luke", 20:25, quote: "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be
Caesar's, and unto God the things which be God's." In turn the context
in which the above verse was repeated and stressed in three Evangels
of St. Luke", 20:25, Mark 10:25, and Matthew 19:24, reveals to us very
clearly, that God does NOT wants material belongings from us, e.g.
financial donations, but wishes we give to him all these non-material
efforts and actions, which He defined for us with the content of the
Bible, commandments of moral laws, configuration of the moral field,
etc., etc., and from understanding of which He made one of our duties
towards Him (or more strictly "Her" - as explained in item #B7 from
the totaliztic web page about God (see the web page "god.htm").

Of course, the above are just a few first and most vital "requirements
of qualifying to the category of people" contained in the Bible.
Similar requirements is more. But the goal of this web page is NOT to
discuss these. For example God requires from people to devote to
building and lifting up, not to destruction and pushing down. God
orders to defend ourselves when we are attacked, but it forbids
aggressive attacking. God orders to share with others, and not just
take everything for ourselves. Etc., etc. If we would like to express
all these requirements and commandments of God with a single allegoric
statement, then we could state that "God asks from us everything that
an ideal woman who loves us very much would demand from us". As this
is explained in item #B7 of the web page about a secular understanding
of God (see the web page "god.htm"), this thinking components of God,
which by the Christianity is called "Holy Ghost", in fact is a female.

The Bible warns us many times, that for all those who do not obey
commandments of God, awaits not pleasurable consequences. So we should
NOT expect that if God gave to someone a chance to become a human,
because he allowed to be born from human parents, but that someone
spurn and rejected this chance, then God will still be generous
towards such someone. After all God has the power and thousands of
different possibilities to execute from disobeying ones the warning
which he authorized in the Bible. For example, only the simplest out
of these possibilities is, that for those who insist so much to remain
animals, God allows to be born again as animals. Therefore, I
personally feel obliged to realize with the aid of these descriptions,
that - as Englishman say "God means business". After all, God does NOT
need to worry that there will be NO creatures interested to qualify
into the category of people. Just only on the Earth every second
millions of existences are coming to life, the level of intelligence
of which allows them to stand up in a queue to the chance of becoming
a human. For example, my cat Teecee (see the web page "bandits.htm")
is one of them. But God created the physical world of a finite volume.
So He cannot non-selectively advance to the honor of a person every
out of these millions and millions of creatures, and then give an
everlasting life to each person. The God's justice is to be fulfilled
if every creature "gets a chance from God" of becoming a human, and
then the further fate of this creature is to depend how this creature
performs when getting this chance. So God has reasons to make very
difficult the advancement from the status of an "animal" to the status
of a "human". No wonder that in the Biblical Evangel of St. Mark,
10:25, is written - quote: "It is easier for a camel to go through the
eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of
God." (A rich person typically practices the philosophy of parasitism
- see the web page "parasitism.htm", which just gives to people the
animal attributes.) So it is not know neither "when" nor "if at all",
these ones from our fraternity who in the present life lost already
the chance to prove themselves as "people", will obtain a next such a
chance. In fact such another chance they may get after waiting in the
queue for hundreds or even thousands of years, or even do not get this
chance ever again. So it is better already now do everything that the
Bible encourages us to do, and in fact put the effort which we can
afford in order to prove God already now that we deserve the name a

At the end of this item I would like to propose to the reader a small
verifying test. Namely, I propose to check, whether according to
requirements given to us by God and clearly explained above from 1 to
5 of this item, in eyes of God the reader deserves to be qualified to
the category of humans, and to receive privileges granted by God to
humans, or else he or she deserves only to be qualified to the same
category as "UFOnauts-serpents" - means to "animals gifted with
intelligence and human appearance", and then receive the same
treatment as animals. Means, whether the reader: (1) recognizes the
authority of God, (2) gained the skill of recognizing the hand and
acts of God, (3) uses his body as an instrument to accomplishing
positive intellectual and spiritual goals, but not opposite, etc.,
etc. Then I propose to match similarly to the same criteria all these
close ones whom the reader loves the most. Finally I propose to
consider what in the reader's opinion the reader should do with
conclusions to which he or she arrived in this test. Means, whether in
such a vital matter as the eternal future for himself or herself and
for his or her close ones, the reader should leave the matter just on
checking, and then continue the sitting on his own hands in matters
for which God requires actions, or rather should take actions which
are suggested by this test. After all, we need to remember, that after
publishing formal scientific proofs for the existence of God (see the
web page "god.htm"), the power, authority, and the actions of God
ceased to be just a matter of believes, and become a scientific
certainty. These God's capabilities do not cease to be such a
certainty only because some intelligent animals in the Bible called
"serpents" spit on these proofs the entire saliva that their venomous
tangs are able to generate.

Serpents-UFOnauts consider themselves to be a kind "super-humans"
which are positioned so much higher above people from the planet
Earth, as much higher people from the Earth are positioned above
animals. Also at every occasion these UFOnauts let us know about this
their supposed superiority. It seems to come easy to them. After all,
they stole time vehicles and telekinetic vehicles from some other
civilization. They also have a capability to travel around entire
Universe. Because of the telekinetic flickering (see the web page
"dipolar_gravity.htm") they also can become invisible to human sight.
So they are very unhappy that the truth revealed in the Bible states
about them something completely opposite. Namely that in eyes of God
just they, serpents-UFOnauts, are creatures inferior like animals,
while us, humans from the Earth, are superior over them by the
"humanitarianism" of our attributes. Because totalizm disseminates the
knowledge about this truth that is so bitter for UFOnauts, this
dissemination provides one more reason for which UFOnauts so viciously
try to destroy totalizm. After all, they do not like when something
reminds them the truth that in eyes of God they are just animals
provided with human intelligence and with human shapes.

Explanations presented above are extended by further information in
items #F2 and #F3 of the newest update of the web page of totalizm
having the physical name "totalizm.htm". This update carries the date
not earlier than 17 November 2007. The web page "totalizm.htm" should
be available at following addresses (unless it was already sabotaged
in there by intelligent animals with human appearance, which in the
Bible are called "serpents"):


Please notice that under each address indicated above in fact all the
web pages of totalizm should be available (unless some of these web
pages were sabotaged in the meantime). Thus, if someone wishes to view
descriptions from any other web pages of totalizm mentined in this
message, then in the above addresses the name "totalizm.htm" is just
enough to exchange for the name of the web page that one wishes to
look at, e.g. the web page "text_1_5.htm", "evil.htm",
"changelings.htm", etc.

With totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak (Prof. Dr Eng.)

P.S. Motto: "Even if you force a serpent into a bamboo tube, still you
cannot straighten its twisted nature." (A Chinese proverb).

P.P.S. I already placed this message here around 1.5 days ago.
However, these "serpents-UFOnauts" obviously have a secretive
surveillance of this discussion group, because they blocked this
message and it never appeared. Now I am trying again - we will see
whether this time they stop it again. Sarcastically, the same
"serpents-UFOnauts" which prevent this educational message from
appearing, themselves are flooding the group with a river of spam
messages about MI5. But these spam messages will be the topic of my
next information about them. By the way, these are "serpents-UFOnauts"
described here, about which I wrote in one of my previous messages
entitled "Who pays these guys for turning internet (including this
group) into a gutter?" - see


Nov 19, 2007, 11:23:16 PM11/19/07

<janp...@gmail.com> wrote in message

>A monkey looks very similar to a human.

perhaps to your family, not mine.

>It also have grabbing hands
> like people do and also is able to use tools.

no they cannot, cant use a screwdriver.

>Furthermore, it has a
> high intelligence.

Compaired to you, quite true.

>In fact a monkey is even able to carry out
> implication and logical deduction - like people do.

called Monkey Business.

>Can thus a monkey
> be classified to a category of people.

Are you calling black people Monkeys?

>Of course NOT.

>Everyone knows
> jolly well that a monkey is an animal - only that it has a high
> intelligence and an appearance similar to humans.

subhumans like you

>So what causes that
> given creatures can be classified as people?

If you gave birth to them.


Nov 20, 2007, 5:05:48 AM11/20/07
On Nov 19, 8:23 pm, "bob" <nos...@nospam.com> wrote:

> If you gave birth to them.
Well, we talk two different things. In my post I am trying to find the
truth - namely decode what exactly says the Bible which is authorized
by God himself. In your comment you are saying what is your personal
opinion. It is OK for you to believe that if you give birth to
someone, it will be a human. But it appears that God tells us a
completely different story in his message to us. And God is always
right, because He is to judge us, not you. So for me matters what God
says in the Bible which he authorizes, not what your personal opinion
is. This is why I try to find the truth about Gods words, and would be
willing to do it together with you - if you also are about the truth,
not about emptying yourself.

You are implying in this your personal opinion that what you are
saying is the fact. However it is NOT the God's message passed to us
through the words of the Bible. If you wish to say what the Bible
says, then say it by quoting exactly the words of the Bible, and only
then interpreting them (you also need to provide exact references
where these words you took from - means do exactly as I did in my
message). Otherwise, everything that you say just remains your
personal opinion and it does NOT bring us any nearer us to the truth.
You may have your personal opinion on any subject - no matter how
wrong it is, but do not imply that this opinion is supported by words
from the Bible.

Should you wish to see the formal scientific proof that the Bible was
authorized by God himself, this proof is published in item #B1 of the
web page "bible.htm", which you can find at following addresses:


Please notice that under each address indicated above in fact all the
web pages of totalizm should be available (unless some of these web
pages were sabotaged in the meantime). Thus, if someone wishes to view

descriptions from any other web pages of totalizm mentioned in this
message, then in the above addresses the name "bible.htm" is just

enough to exchange for the name of the web page that one wishes to

look at, e.g. the web page "evil.htm", "changelings.htm",
"text_1_5.htm", etc.

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