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Israel sparking a Nuclear WW3 by its illegal-Habeas-Corpus practice on Occupied Palestinians

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Archimedes Plutonium

Nov 29, 2023, 3:44:01 PM11/29/23
Earth cannot afford a Nuclear War, and that is the direction Israel is sparking the world with its stealing of Palestinian land and its illegal settlement building and illegal habeas corpus.

Israel sparked 9-11 that killed 3,000 Americans, many of our best firefighters and police and 1st responders. Israel sparked 7 Oct2023.

And now we see Israel flattening Gaza strip ready to occupy that land.

Israelis are blind with the dream of stitching together Ancient King David's Israel, even if it means genocide to Palestinians.

We see this ugly dream taking place with hostage swaps. 27Nov2023, Hamas released 13 Israeli hostages and Israel released 39 Palestinian detained hostages, but on that very same day, Israel went into the West Bank and arrested another 2,000 Palestinians to add to their 7,000 in prison, which now totals 9,000 illegal habeas corpus.

I am reminded that what enraged Americans into the Revolutionary War with England was a tax on tea. But if England had randomly imprisoned 9,000 Americans instead of a tea tax, the Americans would have been so seething full of rage that they likely would have invaded England, as hot headed as Americans are.

The theme of this post is that the entire world is unstable and easily go into a Nuclear World War 3 so long as we have a loose-cannon country like Israel living in a past dream of stitching together the Ancient King David Israel, at the expense of Palestinian genocide.

We cannot go on like this--- 9-11 then 7Oct2023 and then--- nuclear world war 3.

I proposed Voting, let the 5 million Palestinians vote alongside 10 million Israelis for a new prime minister. We need to get rid of the King David Warrior types like Netanyahu who gladly will spark nuclear world war 3, if it means stealing all the land.


Israel sparking a Nuclear WW3 by its illegal-Habeas-Corpus practice on Occupied Palestinians
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