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AP's 309th book of Science: Judaism new goal--Europa, instead of stealing Palestinian land that was King David// by Archimedes Plutonium

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Archimedes Plutonium

Nov 27, 2023, 5:19:05 PM11/27/23
Israel must stop this stealing of Palestinian land promised them in the Two State Solution of 1967 borders. The illegal Israeli settlement building on occupied land of Palestinians must stop. The occupation of West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza strip must stop.

Israel has been nothing but a bully bully bully from 1967 onwards, propelled by this dream that they will regain all the land that was Ancient King David of Ancient Israel. A dream like this makes life on Earth a hell hole for many people. For it places "land" as more important than people on the land. A hell hole not only for Palestinians but for the world in total, because 9/11 that killed 3,000 Americans in New York City in Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. was caused prime cause was Ariel Sharon started massive illegal Israel settlement building on Palestinian land, and pushing the Palestinians out of their two state solution. The secondary cause of 9/11 that killed some of the USA finest firefighters and police in New York City was the Osama bin Laden gang of terrorists, but only a secondary cause of 9/11, not a primary first cause, because you have to get something huge to anger Arabs to want to commit suicide destruction-- and that was Ariel Sharon the Prime Minister of Israel who started the massive illegal settlement building and Occupation of Palestinian land promised them.

Now we have 7Oct2023, and its prime root cause is the same as 9/11. Netanyahu's government is occupation occupation, illegal settlements and a enslavement of Palestinians and pushing them into either Jordan or Egypt or kill them just to get rid of them and steal the land that was once Ancient King David.

What will come of 7Oct2023 with the USA a duped and suckered fool of every whimsy stealing by Israel?? How Israel easily pulls the wool over the eyes of the duped and suckered American politician. Never a Two State solution. Allowing Israel to bully the Palestinians, and bully the Arab world.

AP thinks that where the trajectory path of history can go is a nightmare.

We went from 9/11 to 7Oct2023, and what AP feels is the next incident is a sparking of a nuclear World War 3, all because this tiny country, Israel wants to steal the land that was Ancient King David's land.

It is easy for Israel to spark nuclear WW3 with its land stealing of Palestine and genocide of Palestinians. Easy to spark WW3 because the Arab world is large and huge and rather wealthy in petroleum riches.

If Israel can spark Arabs to commit suicide in 9/11 by flying airplanes into skyscrapers of New York City, then Israel can easily spark Arabs to fly a bought for F-16 into a Chinese or Russian war ship, blow it up and then USA blamed for it and so ICBMs from China and Russia rain down on USA.

Or, like in the recent ship hijacking in the Middle East, that it is easy to sink a USA or Chinese or Russian ship there and spark nuclear WW3.

The trajectory of hatred caused by Israel stealing Palestinian land and either killing them or pushing them into Jordan or Egypt, should not be underestimated. That hatred easily becomes the sparking of a Nuclear WW3 with ICBMs flying between Russia, NATO, USA, China.

So how does one teach the people of Israel of religion Judaism-- teach them to give up on this stupid idea of regaining back all of Ancient King David's land. How does one teach blind Israelis, that such a goal is stupid and hideous?

I believe we have to teach Israelis and Judaism there is a far better dream than genocide and land stealing of Palestinians.

I believe the dream of Israel and Judaism is to dream of a sector of Europa be set aside, a land sector on Europa which we must have a permanent colony in the next 1,000 years, for our Sun has gone Red Giant Phase that will kill all of life on Earth and send Earth into the fiery pits of the Suns own furnace.

That Israel drop its stupid dream of King David's land and work towards having a King David's land on Europa, a moon of Jupiter, or, perhaps Israel can dream of a entire moon of Jupiter -- Io or Callisto. Have an entire moon be the New King David's land.

And so we re-direct the Dream of Israelis-- dream of a shared new home on Europa, and a shared home for Palestinians on Earth.

AP, King of Science

AP's 309th book of Science: Judaism new goal--Europa, instead of stealing Palestinian land that was King David// by Archimedes Plutonium

Archimedes Plutonium

Nov 28, 2023, 2:58:26 PM11/28/23
On Tuesday, November 28, 2023 at 9:11:14 AM UTC-6, Mathin3D wrote:
> On Tuesday, November 28, 2023 at 12:32:41 AM UTC-5, Archimedes Plutonium wrote:
> > Quite possible Mathin3D is Israeli.
> Wrong.
> Just trying to be helpful. That is not a personality disorder. It is kindness.

AP writes: Should not the title for Mathin3D be "Israel sparks Nuclear WW3" for Israel's Ariel Sharon's illegal settlement building in Occupied Gaza strip, Occupied West Bank, Occupied East Jerusalem sparked young Arabs lining up and happy to commit suicide by flying airplanes into NYC skyscrapers. I bet the history books in High School and Colleges omit the prime-root cause of 9-11, that killed some of the world's finest fire-fighters and police officers, for make no mistake about 9-11 root cause is the agitation and hatred that Israel musters upon Palestinians, killing them while stealing their promised land in a Two State Solution. That they would be happy to line up to spark nuclear world war 3 as Israel destroys the Palestinian Two State solution. For those young Arabs being Occupied and land stolen underneath their feet, what is the point in living?

Mathin3D commenting on the fact that Palestinians put in prison and detention centers Palestinian children almost everyday and has 7,000 uncharged Palestinians in detention and prison. While yesterday 27Nov in Israel -- Hamas released 13 hostages in exchange for 39 Palestinian hostages in detention and prison, but would you not know that-- the BBC news reported that as Israel released the 39 Palestinians, simultaneously Israel arrested and detained 2,000 more fresh new Palestinians on 27Nov.

> Really? Or do you mean I do not agree with your delusional takes on Math and Science? Two different things, m8!

AP writes: yes, Mathin3D, what is the math of that--- Hamas releases 13 Israeli hostages and Israel releases 39 Palestinians from their prison, but Israel on that very same day then captures 2,000 more fresh Palestinian prisoners-detainees-hostages all in one day. Israel, surely is teaching angry young people to spark Nuclear World War 3. All for what??? So that the Israel politicians can claim they regained Ancient King David's land, yet a genocide on Palestinians?

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