Video Footage Of Antigravity ?

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Apr 5, 2006, 2:22:54 AM4/5/06
I found this Footage and some Info about this American Antigravity
Group and some clips of experiments.
Is this for real or not ? It certainly looks interesting ....
Greetings from Hansi, curious

Video Footage Of Antigravity ?

Marc Millis

Apr 6, 2006, 7:01:06 PM4/6/06
In <> fufko@

This "Hutchison Effect" has been claimed for years, without any
independent verification - ever. In fact, its originator can't even
replicated it on demand. This has been investigated more than once,
been part of documentaries on the discovery channel, but still never
seems to pass critical muster. This is in the category of folklore. In
general, the "American Antigravity" web site caters to such folklore and
its enthusiasts.

If you are curious as to *published* research related to breakthrough
effects, may I suggest the following report:

Marc G. Millis, Prospects for Breakthrough Propulsion From Physics, NASA
TM-2004-213082 (2004 May)

Available at:

Yes, I am the author and therefor am biased as to the value of this
report. Feel free to post critiques.


Apr 20, 2006, 1:46:45 PM4/20/06

Videos quit meaning anything since Star Wars came out and
revolutionized the SFX industry. There are no procedures listed with
the videos; only products for sale. And being for sale (aside from
being unethical) means the same thing as not being there, since nobody
has any money in this economy, these days.

To put it simply: if the procedures ain't freely available and
published, it don't count.

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