String Theory's dictionary and the Shannon Index

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Nov 11, 2021, 5:02:46 AM11/11/21
String theorists occasionally refer to the \_dictionary_/ being built up
as a logical way of translating between the operator physics on a lower
dimensional CFT/QFT boundary and the higher dimensional bulk physics it
is dual to. To the extent that the dictionary represents logical
language, is there any sense in which the languages represented might
have a Zipf slope of -1 and a higher order Shannon (entropy) Index*?

* In general, all human languages, English, German, Swahili and so on,
have a Zipf slope of -1, and higher order Shannon Index of 7-8. Ie:
Given a string of words (~operators?), in order to have a fair chance of
predicting which word might follow that string, 7 to 8 words are needed;
no less. This is one measure of the complexity/sophistication of human

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