Q on Mach—Einstein Principle w/ Geometric Algebra

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Julio Di Egidio

Aug 31, 2022, 2:33:11 AM8/31/22
Hi everybody,

I have posted the following comment to a YT video (*),
but they are not allowing it to be visible, so I'll
try to post it here, it is indeed a question (answering
which I think presupposes that one has an idea of what
"Geometric Algebra" (**) in fact offers):

<< @34:12 - Isn't "Geometric Algebra" (at least potentially,
if it turns out to [fully] work), with everything including
gravity done in flat space-time, a solution to that problem
of **a description of matter and matter fields that is
independent of geometry/metrics**? >> (emphasis added)

Any feedback/insight very welcome, thank you.


(*) Gordon Belot: The Mach=E2=80=94Einstein Principle of 1917=E2=80=941918
(**) Professor Anthony Lasenby. A new language for physics.
<https://youtu.be/m7v2IUJtC3g> (just as a starting point)
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