Brief EM history.

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israel socratus

Jul 21, 2021, 6:32:17 AM7/21/21
Brief EM history.
Volta in 1799- invented the electric battery
Ørsted in 1820 – showed electricity and magnetism were not independent phenomena.
Ampère in 1820 - established the law of the mechanical action between electric currents
Ohm in 1827 - relation between I, V, R (I=V ÷ R)
Faraday in 1831 - electromagnetic induction
Maxwell in 1865 - described EM interaction
(electron in Maxwell equations is static, in the "rest")
Heaviside in 1884 - corrected Maxwell’s equations
Hertz in 1887 - produced EM waves
Lorentz in 1895 – introduced electron’s force in EM field
(in a stationary ether)
and in 1904 - described equations of transformations
(Lorentz transformation laws say, that all electron's parameters
in motion change: length contraction . . . . etc.)
Poincare pointed out that Lorentz' theory violated Newton's third law (assuming the ether had no momentum, as it was presumed stationary).
1905- SRT
Einstein solved Lorentz/ Poincare problem by introducing two new principles as fundamental to the theory.
1 - the principle of relativity of space and time
2 - the constant speed of light.
a) Michelson-Morley experiment was proved the constant speed of light.
b) Minkowski showed that Einstein's relativity of space and time can be understood formally as a new kind of geometry of space and time.
1 - Maxwell - EM waves are continuous
2 - Quantum EM field is created by the quantum particle (h), electron: E=h*f.
Quantum Mechanics energy is propagated by Schrodinger psi-wave
function which can collapse.
3 - Maxwell's EM is caused by the electron’s force: E=h*f where
E=h*f is hidden in the Lorentz force.
4 - To understand how the classical EM wave can connect with
the quantum electron one must unite this process with
"The law of conservation and transformation of energy/mass" and
to the environment reference frame of the cosmic vacuum.
“I consider it quite possible that physics cannot be based
on the field concept, that is, on continuous structures.
Then nothing remains of my entire castle in the sky, including
the theory of gravitation, but also nothing of the rest of modern physics.’’
/ Einstein /
“We’re to some extent playing with QFT.
We’ve been using QFT as an outside stimulus, but it would be nice
if it were an inside stimulus.”
/Dan Freed, the University of Texas, Austin/

Jeffrey Rubard

Feb 14, 2022, 6:31:55 PM2/14/22
(Yeah, that's probably important.)
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