Input needed on how to compress nuclei in velocity space?

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Sven Andersson

Oct 8, 2016, 1:20:40 PM10/8/16
I believe in the ideas of Charles S. Cagle, that fusion happens when fuel nuclei are close in phase space; that is they have to be close in position space and at the same time travel at the same speed and in the same direction, i.e. they must be close in velocity space, too. So, how can we make nuclei in a plasma close in velocity space? If some sort of trick can be thought out that compresses some fuel nuclei in a plasma (in velocity space), then statistically there will be more fusion reactions, perhaps so many that break even can be reached.

I was looking at a video on YouTube the other day of charged particles in crossed electric and magnetic fields. Somehow I get the intuitive feeling that some sort of arrangement with fields like that, perhaps varying in time, could compress some nuclei in velocity space.

Let's say we make two nuclei that are close in position space, oscillate with different frequencies, but that the oscillations are coupled, so that one is forced to oscillate faster and the other slower (than they actually should), would some sort of force act on them then, if they are in a crossed electric/magnetic field?

or search for: "610 - Motion of the charged particles in the crossed electric and magnetic fields."

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