Detecting and analyzing higher dimensions via the EM radiation field.

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Hans de Vries

Mar 9, 2007, 4:04:59 PM3/9/07
In this paper we derive and describe how the EM
radiation field looks like in an arbitrary higher
dimensional space.

The work strongly suggest that we should have seen
signs from these higher dimensions already, that is,
if they exist. We should have seen the effects directly
via the nature of the electromagnetic radiation
originating from charges moving and accelerating
within these higher dimensions.

The paper:

The webside page with a layman explanation:

The paper itself requires a graduate physics level for
a good understanding. Care has been taken to make
it as accessible as possible. As often happens, after
finishing the document I found out that much of the
paper isn't really original work. It is mentioned that
a full derivation of the massless propagators in the
space-time domain of any dimension is also given in
reference [1]. Reverences [2] and [3] show identical
results as we do. Interestingly, reference [3]
discusses gravitons instead of photons. The
correspondence is of course the result of both
having massless propagators with the difference
that the gravitons correspond to a spin 2 tensor
field and the photons to a spin 1 vector field.

Regards, Hans

[1] S. Hassani, Mathematical Physics, (Springer-
Verlag, New York, 1998) Is mentioned to contain
a complete derivation of the massless propagators
in the space-time domain in any dimensional space.

[2] D. V. Gal'tsov, Radiation reaction in various
dimensions, Physical Review D 66, 025016 (2002).

[3] Cardoso et. al. Gravitational Radiation in
D-dimensional Spacetimes,
Physical Review D 67 064026 (2003). hep-th/0212168

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