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19 févr. 2007, 07:55:2219/02/2007
Hi There,

Being an Fiber Optics Communications veteran, I am watching the actual
FTTH networks' s rollout with the highest interest.

Among other things, there is one topic which is of concern to me :
Testing. I am pretty convinced that the 20-yrs old technics used for
acceptance testing of optical links are totally out of sight in the
case of FTTH : doing OTDR measurements from the subscriber's house is
definitely not the most cost-effective method for budget-pressured
telcos ;-)

Hence the idea of mixing physical layer (read : fiber), protocol layer
(read : IP), and applications layer (read : TriplePlay Services -
telephone, internet, television) in one single test. In short : allow
the technician who does the cabling to verify the ability of the link
to carry the whole pack of the TriplePlay services.

Shall you be interested in sharing your own views/experience/feedback,
please feel free to drop me an email at
Also, visit my blog at, and read the post
"Testing 2.0 : the Elevator Pitch" at

Thank you in advance,

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