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Corona Update 22: PFizer destroyed in this video. Watch only if you can calculate !

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Jan 6, 2022, 11:52:40 PM1/6/22

Definitions from website:

From table 18.1 link:

Relative risk (RR)
the rate (risk) of poor outcomes in the intervention group divided by the rate of poor outcomes in the control group. For example, if the rate of poor outcomes is 20 per cent in the intervention group and 30 per cent in the control group, the relative risk is 0.67 (20 per cent divided by 30 per cent). The relative risk is 1 when the intervention has no effect, below 1 when it does good and above 1 when it does harm (see Absolute risk reduction).

Relative risk reduction (RRR)
the extent to which the risk of a poor outcome is reduced by an intervention. In the example given in Relative risk (above), the relative risk r

Absolute risk reduction (ARR) or risk difference
the difference in the incidence of poor outcomes between the intervention group of a study and the control group. For example, if 20 per cent of people die in the intervention group and 30 per cent in the control group, the ARR is 10 per cent (30–20 per cent).

Performed calculation:

162 / 18325 = 0,00884038199181446111869031377899 * 100 = 0,88403819918144611186903137789905

8 / 18198 = 0,00043960874821408946038026156720519e-4 = 0,04396087482140894603802615672052

rr = 0,04396087482140894603802615672052 / 0,88403819918144611186903137789905 = 0,0497273475989085763053598346854
rrr = 1 - 0,0497273475989085763053598346854 = 0,9502726524010914236946401653146 * 100 = 95,02726524010914236946401653146% = RRR

absolute = % die in normal=control group - % of intervention group

Let's suppose all covid cases 162 and 8 die because of futher lack of info then:
absolute risk reduction = 0.88 - 0.04 = 0,841

So the video checks out, only 1 procent risk reduction.

However it gets more interesting later on in the video because the vaccines have side effects and actually destroys health and kills people.

Long story short it seems to be the vaccine does more harm than good !

Watch video yourself ! I only watch first part up to this calculation point but I will watch the rest as well.

Now you know why USA grants this SCAM Company Immunity during Emergency Situation.

As soon as Emergency Situation is gone, vaccinations will/most stop or this Company goes bankrupt in law suits !

Thus incentive for control freaks to lengthen the Emergency Situation.

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