wiki about APM atomically precise manufacturing

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Mar 17, 2015, 1:09:30 AM3/17/15


I've started a wiki about atomically precise manufacturing
and would like to get some feedback! (note: a wiki is never finished - e.g.=
I realize that the technology level pages need improvement)

For all I know this mailing list seems to be the only purely topic specific=
community discussion place at the moment. Thus I assume to find some infor=
med people here and go through the trouble to post despite it's rather sile=
nt here.

I'm planning to soon publish the wiki to the maker community to get a broad=
er audience with potential interest and capability.

Motivations for the site:

The lack of a place where valuable community ideas accumulate and get tight=
ly woven in a growing link network where one can quickly refer to may be on=
e of the reasons this mailing list lost traffic and in general public inter=
est declined. The discussants may have felt that the discussion was going i=
n circles or repeatedly restarts at zero. At the moment it seems one has to=
read through a quite some linear literature to get a basic idea of what AP=
M actually is, likely preventing someone short on time (e.g. a reporter) to=
get the basic picture. Also I needed a place to write down some of my own =
ideas in context without the need to write a lengthy but incomplete introdu=
ction every time.

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