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Mar 17, 2015, 1:47:42 AM3/17/15

The following web site has been established as a replacement for this newsgroup:

As may be evident to the few who may still be monitoring this newsgroup, use of
it has fallen to almost nothing. My own attentiveness to it withered, with the
result that the rare legitimate post needing approval would get overlooked for
months. I apologize for the dereliction of duty.

A few times I have been asked to recommend an equivalent web forum. So I
performed several searches of the Internet for such an animal so I could have a
recommendation I could post here. I was not able to find anything satisfactory.
(Blogger websites? Nanotech news sites? - Yes. Some multi-subject sites with
tons of ads that happened to have nanotechnology as one of their categories
that seemed mostly PR outlets? Yes.)

So I finally decided to create a web forum at that
I hope will work out. Please feel free to create an account there and start
some conversations. Or lurk if you must - I have set it up to allow anyone to
follow the discussions without having to create an account.

Consider it a work in progress. Email me at if you run into
any problems creating an account.

- Jim Logajan

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