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Jan 10, 2022, 5:54:35 PMJan 10
Tucker Carlson Fears the Gays in Local Park Restrooms
Sommer Mathis

Via Wonkette, some lovely video of everyone’s favorite political
pundit/dancer with zero shame or credibility, Tucker Carlson. In the wake of
the accusations of lewd activity in a men’s bathroom against Sen. Larry Craig
(R-Idaho), Carlson appeared on MSNBC Live on Tuesday to proclaim Craig as
seeming awfully guilty, and later told host Dan Abrams that some twenty years
ago he and a friend once beat up a gay man who he says made a pass at Carlson
in a public restroom in Georgetown Park. Awesome! Because as we all know,
real men commit hate crimes.

He also went on to say that he currently avoids taking his son to the public
restroom at the park where he plays soccer because of “creepy guys” hanging
out in there. We know Carlson lives in Alexandria, so which park do you think
he’s talking about here? Not because we want to find any creepy guys in the
men’s room, more so we can show up with 50 drag queens and really freak
Carlson right the eff out.


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