(rev 3.5) Koos Nolst Trenite - Leonardo Da Vinci - About Aliens, Dimensions (definition given), Consciousness (definition given), Time (definition given), And (Earth's) Past And Future (definition given) {HRI 20040829-V3.5} (Version 3.5 on 19 Oct 2007)

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Koos Nolst Trenite

Oct 19, 2007, 8:30:53 AM10/19/07
Leonardo Da Vinci - Introduction to 'About Aliens, Dimensions,
Consciousness, Time, And Earth's Past And Future'

29 August 2004
{HRI 20040829-V3.5}

(Version 3.5
on 19 Oct 2007)

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One of the very excellent television series on Leonardo da Vinci,

a three part TV series available on video disc - an epic
made by Nick Rossiter,

is a biographic masterpiece that covers all well-known aspects of
that life time, even of Leonardo as the eminent philosopher:

Leonardo was born before, indeed

- as you might like to feel or see from one of Raphael's
famous paintings in the Vatican, depicting Leonardo -

as the philosopher Plato, in Athens, *(2)

a fact which you could assume might not have been unknown
to Leonardo's friend, the painter Raphael.



(*) And this may be the place to say, that Sigmund
Freud has never said anything true about anyone,

neither about others nor about himself,

and the same applies to Freud's equally Criminally
Minded "friend," Albert Einstein, who came to a
similar type of fame:


The type of fame that will turn into infamy
before long,

as both Freud and Einstein have done more to
destroy science,

Freud to destroy your understanding of
people, and

Einstein to destroy your understanding of
physics, of astronomy and of mathematics,

regarded as an authority by
Criminal Minds, he was even
inciting another Criminal Mind
into deciding to finance the
physical mass destruction of man
by means of an Atom bomb,

building super bombs INSTEAD
OF facing precisely (and
making others, and people in
general face precisely),

the very Criminal Minds who
destroy their OWN country and
who try and destroy as many
of their OWN people as they
manage - because that is the
actual purpose of Criminal
Minds, what they ENJOY doing,
like you know it from Mao or
Stalin or Hitler or Japanese
Criminal Mind Hideki -

thus it is, that one might assume from a
wider and more correct viewpoint, that
they - the Criminal Minds Freud, and the
not less known Einstein - have in the
last hundred or so years, probably done
more to DISABLE people's intellect, and
to destroy people's understanding,

by managing to PREVENT people from
finding correct solutions, and so
causing destruction indirectly, but
more lastingly and more thoroughly

than anyone else, so it appears.



These, and any Criminal Minds,

such as also Stephen Hawking "about physics,"

and the many 'gurus,' 'swamis' and 'pundits'
of India about the spirit, and the 'buddhas'
and their idol, "about the goals of life,"
and "about the condition of people,"

these 'gurus' in their chosen field,

ENJOY LYING, and they ENJOY doing so with 'the
greatest force of conviction,' which is also called


Those are mechanisms that I have explained, in a way
for anyone to understand, for instance already in

'Genuine Art - Producing It, Recognizing It'
{HRI 20021220}.


That will give you some understanding to begin with, of
what Leonardo was opposed by,

in his attempt to express his Love for Mankind, through
Beauty and by means of science.


And if you want to know more about the nature of Leonardo,
then you can study of course also the nature of Plato.

In this respect I wrote not only

'Defining Love and Hate' {HRI 20020729} *(4)(4a)

but also

'Plato on Making Love' {HRI 20041114} *(8)


'True Love ...Loves (...)' {HRI 20060521} *(9)



Should that not be enough for you to feel the soul of who was
Leonardo, then you might like to know, that you may recognize the
same person or soul (Leonardo, Plato) born earlier, as who became
King Solomon,

who, by the way, was also the king in the lives of women,
as well as

the writer of the 'Song of Songs,' the 'Canticle' with
which to convey the height of Love between man and woman

because and while the matching nature and
character of their bodies' Energies make it
possible, so,

to make love true, of a joy

that can only be tasted by those that are
capable of creating and maintaining the Beauty
of sexual Energies when these are created to
touch and then

to match the Love between a man and a woman

- such as you were once capable of, to create
and to feel, and may so become again if your
soul is still sufficiently whole and if you
wish to experience that tremendous joy -

a joy which nowadays is only seldomly described
or shown in public,

as indeed Consciousness is pushed further
down and down, not only by those 'swamis'
and 'buddhas' from India who replace it
with a PRETENDED "Consciousness," or
awareness PRETENDED,

following the goals of Criminal Minds to
eradicate your awareness almost complete-
ly, in which effort they

- starting from India indeed (after
having laid some ground work in
ancient Egypt) -

have succeeded to quite some extent, and
in which they are still going strong,

down and down and down, without
that you ever notice it... *(1)(1a)


So we better find back to the Consciousness and
awareness that for instance Leonardo could use,

and did use to again show the Love, and with it
the technical possibilities, for achieving that
level of material and social freedom,

in which it is possible to REGAIN,
(not to "evolve," but) to GET BACK

some of our destroyed awareness indeed

(and doing all that, DESPITE the
'pundits' and other 'Babas' and
'Anandas' and modern-day 'Lamas,'
'Gurus,' 'World Teachers' and
'Fathers' -

that is, those who like to have,
and be given by others, the total
certainty, each of them

- to the exclusion of the
others, too -

of constituting the "only savior of

We get back some awareness of truth, which
simply is 'that what happened'

- as any normal and rather sane person
can tell you and knows -

and this results, of course, in correct


It is high time, indeed, that you do get some correct
definitions, of

- Time (which includes Past, Present, and Future, of

- Consciousness (here the terms awareness and consciousness
are used as being similar, and in this
context, there is no need to define one
- to set one apart - from the other)

- Dimension (a word derived from what means 'to measure').


For this purpose, I have written some short and not so
short definitions

- which I write here because I know they are
correct (that sets me apart from all the others) -

and, which I do in order

to counter all the confusion introduced (by those who have
quite different or opposite PURPOSES).

They are given separately, at the bottom *(a)


We continue to look for and at what actually


Further - when you study the various alphabets that have been
used at times and places - you will find with King Solomon, the
alphabet known as the 'Celestial Writing,'

which happens to be the connection, that forms part of the
true or truthful Da Vinci code.



The life of Leonardo then gives you a framework from which to
read the more elaborate, present day writing, from his viewpoint
many centuries later:

'About Aliens, Dimensions, Consciousness, Time,
And Earth's Past And Future'
{HRI 20040617-V3.8} (currently Version 3.8, or
any later version when published.)



The text with that title - almost 14,000 words - is dealing with the
very nature of life itself,

from a viewpoint so all-encompassing,

so complete, so vastly educated, so truly caring and so
beautifully restoring truth,

that you never have even dared to imagine or hold it, but that
nevertheless is also your own viewpoint, should you

'know yourself' - or "gnoti seauton" as Plato said in Greek.


Koos Nolst Trenite "Cause Trinity"
human rights philosopher and poet

'Solomon's wisdom was greater
than the wisdom of
all the men of the East,
and greater
than all the wisdom of Egypt.'

1 Kings 4:30


Addition since version 2.0:


(a) Below, I will give you some correct definitions

(very short or not so very short definitions)

as part of this Human Rights Issue {HRI 20040829},

written after, and as an introduction to

{HRI 20040617} 'About Aliens, Dimensions, Consciousness,
Time, And Earth's Past And Future.' *(3)



Aliens: If you consider, that there are only people existing on Earth,
then you have been made and are being kept highly Insane as
regards your knowledge about life in general, of course.*

* - (See (*) in the main body of text, above.)



Dimensions: A dimension is something that you can measure as having a
distance, which of course implies a direction in which to

Due to the fact that an understanding of the
mechanics of perception and of awareness is

(not only in 'science,' but ALSO in psychic

the word 'dimension' is then used by people as

'anything that can be visible' - like in a dream, you
actually do see things - or, as

'anything that can be imagined in some way.'


That is of course not a correct way of using
the word, as it is practically undefined,

WHILE those who use it, pretend it to be very
meaningful and defined, in actual fact they do
not define it at all.

If you consider the amount of "higher
dimensions" they 'throw at your senses' -
in numbers well beyond those dimensions
(the three dimensions that a carpenter or
a mason works with) that ARE defined,

and if you consider, that they talk in
such a way as to make you assume, that
"THEY do know, and YOU don't know" about
"higher dimensions," but, that they are
not able to define the word dimension
itself even, nor that they can define
what they would like it to mean when and
as they use it,

much like they can not define
'Energy' or 'Frequency' or 'Wave-
length' or 'Vibration' or 'Other
World,' even though they throw
these terms at your senses with
equal conviction of "knowing what
they talk about," but despite all

you could deduce (find out), that they
probably intend 'Dimension' to mean a

"where you can feel or see or
imagine something to exist."


I have never seen any of them define it, or
even capable of defining it at all, because

while I may understand THEM

- me having studied not only physics, but
also vastly more than they, about the
subjects they try to express and
experience, and thus

me having a vastly wider viewpoint and
basis for evaluation of the experienced
phenomena they describe -

and while therefore I may understand what
they are talking about,

THEY themselves do not know...


Which is something

- the precious state, of knowing
what one knows, and of knowing
also what one does not know,

(and thus being able to admit
what one does NOT know and what
one does NOT understand) -

that is belonging to a condition or state
of mind,

that seems to make them feel vulnerable;

and is a state of mind that even could

(allow a Criminal Mind to take away
the Energy with which they hold,
and thus allow a Criminal Mind to)

destroy what they DO know: (because)

Awareness and perception is entire-
ly a matter of having (or creating
or maintaining) the Life Energy to
connect and so to perceive and to
be aware of certain things.


They feel, that they can not admit, that
they do NOT know (something),

because (admitting) it, tends to break
the intention

(and with that intention, their
ability to create and direct and
hold and maintain sufficient Life

to feel and perceive things they do not
yet know.


In other words, saying, that 'one
can not perceive something,'

is counter to the intention to

(perceiving is) to INTEND to be
able to connect (with Energy) to
something, and thus

to (create or use the Energy for
it, and so to) perceive it, or
to perceive at least something
about it.


Therefore they are reluctant to admit,
that "they do not know something," or,
that "they can not perceive something,"
or, that "they perceive something

- reluctant even to admit it to
themselves because of those
mechanisms -

and so they all, and without exception
it seems, are stuck in a defense mode
and an "I know more than others"-mode,

which prevents of course, that proper,
fruitful interaction with others, in
particular with other psychics, occurs -

not only to psychically or materially to
verify or validate what they see,

but also to increase their understanding
of what they do see and,

often more importantly, what and
whom they

fail to see:


They do not know and do not want to
detect the fact, that it is ONLY
Criminal Minds (only one percent of
the population) who most vehemently
try to destroy and to oppose

(which is to pull or to smash
away, or else to contaminate,
to distort and poison,

the Energy for holding, and
for communicating, and for

any truth found out and any truth
understood by you or by psychics.

These have no idea whatsoever, how
tremendously evil and how fiercely
driven Criminal Minds are in their
joy to secretly inflict evil on


"Love Everyone," and that even all
the time and no matter what they do
to you, is how Criminal Minds do
easily destroy you and easily pull
away your Energy,

and these INTENTIONALLY destructive
ideas - ideas that Criminal Minds
teach - mainly originate from the
land of India.

"Loving everyone" is the
quickest way to destroy and
pervert Love, and to destroy
life, by empowering Criminal
Minds with Energy - and it
is exactly that, what they
intend to bring about.

The correct phrase is "Do not Hate anyone" - as
the faithful reader knows

and as others are easily reminded of

being the actual truth.



Consciousness: That what you connect to with clean, clear Life Energy:
You then become aware of it as it actually exists.

At some future time, I will differentiate the
terms Consciousness, and Awareness,

which differentiation and definition, requires
some more definition of the soul, of your
abilities, that is.

See also under 'About Past And Future,' below.

Consciousness, as in 'how big is your consciousness,'
and 'he was conscious of some of his abilities:'

That what you connect to with clean, clear Life Energy.
You then become aware of it as it actually exists.

Your consciousness is determined by how well you desire
and are able to generate and use such clean, connecting

Doing the connecting IS the action of
perceiving, and of being aware.

Criminal Minds have reversed this, by
trying to teach you, that perception and
awareness is a passive thing,

so that they can and indeed do more
easily destroy you and suck your Energy

Indeed, both that (the Energy that holds the) ability
or (the) desire to perceive and be aware, AND the Life
Energy itself necessary to connect and thus to become
aware, have been very severely damaged and are very
severely blocked and continuously messed up, by
Criminal Minds, by means of THEIR making, using and
projecting Extremely Harmful Energies (Particles);

and they did do so not only IN the past, and they did
not only distort or block perception OF the past

so that you can not remember or connect to most
of it now, but

they also do this to you in the present,

and they will of course do it in the future too, to you
and others, as they have no intention to stop.


In other words - and particularly in the not
unlikely case, that you have or will have
studied or have to listen to any of the very
false concepts about "consciousness," about
"awareness," that the 'gurus' and 'swamis'
and 'buddhas' like to swamp and destroy the
'New Age' with - *(1a)

all the ideas of "the evolution of
consciousness," and of "enlightenment,"
of "life is for learning," all the
Hindu and Buddhist terminology, like
"karma," "samsara" and so on, *(1a)

are intended ONLY to prevent you from
facing Criminal Minds,

and to prevent you from facing those past
and present and of course future actions
of Criminal Minds when they were

damaging - which they do in the
present also and which they intend
to continue to do in the future
too - which is them

damaging your ability (your ENERGIES,
Energy Particles, that you have and
create and use) to feel and thus to
enjoy life; and the Criminal Minds are

damaging very much your ability to defend
yourself against their evil, and thus
they are damaging your ability to stay
healthy and to enjoy a life in health;
and the Criminal Minds are

damaging your ability to perceive these
Criminal Minds, when they present their
'mask' to you that hides their soul, that
hides who they are and who they were;

where it is so, of course, that
your true perception and your
detection of them, would be aided
of course by an ability (by your
having the Energy) to sense and to
remember them as you have known
them in your past, in any past,

when you can remember, what they
have done to you or to others in
the past, so that you can predict
their behavior now,

because - again contrary to the
Hindu and Buddhist REVERSE concepts
"about life" - Criminal Minds do
NOT at all change, from life time
to life time, other than having
obtained a more clever mask.


Our consciousness has almost completely been
eradicated by Criminal Minds, and (our Energy)
is continuously under the most severe attack by
them - day and night, also during our sleep.


And there is no "evolving of Consciousness" at all,
as you are knocked more and more UNCONSCIOUS, and that,
continuously or repeatedly; but

what IS there, at most, is only REGAINING some (small
part of) your Consciousness and of your Abilities and
of your Love and of your Beauty

- regaining it for some short time at least,
till these (the Energies to hold and use your
abilities, your Beauty and your Love) are
smashed away again; that is, unless you learn

(but not from Criminal Minds, especially
not from those, who claim to be and who
are worshiped as "spiritual teachers" or
want to be accepted as "world teachers,"

not from any such who have any
connection to the beliefs that are
rooted in and still sprouting from
India, generally,

and not (PLEASE!) "learning" from those
who are "selected by aliens" to spread
the lies - no matter how obvious the lies
are - that the "chosen ones" have been
told indeed, and which they blindly
believe "because aliens said so," lies
or "cosmic laws," that they, "of their
own free will and judgment," are made to
pass on to us, to keep our civilization
down and confused; and more generally,
as regards you taking data, please

NOT from those, who will do everything to
PREVENT you from being yourself, and who
will prevent you from following your
ACTUAL nature, which - your true nature -
is *(7))

that you yourself actually do want very much,

and have always wanted,

Minds, to see again who ARE Criminal Minds -

instead of running away after "Noble Truths" in "small
or even big vehicles" of "spiritual evolution,"

trying to stop all life, and thus, by running away,
betraying everyone (really they do, that's not a joke!)

while the correct thing to do, of course, is
to face Criminal Minds and thus REGAINING
some of your sanity and of your Love and of
your Beauty, rather than

convincing people, that they must do as if "Criminal
Minds do not exist," and

that "everything (that these 'non-existent' Criminal
Minds do to you) is YOUR OWN fault" or

even is "for your own good," and

yes, they really say so - "is necessary to develop your
consciousness, (to evolve as a soul)"

claiming - wonder oh wonder - that NOT facing Criminal
Minds (that BEING Insane, as ALL Insanity is caused by
Criminal Minds, and continued by not facing them) "IS
developing your consciousness," really now...

- but that is what they, Criminal Minds indeed,
love to hear (of course), and that is what
they teach you in India, and beyond, as you
will find from reading

'How Do You Face Evil? - A Questionnaire'
{HRI 20020201} *(5)

and then also, you might read at some time,

'What IS Depression or Lethargy'
{HRI 20041107-V2.2}. *(6)




Time: The present is defined as what exists. It is possible to feel
the past (as anyone knows) - which is called memory,

or if you are connecting very strongly, it might feel like
"re-living it," as it is possible to feel the past so
vividly, that it seems for some moment more real than the

which many of you have experienced at some time or
other, and as you know it from

dreams, which are merely Life Energies that you
look into and thus experience, and of course

preferably you might choose to experience
those Life Energies (which contain
perceptions and feelings) created by

preferably those I would say, or those
experiences (Life Energies) created
together with nice people who love you,

but NOT those FALSE "Love" Energies of
Criminal Minds who PRETEND to and who
want to make you feel

- with in actual fact thus very 'dirty'
or contaminated Life Energies -

that "they love you" and that "you love


However, it is not the goal of
therapists to make you sane, but
only to make you "feel good," and

so, therapists might tell you - "as
therapy," which you even pay for -
that you create such extremely
debilitating but "temporarily
happy" feelings or Energies:

All feelings ARE Energies.

And so you can create
feelings, and so others can
create feelings you feel, and

so Criminal Minds can make
you feel very sick indeed, or
even damage your body and
make it sick or die -

and the 'gurus' are telling
you NOT to see that, but they
want you to believe, that
such harm inflicted on you,
is "developing your

Then we are now more or less
forced, to give a correct
definition of their "Cosmic

"Do not ever face who
does what to you or to
others, nor why and
how" - and

"Never, ever, face the
existence and the
actual nature of any
Criminal Minds."



Some, if not most Energies that have been created in the past

- by definition Energies intend to do something, or they
record something, or they hold something, or connect to
something, and when condensed very much, these (they are
Particles, Fine Particles) can become matter - these,
when created in the past,

can now be seen or felt, exactly as these Energies have been
created or have been shaped and formed (in the past).


Light of photons, has nothing whatsoever to do with time, nor
with space,* because perception and feeling is done with Life
Energy Particles, and not with photon's light.

* - (See (*) in the main body of text, above.)

And Life Energy 'travels' (appears) instantaneously, as I have
already explained to you earlier, and which you can experience


So when you look at the past and connect very intensely with the
past, then you can see what has been created in the past, of

you can remember - isn't it - how you were sitting in the
class room, pretending to be a moron "who does not know
anything" and "who does not sense (feel-perceive) anything"
and "who can not see people as they are"

- things you pretend, to please your parents and
your teachers, and to not get them upset or angry;

because you refrain from telling them, or even from
holding (yourself aware of) the very applicable
thought, that

they teach you too many lies, and that

they severely hinder your abilities and your
use of your desire to live and be alive and be
of true value for others and for the society -

and you can see, what of that Energy

(in this case, your Energy of your agreeing to be a moron
in order to please others who believe and tell you that
'they know everything, and that you know nothing,'

you can see, how much of that feeling or compulsion still)

is active in the present,

which is Energy that has been created in the past, and that
you might like to remove because it hinders you.


In this respect, such hindering Life Energy Particles are
comparable to blocks of concrete (blocks of stone), or,

comparable to very dirty water, or, to fog in the air, or,
to drugs in your body

- you basically want to remove these blocking
Energies that have those feelings and compulsions
and ideas, and

you can remove them too, by seeing what is actually
there, Energy Particles that are existing and are
still intending to control you.


So it might seem to you, that "you travel to the past
in order to repair your present" - but you are acting from
the present always, LOOKING INTO the past from the present,

finding, what of that past is IN THE PRESENT still annoying
you but was created or put there, obviously, in the past.

And unlike land mines that, for instance in Cambodia,
have in the past been put in the ground, and that one
has actually to physically dig out of the ground now,
in the present,

Life Energies are much lighter and much less dense,
much finer, and they respond to your looking at it,
to your sensing them, if the Life Energies that you
look at are not too hard to feel and remember (to
connect to and feel as they actually are). And the
hard ones you can learn about, in

'Defining The Major Harmful Or Bad Energies - As
They Are Created And Projected By Criminal
Minds' {HRI 20030611} *(10)


'Dismantling Criminal Minds - Fine Particle
Physics Major Discoveries' ('How to become
free of evil people') {FPP 20070331-V2.7}




About Past And Future:

(the future) The past is what happened - and

the future is not fixed, but you can feel the
Energy of (that is, perceive) what will happen,
what can be expected,

should you be able to feel that, and be

willing to 'connect that feeling to your
consciousness, so as to become aware of it.'

Then you could of course decide to act
upon what you expect, as anyone does more
or less anyway,

and you can decide accordingly - that is,
according to what you want life to have,
or what you want life not to have;

and thus you try to avoid, or you try to
meet and embrace, what will probably

Which of course requires that you
are free enough, and not dominated
too much,

not only to have enough data and
perception to correctly predict or
evaluate the future, to anticipate
and to prepare, but

it of course requires also that you
are not dominated too much and are
free enough or have enough Energy
and possibilities

to be able to avoid things, or on
the other hand, to embrace things
and people, that you will meet in
the future.

These facts and conditions
have not been taken into
account, but instead have
been deliberately left out
of the Constitution of the
United States and of other
Declarations of Human Rights

- because Criminal Minds do
not actually want you to
have a free choice at all.

See also the 'Textnote on Precognition and
Prophecy' in {HRI note 20071013-V2.1.1-s}.



(the past) The past is what has happened - it is fixed,
it can not ever be erased (even though Criminal
Minds do their best to destroy or to distort
your Energy for connecting to and, thereby,
remembering the past) and

the past is available for anyone, also for
you, to remember or feel,

should you have (or create or get back)
the Energy to connect and thus to
perceive and thus to become aware of

some part of the past

(and that, only as long as you have and
keep the Life Energy to do so).


Perception of the past can of course be
erroneous, because the Energy for feeling or
perceiving it, has been 'booby-trapped'
(severely messed up) by Criminal Minds

- and Criminal Minds, as you know by now,
do not want, at all, that you feel or
remember the past correctly, or that
you keep it in your mind and thus would
remain sane and act sanely, of course:

Criminal Minds want the Energy of
connecting to your memories WIPED
out, taken away from you.

So, if someone wants that
your memories are wiped out,
then you are probably talking
to a Criminal Mind, or to
someone who wants to hide
Criminal Minds "because they
are so very unpleasant to
look at" - sure they are...



(past and future) The future is not fixed, but the Energy of
Life shows a prediction or expectation of how
things will be. Thus you can change also a
future, that otherwise would indeed occur as
foreseen if you did nothing to change it.

Which was the idea in the excellent TV
series "Early Edition," in which the main
person gets tomorrow's newspaper - but he
gets it today...


Even when you are intensely looking at the
future, or if your attention (your Energy with
which you connect things to your consciousness,
so that you become aware of them) if that
awareness is immersed in some past (if it
feels as if "you are in the past")

you then still are in the present feeling that
past, and so it is also recorded in your
memories (as proven by the fact, that these
memories can later be contacted and have that
data available to connect to, about that time).


In other words, the 'now' is recorded
while you look at the past or future,

which proves, that you are in
the 'now' and not "in the past,"
nor "in the future,"

and so you will later remember it - as,
for instance:

'On the first of January of the year
2005, I felt very vividly the day
in the year 2000, when the new
millennium started.'


See also: 'From Past To Future Lives - The Wisdom Of King Solomon'
{HRI 20031109} - (to be issued still, though - except for
the Preface {HRI 20031109-00-V1.0} and
the Introduction {HRI 20031109-01-V1.0})



(1) 'The "Become Perfect"-Mind-Control of Hinduism, Buddhism and
New-Age Cults' {HRI 20050514-V3.1}
(14 May 2005 - Version 3.1 on 14 June 2005)

(1a) 'Penetrating and Exposing Hinduism and Buddhism'
{HRI 20060816-V5.0}
(16 August 2006 - Version 5.0 on 1 Nov 2006)

(2) 'What I Told You Already Two Thousand Years Ago...
Plato's Republic'
{HRI 20070821-V1.0.1}
(21 August 2007 - Version 1.0.1 on 21 Aug 2007)

(3) 'About Aliens, Dimensions, Consciousness, Time, And Earth's Past
And Future' {HRI 20040617-V3.8}
(17 June 2004 - Version 3.8 on 29 August 2004)

(4) 'Quote from 'Defining Love And Hate - A Law Of Life' '
(14 February 2005 quote from {HRI 20020729-V2.0})

(4a) 'Defining Love And Hate - A Law Of Life'
{HRI 20020729-V2.0}
(29 July 2002 - Version 2.0i on 7 January 2003)

(5) 'How Do You Face Evil? - A Questionnaire'
{HRI 20020201-V1.0.1} (issued 20 Feb 2003)
(1 February 2002 - Version 1.0.1 on 9 June 2007)

(6) 'What IS Depression or Lethargy'
{HRI 20041107-V2.2}
(7 November 2004 - Version 2.2 on 14 Dec 2004)

(7) 'Religious Freedom - (Definition for Human Rights enforcement)'
{HRI 20030407-3-V1.2.1}
(7 April 2003 - Issue 3 - Version 1.2.1 on 7 Aug 2007)

(8) 'Plato On Making Love - And Defining Loneliness'
{HRI 20041114-V2.2.1}
(14 November 2004 - Version 2.2.1 on 28 May 2007)
{HRI 20041114-V2.0-UAA}

(9) 'True Love ...Loves - ... In Any Religion and Definition of ...'
{HRI 20060521-V2.0.2}
(21 May 2006 - Version V2.0.2 on 26 March 2007)
'True Love Loves - 'Sacks' In Any Religion, and Definition
of 'Sacks' '
{HRI 20060521-V2.0.2-UAA}
(21 May 2006 - Version 2.0.2-UAA on 26 March 2007)

(10) 'Defining The Major Harmful Or Bad Energies
- As They Are Created And Projected By Criminal Minds'
{HRI 20030611}
(11 June 2003)

(11) 'Info on 'Dismantling Criminal Minds - Fine Particle Physics
Major Discoveries'' (on {FPP 20070331-V2.2} {HRI 20070331-V2.2})
(8 April 2007)

(12) 'Dismantling Criminal Minds - Fine Particle Physics
Major Discoveries' ('How to become free of evil people')
{FPP 20070331-V2.7}
{HRI 20070331-V2.7}
(31 March 2007 - V2.7 on 30 Apr 2007)

(13) 'American Constitution - Destroyed By Benjamin Franklin In 1787,
How' - Quote from {HRI 20021018-V2.0} 'The Mafia Code Against
(10 October 2003 quote, of Version 2.0 on 10 October 2003)

(14) 'Precognition: Which 'Stauffenberg' will assassinate 'Vladolf'
Putin?' (includes Textnote on Precognition and Prophecy)
{HRI note 20071013-V2.1.1-s}
(13 October 2007 - Version 2.1.1-s on 16 Oct 2007)


(See also under Footnotes, above.)

'Explaining The Scale Of Sanity'
{HRI 20040619-V4.1}
(19 June 2004 - Version 4.1 on 16 May 2007)

'Learning And Reading - Leonardo Da Vinci and Galileo Galilei had
an excellent command of reading and writing' {HRI 20040811}
(11 August 2004)

'Genuine Art - Producing It, Recognizing It' {HRI 20021220}
(20 Dec 2002)

'The Trinity Of Science - Truth, Love and Beauty'
{HRI 20030307-pi-1-V2.1}
(7 Mar 2003 - Version 2.1 on 17 Oct 2003)

'The Rights of Criminal Minds'
{HRI 20040108-V1.2.1}
(8 January 2004 - Version 1.2.1 on 9 Aug 2007)

'From Past To Future Lives - The Wisdom Of King Solomon'
{HRI 20031109} - to be issued except for two introductory parts:
the Preface {HRI 20031109-00-V1.0}
the Introduction {HRI 20031109-01-V1.0})

'How Do You Face Evil? - A Questionnaire'
{HRI 20020201-V1.0.1} (issued 20 Feb 2003)
(1 February 2002 - Version 1.0.1 on 9 June 2007)

'What IS Depression or Lethargy' {HRI 20041107-V2.2}
(7 November 2004 - Version 2.2 on 14 Dec 2004)


Copyright 2004-2007 by Koos Nolst Trenite - human rights philosopher
and poet
This is 'learnware' - it may not be altered, and it is free for
anyone who learns from it and (even if he can not learn from it)
who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
to others who might be able to learn from it.
None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
or religious or scientific agenda, but only to educate, and to
encourage people to judge un-dominated and for themselves,
about any organizations or individuals.
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