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New Corning SunSensors vs. Transition vs. Rodenstock ColorMatic Photochromic Lenses

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Michael S. Muegel

Jun 12, 2001, 4:49:58 PM6/12/01
Hello. FYI I'm a consumer.

I've never tried photochromic lenses before but am considering trying
them for a new prescription. I'm trying to compare the following
plastic lenses:

+ Corning SunSensors
+ Transition III and Quantum
+ Rodenstock ColorMatic

I live in Dallas, TX. I've had prescription sunglasses made in the
past but never used them much: big hassle and the correction never
seemed to match my normal lenses well.

I'm trying to compare, in order of importance:

+ Performance in the hot hot Dallas summer
+ Transmitted light indoors
+ Fading time
+ Blocked light outdoors
+ Blocked light while driving\
+ Weight
+ Activation time
+ Price
+ Lifespan (2 years is what I'm looking for)

I would be getting anti-glare coat.

After research here and on the company's websites, I'm confused about
which would best work for me, *if any*. From what I can tell
Transitions III would perform poorly in Dallas. Transitions Quantum
mentions "Proven high-heat performance," but no specs. Are these
really that different from their III line? Corning SunSensors touts
"Excellent warm-weather performance."

And Rodenstock says their lenses "darken up to 50% in the car."

Any opinion? Waste of $$$? I was thinking of trying Transitions III
because my Costco offers them for $70 (lenses only), and I could
handle that as an experiment. But in Dallas that looks to be a waste
of $$$. Adding to my confusion the optometrist who I went to for my
new prescription last week liked his Transitions III, and I'm assuming
he lives in the same heat soaked city I do.

Finally, do all of these really take 5+ minutes to fade back?


John Bruno

Jun 16, 2001, 11:26:56 PM6/16/01
Consider the Transitions Velocity. It's the latest and greatest (according
to the maufact) and claims 7times faster darkening and 3times faster
clearing over the widest range of clear-dark of the transitions line, and
the least affected by temperature. Basically a Transitions Quantum
technology in spectralite lens material. A good lens, but a little pricey.


Michael S. Muegel <> wrote in message

Robert Jones

Jun 25, 2001, 11:24:02 PM6/25/01
I have a pair of transitions III and corning sun sensors.

The sunsensors get much darker in cool temps. Sometimes too dark. In
warm temps there is not as much difference but I give the edge to the
Corning. I have not tried the Velocity transitions.

BTW they are all poor in a car. To kill two birds with one stone I
have a pair of magnetic polaroid clips and Corning lenses. That way
when I drive I put the clips on and use them without the clips for
most other activities. Works great for me.


Nov 29, 2021, 1:10:20 PM11/29/21
Hello, I have a question about the thinner lens, my formula is of -3.5 and I bought a Rayban mount type aviator, is a thin mount, but I don't know what is the thinner lens if the transition 1.74 or colormatic 1.6, thanks
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