Not happy with my glasses/prescription - chance of double vision?

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Dec 27, 2019, 12:24:12 PM12/27/19
So once again I got a set of glasses that I am not happy with. I hope that someone in here can give me a second opinion on my issues.

When I am sitting in the opticians chair looking through his "old style machine", I often got problems in seeing difference when the optician asks "what is best? 1 or 2". Results are that glass prescriptions are different every time I get a new result from the optician

They are also different from what the automatic machine (the one where you look at a picture that looks like "Southfork" from Dallas) reads out. Are these machines not trusted? Why does the optician also measure the vision "old style"?

IF it helps, I can try to post the different prescriptions.

I have very different strength on my eyes. One is -2.5 the other is -5,75 (although sometimes measured -5.5 and some times -5.25 and then again sometimes -5.0)

Because of the different strength of my eyes, I think that my brain compensates by only using one eye. One doctor told me, that I am not "allowed" to have full strength on my bad eye as I might develop double vision. Is this true?

I also got astigmatism. Even this is measured quite different from each visit to the optician.

Regards, Lars.
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