Metab-l for Professionals in Inborn Errors of Metabolism only

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Dr. Christian Renner

Aug 20, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/20/95

This is to announce "metab-l", an open, professional,
electronic mailing-list for the discussion of topics related to
Inborn Errors of Metabolism.

Sorry: This is a list *for Professionals in the field of Inborn Errors of
Metabolism only*.

To subscribe please send email to
with subscribe metab-l your-complete-email- address
in the body, no subject necesssary.
Please note: Rachael, not Rachel.

Anyone with a valid email-address should be able to subscribe.
Please report any problems you face to me.

Of course, apart from what you already pay for your personal
communication (sending and receiving email) no other costs are

Majordomo is one well-known software for establishing mailing-
list features. Mailing-lists are a means of distributing single
articles or postings to all those adressees, who have
"subscribed" to the list, i.e. whose email adresses are in the
majordomo database for this special list.
By posting an article not to one single adressee alone, but to, you order the majordomo to
distribute the article to all the other colleagues subscribed.
This is like speaking aloud during a congress dinner and being
overheard by colleagues that might contribute valuably to your

Metab-l is just a pilot project in computer-mediated
communication between colleagues interested in Inborn Errors of
The vision is for us to discuss and exchange freely difficult
problems, interesting ideas, intrigueing laboratory procedures,
fascinating congress insights, common programs, long-sought
addresses, perhaps even the latest job-opportunity.

Metab-l is a pilot project meant for us to come to know each
other better, to grow together as a professional Virtual
Community, to work together much more closely for a mutual

Metab-l is a pilot project meant to evolve by common effort.
Let`s use it and see what needs to be improved, changed, added
or deleted.
E.g. additional mailing-lists dealing only with special
diseases, scientific areas or official society announcements
might finally become of interest.

Metab-l is just a pilot project now, I tend to think, though,
that it might become to all of us a quite valuable asset
enriching our daily work. Anyway, I am sure it will be fun to
I even think that for some of metab-l could be the incentive for
finally seeking and aquiring email-access.

We will report about the project`s development.

I do hope to meet you on the list and send kind regards

Christian Renner

Erlangen, FRG ++ Voice +9131-207473 ++ IRC:Marchal ++*pgp-key on request*
CIS 100111.1150 + 2:2490/1500.11 +

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