PET Scan interpretation faint lesion by Jeffrey Dach MD

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Jan 21, 2007, 6:30:26 PM1/21/07
Question regarding PET scan interpretation from jeffrey dach md

CAT scan in chronic smoker shows a small lesion 10 mm in LUL thought to
represent scarring or perhaps neoplasm. PET scan show faint activity
in the lesion suspicious but not typical for metabolic activity of high
grade neoplasm. The activity in the lesion is less than mediastinal

See this article:

Accuracy of PET for Diagnosis of Solid Pulmonary Lesions with 18F-FDG
Uptake Below the Standardized Uptake Value of 2.5

According to the above article, the probability of neoplasm is about
50-60 per cent if the is ANY visible activity in the lesion. Any
comment or experience regarding the faintly visible lesion on the PET
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