Application is Totally Awesome, Graphs the whole worlds events in 2 Seconds

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Apr 1, 2015, 1:09:49 AM4/1/15
Application is Totally Awesome, Graphs the whole worlds events in 2 Seconds.
Allows super easy High Mag Location Concentration detection, (Bar Graph Peaks) .
Allows WW MTC Status Instantly, Selective Mag Graph And Region List Box Col N.
Has Alarms for High Mag, High MTC, and Region Density Figures All Programmable.
Plus all the below functions and more plus more coming up.
Loads and Graphs over 10,000 Records in Five seconds.
Monitor CSV, XML, and many other Popular Databases.
Programmable Maximums,(Alarm Value, Column Deviated).
Programmable Auto Update For Update Timer Duration.
Bar Graphs for Instant Easy Area Value Viewing.
20 Duration Area Modes (4 Durations with 5 Mag values Each)
4 Duration Settings (Hour, Day, Week, Month).
5 Magnitude Settings (SIG M, ALL M, < 1.0, < 2.5M, <4.5M).
Instant Data Downloads, 1 Mouse Click ListBox.
App FREE to Low Income, Donations from other Appriciated.
Use for State of the Art EarthQuake Software Detection.
CSV, XML, Plus other format Alarm Modes, Column Deviated.
Polls Any CSV, XML, Other DB SpreadSheet Instantly.
Programmable Listbox for easy Click to View of unlimited SpreadSheets
App Has Alarm Functions for Values above a given number.
Selectable Listbox for Multiple SpreadSheets, All Functions Programmable.
FREE To Low Income Personnel, Very Low Cost For others, (Payapl)
App Emailed to Buyers within 24 Hours, Great and Statistical Studies.
Web Site:
Free Tech Support:
PWS Software, 1190 S. Winery #173, Fresno, CA, 93727
Email:, Phone: (559)255-9110
Download Great New FREE AlertPro EQ Predictive Version.
App Instructions: App Graphs WorldWide EQ Data in Two Secounds, (Menu > MTCNORM >
WW EQ List), Click Yes for Data, Wait two Seconds for BarGraph Update, Scroll SpreadSheet For DaTA, See EQ Total TextBox Number, Check BarGRaph for Peak Mag Dark Areas for MTC Regions, Note Approx BarGraph/SpreadSheet Location, Check Mag (Col E),and Location (Col L), Click MTCNEW, Zoom into Location on Map for Dispersion Data Patterns, Select a Narrowier Search from the Listbox for Less Data, Watch Peak Mag Dark Areas (BarGraph) for Rapid WW MTC Consitrations, Select a Narrower ListBox Selection if Easier, (ListBox click Per Top Right TextBox Info). Also See WWW.USGS.GOV Listing, Subscribe to USGA Emails, Plus much More."
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