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Nov 9, 2000, 3:00:00 AM11/9/00
I knew I needed someone with me the last couple days but no-one was free so
I tried to get there on my own but I missed the plane by 15 min. Misted city
bus, next one late, forgot which terminal I was supposed to be. and waited
in line for security check Should have taken a cab rather than wait for the
shuttle to the other terminal as the shuttle winds through parking lost.
Lots of 20/20 hindsight but my brain was not working well enough to deal
with the problems I encountered this AM. I did try to book another airline
but no-one going this AM would give me a good deal. Airtran had one, really
old clerk who was taking 20 minutes per customer. So I let the people with
tickets in their hands attempt to check in before their plane left and came
home. You would think that rather than have the seat go empty they could
sell it to me.

Sun-Country offered to book me on the 3:30pm flight but I was coming back at
7:30 pm anyway so all I would be doing is taking a ride. I appeared stupid
enough (I guess) and I did have my sweatshirt on so they will let me rebook
the flight at a later date with a small booking fee. The ticket was
non-transferable, non-refundable.

Hope all goes well and only am the only one too stupid to get there today.
Spent all day yesterday composing this.

Lynn Olivier
1613 Hewitt Avenue
Saint Paul MN 55104-1221
(651) 644-3756

I came here today because I personally believe that Dr Joseph
Burrascano has done nothing to warrant the OPMC action. The complaint was
politically motivated and filed by unknown insurance companies or a member
of the ADLF. I also believe that doctors are being held to an arbitrary
treatment standard that has no basis in published research and is currently
contrived strictly for monetary and political interests not on the basis of
treating a disease or upon the health of America or American's..

At the present time, all the Minnesota and eastern Wisconsin doctors
that we knew of, over the last fifteen years, who treated chronic Lyme
Disease patients in the past, regardless of specialty, will not test or
treat. They will only refer to other doctors. This puts people in an
endless loop of referrals. The obvious question is who is treating the
chronic people who come to the meetings and subscribe to our newsletter.
That question came up at the Statewide Support meeting in Hinckley, MN on
November 4t 2000.

The people who were being treated, not self treating or going out of
state for treatment, said that their doctors had told them they would find a
way to treat them so they could continue to function but, under no
circumstances, should they give their name to anyone else as a doctor who
treated persistent Lyme Disease or they would probably be forced to quit
medicine. People are even moving out of state to get treatment. People
travel out of state to visit doctors who have studied Dr Joseph Burrascano's
Guidelines and are successfully helping many patients throughout the

Why are people being left untreated in Minnesota for this devastating
syphilis-like disease?

1. As Mayo Clinic goes so goes Minnesota Medicine. Several years ago,
probably when a former chairman of the board of a large tobacco company was
named chairman of the board of Mayo, the institution went from being the
greatest places to go to get medical care to just another large health
organization. They also have their own Medical school and as such, fall
under the realm of university researchers. Almost all of the people who have
gone to Mayo for diagnosis and treatment were told their problems were not
Lyme Disease and probably psychological despite history of a tick bite and a
positive ELISA test. (See The Power of Love and Sound Mind, by Linda
Hanner). They have a monetary stake in the only test that they claim can
detect Lyme Disease, after anyone has been given the Lyme Vaccine, which
creates pseudo-antibodies for the most common genetic bands of the Lyme
Disease spirochete. Tom Grier , MS, of the MIBDC in Duluth has written a
very good editorial about the two tiered CDC system using the new Western
Blot, which by understanding their published data only finds 33% of
seropositive Lyme disease. Persistent, chronic or late Lyme Disease is
almost never seropositive according to the university research "experts" own
earlier research. Our world-renowned medical establishment is in denial.

2. The State Epidemiologists are usually one of the guard dogs of public
health. Mike Osterholm was in charge when this disease was emerging. The
reason that the Western Blot was changed was due to a meeting of these
epidemiologists in Michigan four years ago. A former Epidemiologist in
Wisconsin had vigorously persued the numbers of ticks and people being
infected in that state and when the numbers were published, tourism fell by
33%. Since Wisconsin is a very conservative, pro-business state, that
Epidemiologist lost his job. Many of the same people were recruited into the
anti-biological terrorism group at SUNY . With the declining effectiveness
of antibiotics due to misuse, these people are obstructing the treatment for
persistent Lyme Disease, which requires lots of antibiotics to manage or
cure. Mike Osterholm's book talks about impending disasters (duck and cover
mentality), and the need to stockpile antibiotics and curb their use for
when a really bad disease strikes. (Here I come to save the day!) .

3. Doctors in the trenches. For her third book Healing Wounded Dr Patient
Relationships Linda Hanner researched how doctors are trained. They are
trained to discount what the patients say as exaggeration , to win over
disease and to believe in technology as the ultimate answer. Tom Grier
pointed out that there are now about 100 tests for Lyme Disease on the
market. All are a little different but all were based on that bad Western
Blot and Elisa. A scientist who attended the Emerging Infections of the
Central States Conference in Kansas City, MO Oct 21, 2000i was picking our
brains about tests. She told us that she was developing another new test for
Lyme Disease and that she only had to make this test as good as the ELISA
and Western Blot, (33% accurate?). Right now Yale University says if you
were bitten by an Ixodes tick, have a bulls-eye rash , at least one swollen
joint and if you test positive to Elisa you should not be treated unless you
test positive for the dumbed down Western Blot, too. Not everyone who goes
on to persistent Lyme Disease gets all of those early symptoms so the tests
are missing thousands of people, which may very well lead to a national
crisis.. Tom Grier also pointed out a long term study following patients up
to five years after initial treatment, back when they were giving a month of
antibiotics rather than a mere 2 weeks, 50% relapsed sometime during the
next five years. Almost all medical societies and other large health
organizations adopt Yale's published guidelines as gospel. This leaves
doctors who don't follow these, useless, incorrect standards for their
obviously persistently ill patients, open to discipline from their own
organizations or state medical boards. It boils down to this; they are
damned if they do (test and treat) damned if they don't.
4. Insurance companies know that it can cost as much to treat a persistent
spirochetal infection as an AIDs patient per year. However, if you do not
have a diagnosis, you do not have to be treated. They have targeted doctors
in the courts, and by dropping payment amounts or not paying at all those
who dare treat persistent Lyme Disease. This drives the independents and
small clinics out of treatment to not treat or stop treating. Minnesota
jumped on the HMO bandwagon early. HMOs have total protections from lawsuit
by law, thanks to the US Congress. . Self-insured plans are also immune to
state law and there are no federal laws regulating them. That leaves
traditional insurance, which is now rare. It takes an average of two years
for Lyme Disease to become that costly, when the really bad complications
begin to happen. By then, most are off private insurance. It is
cost-effective not to diagnose or treat Lyme Disease at any stage. Insurance
is about money not health.

5.We have had no relief from the courts but a class-action suit has been
discussed many, many times against the insurance companies for breech of
contract and against those who lie for them in order to allow them to
interfere with medical treatment for Lyme Disease. This is so complicated
that it took me 25 years to comprehend it, how could a jury sort it out?

6 The so called "expert" university researchers stopped looking for
treatment or cure for Lyme Disease about 1991 and have taken research money
from the government, from the big drug companies and universities, to first
prematurely develop tests and vaccines, before the full extent of the
disease was known and then continue to take the money, spin research, data,
to lie to the victims, their doctors, the press and government officials.
When that did not make us all "go away" they joined this witch-hunt to get
us pesky victims and our doctors out of the loop. What other disease are the
researchers allowed to outright lie, deny their earlier research, publicly
make jokes about the victims and label them crazy or extremists for wanting
to be well and function in their daily lives? Testifying against insurance
companies gets you $155.00 an hour plus expenses. The big drug companies pay
you to speak to other doctors as experts to sell their tests and treatments.
They hold stock, patents and other interests in biotechnology, (tests and
vaccines), that make their opinions compromised and should not be called as
expert witnesses. Many researchers own patents and even have companies that
benefit from the useless tests and faulty vaccines. These people are
corrupt and in my opinion as evil as the Nazi doctors.

7. Our Elected representatives in the State and Federal Governments have a
lot to do. This is a very complicated disease and the people who officials
rely on for advice, the CDC, the NIH and the FDA also have the same
conflicts of interest as the university researchers. The US Senate and we
thought in 1993 that the agencies charged with solving these kinds of things
would do just that. Instead, through professional politics and personal
conflicts of interest they have mismanaged Lyme Disease for last 25 years.

8. The ADLF has never helped any Lyme Disease victims or ever told the truth
about Lyme Disease (borreliosis). The ADLFis an organization that was
created to put out big businesses propaganda on Lyme Disease and protect its
' members financial interests.

We have been fighting for Lyme Disease awareness, treatment and research
since 1985 in Minnesota. In 1993, administrators told doctors in the large
clinics and HMO's, not to diagnose chronic Lyme Disease anymore; that it was
Chronic fatigue or fibromyalagia. In 1996 the Lyme Disease Coalition of
Minnesota got legislation passed mandating treatment, only to find that it
did not apply to most insurance plans. In 1999 Mike Osterholm's startup
company got a grant from the CDC, along with contracts from insurance
companies to check doctor's records for the prescribing of antibiotics over
a long period of time. Those patients' files were pulled and examined for
antibiotic prescription "irregularities". If a patient were to refuse to let
the insurance company use their files in this way, we found that they would
be labeled as belligerent, dropped as a patient and often had their files so
compromised that other doctors would treat them in an adversarial mode, if
they saw them at all. So doctors refer, refer, refer and patients feebly

Since the numbers of reported cases of Lyme Disease was dropping and
the CDC was pulling funding of Lyme Disease education and research money,
Minnesota the Minnesota Department of Health called laboratories and asked
for the results of Lyme tests, and who ordered them, to check against
reported cases. Doctors knew if they reported cases to the CDC and MnDH
they were feeding into the system that could ruin them. Ed McSweegan, of the
CDC used information sent to him for reporting and research purposes to
target doctors. He allegedly was hoping to get the reward of a percentage
for any money recovered from the doctor for overpayments for improper
treatments. He knew that what the doctors were doing was proper, but
controversial. He was said to have stated he was going "to get" Dr
Burrascano and the Lyme Disease Foundation. He tried but failed to get the

Dr Tessa Gardner presented a paper at the EICS Conference that shows
that in published case studies, as well as her own case studies that women
infected before or during their first trimester and left untreated have at
least a 66% chance of losing that baby. With relapsing fever, another
borrelia first trimester loss has been found to be 92%. Children born with
congenital borreliosis or infected while nursing may suffer their whole life
with horrible complications.

I sincerely believe that ruining the lives of truly sick people, their
babies AND their doctors , immoral unethical and evil and the people who
are responsible must be held accountable for this outrage Dr Joseph
Burrascano, should be made a role model, not put on trial.


Nov 9, 2000, 3:00:00 AM11/9/00
I didn't see our bus
(we were where we were supposed
to be an on time) and
tried to get to a train
but the kids drove out of
my mind. I couldn't stand
to spend another 10 hours
with them, so I turned
around and went home and
sent them to school.

I'm dying to find out what


Phyllis C. Mervine

Nov 9, 2000, 3:00:00 AM11/9/00
Oh, poor Lynn :-( here's my shoulder, you can cry on it. ((


Nov 9, 2000, 3:00:00 AM11/9/00
MrsMeister wrote:
> Gee, Kathleen, I was hoping to meet you and only while driving to rally goers
> to the train station did we all realize, that no one had bumped into
> Kathleen....
> Martha


Those kids drove me crazy
and I had no contingency
plan. Was just thinking about
what I needed to take (no small
order with three kids, data packages,
2 meals for 4, water bottles, camera...)

They were berserk.

Ya'd hafta know what it is
with three kids by yourself
and all of us with Lyme.

BTW, I found David's Newborn WB results.
He had three bands. Later had one
diagnostic for Lyme in children -50 kD.

So that means all of them are infected,
transplacentally, even tho I took
amox the last 6 months with the last one.

Schoen blew me off when I was
pregnant with him.

Thank God for the LDF
and their Lyme in Pregnancy study.

All three kids have variable bands
by WB. I know, I already told everyone.

'Just hoping the McSibone-Man is reading
this. If he gives me his mailing
address I'll send him copies.


not Ruth

Nov 9, 2000, 3:00:00 AM11/9/00

Darn, I really wanted to meet you.

Nice to meet , briefly several others.........


Nov 9, 2000, 8:18:10 PM11/9/00


Nov 9, 2000, 9:48:11 PM11/9/00
Sorry to hear you missed the Rally. I know alot of people were looking forward
to meeting you. Thanks to your help, people have the info they need to get the
facts out.

I can relate to the kid thing, mine is a wild child, I can't imagine keeping it
together with three of her. I bought her a Game Boy for trips, kept her busy,
best money I ever spent. What efffect do you think this election is going to
have on media coverage of the rally. I think it s**ks. Bush should just face
the facts, and give it up. Gayla


Nov 9, 2000, 10:34:25 PM11/9/00
In article <20001109214811...@ng-ck1.aol.com>,

Gayla, I was at the rally too (exactly me, donna, and tim, my
boyfriend). We ran into a few ppl we knew from the chat rooms or the
posting boards. I think they did an EXCELLENT JOB! We are watching
the news tonight even through the presidential election is probably
going to overshadow us, at least regarding this evening's news.
Anyway, I agree with you wholeheartedly about Bush. If he wins, this
will most definitely be a controversial presidency.

Also, sorry Kathleen, that you missed it. It was a good one.


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Jonathan R. Strong

Nov 9, 2000, 11:04:28 PM11/9/00
"Kathleen" <kathleen...@snet.net> wrote in message news:3A0B3D...@snet.net...
>> snip <<

> I'm dying to find out what
> happened.

Looked for you and asked around - by 4:00pm I was pretty convinced
you didn't make it! Sorry it didn't work out. I'm sure the rally stories will
story to be posted over the next 24 hours. Too tired to write much more
tonight -- but it was really great. Good people working together for a
good cause, and I think we hit a new milestone today.

More tomorrow...

- Jon

Carolyn Cramoy MS

Nov 10, 2000, 12:29:57 AM11/10/00
Sorry to hear you missed the rally. I have four kids and could just picture
the situation. I missed the rally too. Tried to stay up all night to
finish yet another external appeal to get Oxford to pay for IV therapy. Around
4 AM I burst into tears and realized there was no way I would be able to drive
the 5 hours to NYC even if I did get the appeal done. As it was, I got it to
the post office 15 minutes before the deadline. Now all I can do is cross my
But I was very disappointed to miss the rally. Wanted to see old friends and
meet a few new ones. And wanted to wear my new sweatshirt and show support for
one of the most astute Lyme doctors I have met.
Hope the kids have settled down and that the rainy weekend is relaxing.


Carolyn Cramoy, MS

Fine tune your health and your lifestyle at
sWM">Improve Your Life With Rexall.com</A>
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Nov 10, 2000, 1:00:00 AM11/10/00
Hi Kathleen and Carolynn, I,m so sorry you both missed the rally. And,
with the plates you have, eh gads, I don't know how you handle all the
logistics. Was waiting for someone about an hour after the rally and
this lady came up with the most beautiful child asking how the rally
went. She had come into the city via Degan expressway and George
Washing bridge. It was just back up, it was stalled/she arrived two
hours latter than intended. Missed the whole thing. Thinking I could
get the election scoop from her she said, "I had to listen to
children's tapes the whole way in so that ________________here wouldn't
drive me mad". Aint life great. Deborah

In article <20001110002957...@ng-cf1.aol.com>,

Veronica Parcan

Nov 10, 2000, 3:00:00 AM11/10/00

I looked everywhere for you...

I was told you were tall and thin...so, I kept looking for tall and thin
ladies...but couldn't find any LOL...



Nov 10, 2000, 3:00:00 AM11/10/00

I'm actually a 5 foot tall person with
an extra 9 inches of legs.

I have 2 cousins (separate families) who
are "Stork". (6-5 and probably 130 lbs)


Nov 11, 2000, 3:00:00 AM11/11/00
In article <3A0B3D...@snet.net>,
kathleen...@snet.net wrote:
> I didn't see our bus
> (we were where we were supposed
> to be an on time) and
> tried to get to a train
> but the kids drove out of
> my mind. I couldn't stand
> to spend another 10 hours
> with them, so I turned
> around and went home and
> sent them to school.
> I'm dying to find out what
> happened.


I'm so sorry that things turned out as they did. I was on the bus
that was going to pick you up. When I learned that we were going
to make a stop to pick you up, I was psyched to see you and to
meet your children. I knew you would need help with the children
and we had several on the bus to help you.

We were about 30 minutes late getting to your pick-up point. That
is all I can say. I don't know really why we were late- not being in
charge of the logistics of the whole thing. But, I know that we were
at the rally one hour before it started, so even if we were late for
you we ended up being the first ones I saw at the rally. Some
logistical mixup.

I felt very upset when we were not able to meet you and have you
on our bus.

What a compliment it would have been to have you on our bus!

We had the woman on our bus who sang the national anthem to
kick off the rally. This was not planned. I just learned of her
professional singing ability while chatting on the bus and we all
thought we'd figure out a way to get her to sing.

My phone line is in terrible shape and I don't know if I will even be
able to stay on line. Will try to post something later.

Kathleen, we missed you. We all love you and your children.

Rick Laferriere
Newport, RI


Nov 11, 2000, 3:00:00 AM11/11/00

Thanks Rick!

I did't know what to do.
I figured you either changed your
minds or forgot me.

So I tried for the train.

These kids are HYPER-HINIES!!!

It would have been good for you all
to see that I am not exaggerating, but
then, "God works in mysterious ways"--Anonymom.

Who knows? Ya might have all been
too exhausted from dealing with them
by the time we got to New York.


Nov 15, 2000, 7:01:31 PM11/15/00
How frustrating this must have been for both of you who really wanted to be
there. That really shows true spirit that you tried to get there and had all of
those mishaps.Carolynn, you were coming all the way by plane? Gee, I know some
people who lived over the bridge, and did not even attempt to make it
there.Sorry, but these will probably be the same people who will be crying to
me months from now how they cant a doc to see them anymore. Thanks for
sharing, and as far as the kid thing goes, sometimes it IS best to leave em at
home. "Mommy' can we go now?" "You PROMISED to take me to FAO SChwartz while we
were here"
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