Gang Stalking:Understanding Psy-Op Tactics Used to Intimidate Lyme Investigators

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Oct 17, 2007, 12:46:35 PM10/17/07
Gang Stalking:Understanding Psy-Op Tactics Used to Intimidate

Understand some of the Psy Op Methods used to intimidate Investigators

What is Gang Stalking

Gang Stalking on a micro level is a covert government or police
investigation that happens in a Targeted Individuals life 24/7. The
target is followed around by Civilian Spies/Snitches. Many targets are
targeted years before they catch on to what is happening to them. Many
will be targeted via workplace mobbing, others in school via bullying.
The harassment will follow them where they go.

Gang Stalking on a macro level is a systemic form of control, which
seeks to control every aspect of a targets life. This is happening to
more people in society than anyone realises. (East Germany had a
similar system in place.)

The civilian spies come from every level and sector of society. Just
like with Cointelpro investigations, everyone in the targets life is
made a part of the ongoing never ending systemic form of control and
harassment. These actions are designed to control the target and to
keep them in line. These actions are also designed to destroy the
target over years and leave them with no form of support.

This controlled society uses average citizens to accomplish this
harassment protocol. Some of these citizens will be parts of Community
Based Policing initiatives, many are not. The closest thing to this
that we have seen before is McCarthyism, Cointelpro, and RED SQUAD
programs that have been around for more than a hundred years. We also
saw a similar system of control in the former East Germany, where
innocent citizens had files opened, were tracked and monitored. In
Russia they would often label innocent people they deemed to be
enemies of the state as mentally ill, and lock them away.

For the targets of this harassment, gang stalking is experienced as a
covert, psychological, emotional and physical attack, that is capable
of immobalizing and destroying a target over time. For the state it's
a way to keep the targets in line, control them.

There are now efforts around the world to use something called
community based policing. This is more than likely what is playing a
large role in gang stalking. "Ruling the community with an iron fist.
"Savvy law enforcement types realized that under the community
policing rubric, cops, community groups, local companies, private
foundations, citizen informants and federal agencies could form
alliances without causing public outcry." Covert Action Quarterly,
summer 1997."

[link to]

Not only is community based policing making a comeback, but police
infiltration and repression units often known as Red Squads have also
come back full force. These Red Squads ran in many countries around
the world.

This form of harassment is also thought to be similar to United States
Government Counter Intelligence Program or Cointelpro for short. This
was a program used to destroy many activists and dissidents in the
50's, 60's, 70's. Most methods being used in Gang Stalking are things
that were used in this program, with a few new techniques. Recently
the United States government started looking into proceeding to reopen
investigations into the Cointelpro program, because it's become clear
that the program never ended.

The modern day harassment seems to be funded at a higher government
level, with many local groups or appendages taking part. Because there
seems to be support of government and many local citizen
organisations, it seems that no one is looking into the illegal
actions or activities or these programs, and participants.

Other Names for Gang Stalking

There are many names for this form of harassment, it would also now
seem that Gang Stalking is a term that was invented as part of the
disinformation campaign that the government is good at putting
together while these harassment campaigns are running. Some of the
more popular names for this form of harassment have been Cointelpro,
Red Squads, Operation T.I.P.S. and now with the new community based
policing programs we have names coming up such as: Multi stalking,
vengeance stalking, cause stalking, stalking by proxy, organised
stalking, organised harassment, group stalking, community mobbing.
These are the new names being given to a very old game, that is once
again being played by the government on it's unsuspecting citizens.

How are targets chosen?

Targets can be choosen because of many reasons. They can be choosen
for political views. They can be choosen for whistle-blowing. They can
be choosen because they belong to a dissident movement. They can be
choosen because they asserted there rights at work. They can be
choosen because they made the wrong enemy. Signed a petition, wrote a
letter. They were deemed as suspicious by a member of one of these
snitching programs and their names were handed over.

* It's becoming apparent that targets might be chosen for this
systemic form of control, if they are not already in some way a part
of this controlled system. Eg. Targets seem to be unaware that large
chunks of our society are snitching and spying on each other.

Goals of Gang Stalking

The goal is to isolate the target from all forms of support, so that
the target can be set up in the future for arrest,
institutionalisation, or forced suicide. Other goals of this
harassment is to destroy the targets reputation and credibility. Make
the target look crazy or unstable.

Other goals involve sensitizing the target to every day stimuli's as a
form of control, which is used to control targets when they get out of

These people also want to make the targets of this harassment
vulnerable, they want to make them destitute. The secondary goals seem
to be to make the target homeless, jobless, give them a breakdown, and
the primary goals seems to be to drive the target to forced suicide,
just like what they did with some of the targets of Cointelpro.

Who gets targeted

Targeting can happen to anyone, but it's being widely used on
minorities, outspoken individuals, whistle blowers, dissidents, people
who go up against large wealthy corporations, woman's groups, (single)
women, anti-war proponents, and other innocent individuals. The
majority of the targets are not aware this is happening to them and it
continues for years. Even when a target moves, changes jobs, the
harassment still continues. Every time the target moves, the
government, or the local intelligence unit of the police will follow
them around and start to spread the same lies, and slander to their
new employers, coworkers, landlords, etc.

Who takes part

People from all walks of life are being recruited to be the eyes and
ears of the state. People from all races, ages, genders and walks of
life. You have your garden variety snitches, you have general
labourers, the very wealthy, biker, drug dealers, user, street people,
punks, hip hop culture, KKK, black activists, church groups, youth
groups, every sector of society that you can think of is a part of
this. Eg. Firemen, police officers, lawyers, health care workers,
store keepers, maids, janitors, cable installers, phone repair
persons, mail carriers, locksmiths, electricians, etc. The ages range
from five to eighty five and older.

These government Suburban Spy programs for some is seen as a game of
cat and mouse. They see themselves as heroic spies for the state. Some
are just power hungry slithering money hungry snitches, who would sell
their mothers down the drain, much less innocent people. Other are
asked and do it out of a sense of patriotic duty, others are forced to
take part in the spying activity.

Some might have started out by taking part in community programs like,
Citizen Corp, Weed and Seed, Citizens On Phone Patrol, (COPP), City
Watch, T.I.P.S. Many started with good intentions to help patrol and
monitor their cities and neighbourhoods. It seems however that some
sectors of society are abusing these programs, or some governments are
condoning the practices that are being carried out on innocent
citizens by those taking part in these programs, just like with

Many do not understand or care that the end consequence of this game
is to destroy a person.

Why people participate in gang stalking

There are many reasons that someone takes part in this activity.

1. Some do it for the sense of power that it gives them.

2. Others do this as a way to make friends and keep friends. It's
something social and fun for them to do.

3. Other are forced or black mailed or forced by the State or the
police into taking part.

4. They are told that they are part of homeland or national security
and being used to help keep and eye on dangerous individuals.

They come from a variety of programs such as the Citizen Corp, Citizen
On Phone Patrol COPP, Weed and Seed, City Watch or some other
centeralised government program used for patroling and monitoring
cities, such as T.I.P.S.

5. Others are just local thugs or informants who are already being
used for other activities, and their energies are just diverted over
into these community spy programs. Eg. Some may be given the choice of
Spying for the State or the police vs going to jail.

6. Others are told outright lies and slander about the target to get
them to go along with ruining the targets life.

Techniques used against targets

a) Classical conditioning.

Getting a target sensitised to an everyday stimuli. The target over a
period of months, or even years is negatively sensitised to an
everyday stimuli, which is then used to harass them. It's used out in
public to let them know they are constantly being harassed and
monitored. Some examples of everyday stimulus that might be used
include: sounds, colors, patterns, actions. Eg. Red, white, yellow,
strips, pens clicking, key jangling, loud coughing, loud whistling,
loud smacking of clapping of hands together, etc.

b) 24/7 Surveillance

This will involve following the target everywhere they go. Learning
about the target. Where they shop, work, play, who their friends and
family are. Getting close to the target, moving into the community or
apartment where they live, across the street. Bugging targets phone,
house, and computer activity.

c) Isolation of said target.

This is done via slander campaigns, and lies. Eg. People in the
targets community are told that the target is a thief, into drugs, a
prostitute, pedophile, crazy, in trouble for something, needs to be
watched. False files will even be produced on the target, shown to
neighbours, family, store keepers.

d) Noise and mimicking campaigns.

Disrupting the targets life, sleep with loud power tools,
construction, stereos, doors slamming, etc. Talking in public about
private things in the targets life. Mimicking actions of the target.
Basically letting the target know that they are in the targets life.
Daily interferences, nothing that would be too overt to the untrained
eye, but psychologically degrading and damaging to the target over

d) Everyday life breaks and street theatre.

Flat tires, sleep deprivation, drugging food, putting dirt on targets
property. Mass strangers doing things in public to annoy targets.
These strangers might get text messaged to be at a specific time and
place, and perform a specific action.

It might seem harmless to these strangers, but it could be causing
great psychological trauma for the target. Eg. Blocking targets path,
getting ahead of them in line, cutting or boxing them in on the road,
saying or doing things to elicit a response from targets. Etc.

Where does the support or funding for this come from

Though Gang stalking itself is immoral and unethical in nature, it can
just like Cointelpro be funded by:

1. Government organisations. These diffuse and disrupt methods can be
used on a variety of targeted individuals.

2. Military facilities might be using this also against enemies or on
illegal test subjects.

3. Large wealthy corporations. Many are providing support for these
programs. Who then will use their influence to have files opened on
workers to keep them quite.

What can you do to help

1. If you know someone who is being targeted in this way please don't
do along with it. Don't assume that the person is guilty or a bad
person. Many innocent people are currently being targeted, and people
are being told lies. This form of harassment is not for fun, it's not
harmless, and the goal is to destroy the individual over time.

2. If you are aware of someone being harassed in this way just don't
go along with the harassment. Educate others that harassment is wrong.
Knowledge is power, share your knowledge.

3. You can offer your support to someone who is being unfairly
treated, in very small little ways.

4. Direct people to websites where they can get help and assistance.

5. You can send out emails to your friends, family, co-workers
regarding the harassment that is silently happening to many innocent

6. You can request that your local newspapers or community papers
print articles about these new government spying initiatives.

How do participants communicate

Communicate happens in a number of ways. When on the street or in cars
patrolling, they use baseball or Stasi like signals.

These include things like tapping the side of the nose, corner of the
eye, brushing back the hair 3 times, the infamous double blink, etc.

Here is a list of Stasi signals that the East German Army use to use.
Stasi secret police. [link to]


1. Watch out! Subject is coming - touch nose with hand or handkerchief

2. Subject is moving on, going further, or overtaking - stroke hair
with hand, or raise hat briefly

3. Subject standing still - lay one hand against back, or on stomach

4. Observing Agent wishes to terminate observation because cover
threatened - bend and retie shoelaces

5. Subject returning - both hands against back, or on stomach

6. Observing Agent wishes to speak with Team Leader or other Observing
Agents - take out briefcase or equivalent and examine contents.

What resources are there?

There are many resources on the Internet and elsewhere about this form
of harassment.

Report: 1. [link to]

Books: 1. Ward Churchill, Jim Vander Wall "Cointelpro Papers"

2. Protectors of Privilege: Red Squads and Police Repression in Urban
3. Anna Funder "Stasiland"
4. Gloria Naylor. "1996"
5. Victor Santoro "GASLIGHTING How To Drive Your Enemies Crazy "
6. Anthony Brina "Suburban Spies"
7. Stephen Knight "The Brotherhood"
8. Alex Constantine "The Covert War Against Rock"


1. The lives of others. [link to]

2. The Matrix. (Sci-fi Movie.) Neo a target wakes up and realises not
only is he being watched without knowing why, but that the world is a
lie, that has been created to pull the truth over people's eyes.

Videos: Cointelpro.

1. [link to]

2. [link to]

3. [link to]

4. [link to]

Cointelpro: 1. [link to]

2. [link to]
3. [link to]
4. [link to]
5. [link to]
6. [link to]
7. [link to]
8. [link to]
9. [link to]

Articles: 1. [link to]

2. [link to]
3. [link to]
4. [link to]
5. [link to]
6. [link to]
7. [link to]
8. [link to]
9. [link to]

Websites: 1. [link to] Please download

[link to]
2. [link to]
3. [link to]
4. [link to]
5. [link to]

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A large part of these covert investigations involve psychological
harassment of the targets. To achieve this a profile of the target is
gathered and then a program of harassment is implemented using many of
the methods below.


As targets walk on the street, usually at night, civilian spies/
snitches will turn on their high beams. This might be flashed once or
twice at targets. The idea is to intimidate the target and let them
know they are being watched at all times.


When the target is in public, civilian spies/snitches will usually try
to box the target in. Eg. They will surround the target in a square
like formation if possible. They will stand too close to the target,
or swarm them.

Directed Conversations

These are conversations that complete strangers will have out in
public relating to the target and their personal situations. Eg. They
will repeat things a target said in their home, or on the phone. They
will let drop very personal details into the conversation, that could
only be related to the target.

Eg. Perp1. It's a shame Uncle Ed won't be able to come.

Perp 2. Yeah since he died golfing on Saturday.

The target will just have learned of a death of a favored uncle,
(possibly named Ed.) while out golfing.

Directed Energy Weapons

Electronic Harassment. Usually when they feel they have
psychologically targeted a target to where they are near breakdown
they will start to use these weapons. They will also use these weapons
if targets are not going along with their harassment/control protocol.


[link to]

[link to]


It has been indicated that targets will have files shown to relatives,
store keepers and friends. The files are usually not left behind, but
they are used to show legitimacy and to further slander targets. These
files can be used to engender the corporation of friends and
associates of the targets.

The files might have a picture of the target, and information about
some alleged crime that they might be under investigation for. The
information is usually very convincing and helps to further get
targets harassed by those around them.

[link to]


* Doing little things to try to make the target think that they are
going crazy.
* Coming into their homes, moving their furniture around.
* Changing clothing that they bought and replacing it with similar,
but inferior items.
* Taking small items and then replacing them later on.

[link to]


Spraying fumes or scents into a targets home. Tampering their food to
make them become very ill.

Illegal Entry

Breaking into the target apartment while they are out. This is usually
done for many reasons.

* To gaslight the target.
* It's used to help profile the target.
* To set up illegal surveillance.
* It's a way to find out intimate details about the targets. This can
be used later to set up the target by using people in photo albums, or
by directed conversations about things in the targets apartment.

Illegal Surveillance

This involves setting up audio and visual surveillance of the target.

* Bugging the targets phone.
* Video surveillance of the targets residence. (This can be done
* Listening to cell phone and hard line conversations. (This can also
be done externally.)
* Hacking into their computers and learning all about what the target
is doing, sites they frequent.
This also helps to build a profile of the target, and it's also used
for later psychological attacks against the target, and to get in
touch with the targets in aspects of their lives that might be
otherwise unknown.

Illuminating Targets

This is something that the East German Statsi secret police did to
targets. They would spray the targets clothing with materials that
would make them glow, or they would irradiate the targets with X-rays
so that they glowed in the dark. Many targets have reported extreme
visibility at night.

[link to]

This is one possibility that targets can examine.

Intimate Infiltration

This is where civilian spies/snitches will go out of their way to get
into a targets life. They will try to form friendships with targets.
They will try to form intimate relationships with targets.

They will get close to people that are affiliated with targets. Years
before the target ever realises they are targets they will try to get
into a targets life.

Eg. If they can't get into your life, but you have a best friend,
their new significant other might just be a civilian spies/snitches.
The same goes for siblings and the people that enter their lives.


For this harassment to be successful, it's important to be able to
isolate the target from friends, family members, co-workers and even
spouses. To accomplish this isolation many methods are used included,
but not limited to: slander, lies, fake files, sabotage, anything that
will get the target into a situation where they have no support
system. This is important for them to succeed.

Laser Microphones

Laser microphones are microphones with a laser beam. They detect
vibrations with a laser and convert it to a digital signal. Lasers are
usually bounced off a window, or off any object near to the
conversation monitored. Any object which can resonate/vibrate (for
example, a picture on a wall) will do so in response to the pressure
waves created by noises present in a room. The minute differences in
the distance travelled by the light to pick up this resonance is
detected interferometrically. Light that is subject to the varying
distance is mixed with light that travels a constant distance. The
interferometer converts the variations in distance to intensity
variations and electronics are used to convert these variations to
digital signals that can be interpreted as sound.

This technology can be used to secretly eavesdrop on people with
minimal chance of exposure. However, specialized light sensors may be
used to detect the light from the beam. It was designed by Ethal
Hussenburn in the 1970s during the Cold War. During the making the
technology was advanced by the NSA and CIA making it smaller and
compact. The Shelby laser Microphone was then invented (Soruce

Mail and Email tampering

civilian spies/snitches will steal your mail. They will delay the
delivery of your mail, and they will also make sure that your mail
does not arrive. The other thing they are known for is the tampering
of email. They will delay email, delete email, and stop email that you
have sent from arriving.


This is trying to copy things in a targets life.

* Leaving when they do.
* Dressing like they dress.
* Throwing out the garbage when they do.
* Going to the bathroom when they do.
* Doing whatever the target is doing.

This is all designed to be psychological warfare, so that the target
again feels like they are under observation at all times.


Targets will be observed and profiled long before they ever become
aware that they are targeted for this sort of harassment. Profiles
will be created on targets by:

* Following them.
* Following people close to them.
* Breaking into their homes and going through their stuff.
* Listening to their calls.
* Hacking into their computers.
* Gathering information from friends, and family.
* Seeing where they like to shop and eat.
* What are their weaknesses?
* What things do they like and dislike?
* What can you bribe them with?
* What can you blackmail them with?
* How can you bully them?
* How can they best be controlled?

This will all be used to put together a profile of the target and then
to get them into situations for their detriment.

Random Encounters

This will be people on the street who you randomly and unexpectedly
run into. It looks completely natural and it seems to be a random

They might ask for your phone number after engaging you in
conversation. Ask you out, or just ask you where you are going.
Anything from small talk to lengthier conversations.

Ask you for spare change.

All with the purpose of finding out something about you, or even just
getting you to do something.

Ruined Relationship

When targets are in a relationship, the civilian spies/snitches will
try to ruin that relationship. This could be friendships, family or
significant others.

If it's a romantic relationship, they will find out what your
significant other likes and try to get them to cheat, or leave you.

If it's a friendship they will tell lies to come between you. The same
goes for family. This is done so that targets will have no means of
support, once they do realise that something is going wrong in their


This is getting targets sensitive to an everyday stimuli. Eg. Colors,
patterns or everyday actions. Eg. Red, stripes, pens, whistles, loud
coughing, clapping, waves, keys jingling.

Eg. Joe will be mobbed at work and as part of that daily mobbing his
coworkers will loudly cough at him every time they harass him by
calling him names like loser, worthless, lame, demented. They will
slander him and have others as they are slandering him show disgust by
glaring and coughing at him.

Out in public they will follow him loudly and obnoxiously coughing at
him. When he goes to stores they will get others to do the same. After
months or years of this, Joe has become sensitive to this stimuli and
it can be used to harass him without the names and the glaring looks.
The association has been formed because of all the other harassment.

Eg. A girl is sexually assaulted and a sock is shoved in her mouth ,
during the assault. To keep her quite or stop her from pressing
charges, the assailant, his friends and family will follow her around
and throw socks in her path, mention it everywhere she goes and show
her their socks every chance they get. She will get the message they
are sending. Because of the brutal attack, she and what's happened
after she is now sensitised.

SensorsThese are used around the home or the apartment of a target to
let others know the location or room that the target is in. These can
also be used on auto pilot. Eg. When a target trips a sensor it can
turn on a silent alarm or even the sound of running water. This effect
can be used when targets are in the bathroom to let them think that
their movements are being watched and observed.


They will also communicate with each other on the street by using
Statsi like signals. Below are examples of stasi signals.


1. Watch out! Subject is coming - touch nose with hand or handkerchief

2. Subject is moving on, going further, or overtaking - stroke hair
with hand, or raise hat briefly

3. Subject standing still - lay one hand against back, or on stomach

4. Observing Agent wishes to terminate observation because cover
threatened - bend and retie shoelaces

5. Subject returning - both hands against back, or on stomach

6. Observing Agent wishes to speak with Team Leader or other Observing
Agents - take out briefcase or equivalent and examine contents.


They will go behind the targets back and tell lies about them. Often
the lies will consist of the target being into something illegal, or
is someone dangerous, or just needs to be watched for some vague

Eg. The they will say the target is a prostitute, drug dealer, crazy,
terrorist, gay, racist, pedophile, etc.

Sleep Deprivation

Depriving the target of sleep is a really good way of leaving the
target stressed out. It's also a way of leaving them disoriented and
functioning at less than 100%. Then the targets can be baited into
reacting in public, or getting into a car accident.

Strange Encounters or Street Theatre

This is running into people that are acting very unusual, or people
that are putting on scripts or productions, known as street theater.

Eg. This could be as minor as public rudeness, or people acting out a
skit or skits for your benefit. There will usually be someone near by
to see how you react to it. This is again looking for weakness or
reactions. If you show an adverse reaction they will try to embellish
on this and use it against you later on.

There is usually someone conducting the production, and at least one
person acting out the performance, and someone observing the reaction.

Eg. If you take the bus, every time the bus stops, the person will
jingle keys, the observer is looking for your reaction, they are
trying to find what they can use to sensitize or control you. It seems
random, but it's all synchronized and coordinated fully.

Telephone Redirects

When you make a telephone call, get the name and ID of the person that
you are speaking to. civilian spies/snitches have been known to
redirect phone calls. Eg. If you call the cable company, gas or phone
company be sure you know that it's actually them that you are speaking


Breaking into a targets home and taking small items, usually nothing
of value. However there are exceptions to every rule. Civilian Spies/
Snitches will usually try to see what they can get away with.


The targets are tracked by various methods.

* Targets are tracked on foot by foot soldiers.
* They are tracked in their cars.
* Targets can be tracked by using their cell phones. If their cell
phone number is know, there are Internet programs that will track a
target to within a few feet.
* GPS tracking and tracking their electronic devices, laptops,
cellphones. These are all ways that targets are tracked where they go
and their activities monitored.

[link to]


If the target owns property this can be as simple as broken door
handles, knobs, to actual slashing of tires. They will also break in
and do small damage to items the target owns. Eg. If you buy a new
sweater, they might break in and cut holes in it. Holes in

If you go to a store to get a repair done check for damages. This goes
for boots, and coats. Eg. Zippers and the heals of long heeled boots.


Also knowns as V2K. If you are hearing voices you might not be crazy.
Eg. You can be in the room with someone else and be hearing voices and
they will hear nothing.

There is a commercial version which can perform this task. [link to]

What targets have reported is however more advanced than this and can
go directly through walls. What has been reported by targets is
technology that can bypass the ears and send sound signals directly to
the brain.

Wrong Number Calls

Targets will daily get wrong number calls. These can be automated or
they can be persons pretending to be wrong number calls. Perps will
use this as a way to annoy targets, but they will also use this as a
way to keep in constant contact with their targets. They want to know
where the target is at all times.


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Counter Measures

Being in a situation such as being under 24/7 covert investigation can
be very stressing and very emotionally painful. Our privacy is
something that we value, and grow up thinking that we have the right
to. When someone tries to take that away, it's no better than getting
emotionally violated. There are a few things targets can try to do to
counter what is happening to them.


Hand out flyers in the community. Explain that innocent people are
being targeted. Some of the civillian spies have no idea that they are
doing anything wrong. Most just do what they have been told to do.
Explain that targets are being baited/provoked out in public and made
to appear crazy.


Let people know what is happening. Exposure is the best weapon we have
for fighting this. Exposing what our governments are doing and what
our fellow citizens are taking part in.


If you have any credible video fotage post it on You can
even start a video journal of your experiences.


Carry your website or blog address around in public so that others can
find out what is happening to you. Backpacks, bag, t-shirts

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

Cell phones can be used to listen to your conversations, track you
when you are out in public and act as a bugging device for your home,
even when they are turned off. If the Civillian Spies/Snitches know
your cell phone number then they can track you. You should try to make
sure that only trusted sources have your phone number or even try to
change your phone number if you think the Civillian Spies/Snithes
might have gotten your cell phone number.

[link to]

Wireless Jammers

A wireless jammer let's a target block wireless signals that may be
coming or going in or out of their homes. Eg. Video and audio. These
should stop wireless signals. Eg. Bugs and video surveillance. You
should get the portable kind, so you can carry it from room to room.
The price ranges anywhere from $200.00 USD to $500.00 USD.

[link to]

Bug Detectors

These are great because they help targets to locate bugs that might be
in their homes. Most bugs work on FM signals and so these little
babies will pick up most bugs and wireless signals in your home.

[link to]

Portable Video Recorders

>From everything that I have read, this is one of the most effective
things that targets can do for themselves.

Record everything that happens. If you don't have the money, save up
for a bit and get one of these, or put it on credit card. Expose the
perps and get everything on tape.

Video and voice can be purchased for as low as $88.00/USD. This will
act as a 5 in one. It comes with video, voice and will even play

[link to]

Digital Voice Recorders

If you just want to get some voice recordings then these can be
purchased for under $50.00/USD.

[link to]


Often over looked and under estimated. However in times of crisis this
really does work. It's an effective weapon that have worked for others
in past time periods.

Daily even two times a day is very effective. Just ask for the things
that you need. Learn to be patient.

[link to]

[link to]


Exposing what is happening to you and what is being done to you are
some of the most effective things that you can do to get Gangstalking
out of your life.

* Start a blog
* Hand out flyers
* Have credible conversations about this harassment
* Post on Forums
* Start a website

Don't stay quite about what they are doing to you, they want to have
that power and control over your life. This is not right and you need
to get this out into the open as much as possible.

Also because in many cases the police might be helping with this form
of harassment, it might be a good idea to speak to a lawyer. Try to
find out if you have been put on a watch list, community or federal.
Make sure that you don't have any record with the police, mistaken
identity, etc. Write letters to politicians, newspapers, anyone that
might be able to help.


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Oct 17, 2007, 2:10:19 PM10/17/07

the 3rd Man

Oct 17, 2007, 4:11:22 PM10/17/07
On Oct 17, 1:10 pm, SnapCrackle <> wrote:
> Gang Stalking:Understanding Psy-Op Tactics Used to Intimidate
> Investigators
> Understand some of the Psy Op Methods used to intimidate Investigators
> What is Gang Stalking

You are one silly, stupid BITCH.

And the fact that you are allowed to post this kind of senseless
raving lunacy over at LymeNUT just goes to show how messed-up they are
over there.

Paranoia run wild...


Oct 17, 2007, 4:55:01 PM10/17/07
Gang Stalking:Understanding Psy-Op Tactics Used to Intimidate

Understand some of the Psy Op Methods used to intimidate Investigators

What is Gang Stalking

Gang Stalking on a micro level is a covert government or police


Oct 17, 2007, 9:00:03 PM10/17/07
I post this article because it reminds me of the gang type stalking
and harassment being endured by Kathleen Dickson-- with sockpuppets
here obsessively posting personal information about her on this site,
and also impersonating her-- which is a felony and a disgraceful
tactic used by Stalin... how sad for our nation that evil people like

Aug 15, 2013, 12:36:57 PM8/15/13
I'm a current victim of these crimes.

Hate Crimes! Talking about hate crimes? Please check out my story. I'm hoping you will join my group to support and help fighting back from. "Illegal Implants, Torture, Gang Stalking, Harassment, Discrimination, Attempting Murder" using high energy weapons tactics. These people are violated the Human Rights, The US Constitutional Rights, Marsy's Law, Racism, Hatreds and legally get away. Let's get these people charge for murder!!!





Join My Community

Oct 21, 2018, 4:30:49 AM10/21/18
It’s the ignorance of people just like yourself that fuel this CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION!
I have been a Targeted Individual for over three years.
Treated less than human.
Stalked on foot, in cars, and it has now evolved to air.
My home continually entered and infested with fleas..pods, larva, cocoons in my bed, clothing and in my walls leaving fresh wet spackel where they did their work without consequence.
If this is the America you want to live in, then keep your blinders on and aid in the spread of these parasites.

Read a book.

Jan 15, 2020, 5:13:37 PM1/15/20
What would you be doing on a gangstalking forumn trying to discredit it by saying is paranoia? I'm just curious. You must have found yourself here somehow?
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