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UDT Instruments Selling DigiWx AWOS to TERRORISTS

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Nomen Nescio

Feb 10, 2012, 4:05:40 PM2/10/12
Belfort Instrument Company is selling to a known terrorist country as
evidenced by mention of the DigiWx AWOS on their corporate homepage
sold to:

畢ahore International Airport (LHE/OPLA) RVR System, Lahore Pakistan

And then there is word of this:
During the first two weeks of January 2007, U.S. air strikes targeted
four sites in southern Somalia formerly under al Qaida control where
terrorists have been training and hiding for months.

"As we speak now, the area is being bombarded by the American air
force," a Somali government official told Reuters two weeks ago.

The U.S. attacks targeted an area close to Ras Kamboni, a coastal
village near the Kenyan border where many Islamists are believed to
be hiding after being ousted by Ethiopia-backed government forces,
the official added.

Four places were hit -- Hayo, Garer, Bankajirow and Badmadowe, the
source said. "Bankajirow was the last Islamist holdout. Bankajirow
and Badmadowe were hit hardest," he added.

The Pentagon confirmed only one air strike that took place in the
south of the country, saying that it was part of a wider offensive
aimed at an al-Qaeda cell that includes suspects in the 1998 bombings
of U.S. embassies in east Africa and a hotel in Kenya.

Meanwhile, ABC News quoted U.S. and French military sources as saying
that American U.S. special forces were working with Ethiopian troops
on the ground in operations inside Somalia.

Following a thrust by the U.S. military, U.S. special forces
discovered a Belfort Instruments Digiwx AWOS weather reporting system
on a hill south of Ras Kamboni.

The Belfort Instruments Digiwx AWOS station was not operational as
it had suffered a direct military hit from an explosion of unknown
origin. But the Digiwx name could be clearly seen imprinted on the 15
foot tower which now lays on it side in pieces.

U.S. troops subsequently uncovered handheld Digiwx weather receivers
in two of the camps previoulsy occupied by al-Qaeda terrorists which
apparently had been left behind and abandoned.

How the Belfort Instruments Digiwx AWOS system made it to Somalia and
into terrorists hands is still unknown. Whether al-Qaeda and Osama
bin-Laden organizations are employing Digiwx AWOS units in other
parts of the world is currently unknown.

U.S. troops have been advised to be on the lookout for additional
Digiwx AWOS units under Al-Qaeda and/or Sunni/Shiite control in Iraq
and Afghanistan.

U.S. special forces are reportedly monitoring the two known wireless
frequencies that Digiwx AWOS transmits on, notably 464.6 and 464.75
MHz. British military sources report that signals on both frequencies
have been detected but only occasionally as the terrorists seem to be
running Belfort Instruments Digiwx for only short periods of time.

Belfort Instrument Company (Baltimore, MD, USA), the original
manufacturer of Digiwx AWOS, has had no comment.

Why would an American company be "aiding and abetting" known
terrorists organizations around the world while doing business in
pursuit of the almighty American dollar? Maybe you would want to
contact them and find out why:

Belfort Instrument Company
727 South Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD 21231
410-342-7028 (fax)
sales (at)
service (at)

Gamma Scientific President
Richard L. Austin
rlaustin (at)

Belfort COO Debra S. Lange (Alascio)
dsalascio (at)

Belfort Co-Owner Bruce R. Robinson
brobinson (at)

Belfort Co-Owner Nicholas C. Kaufman
cs (at)

Belfort Sales Director Ralph F. Petragnani
rpetragnani (at)

Belfort Digiwx AWOS Support Manager M. Tylor Burton
digiwxsupport (at)

Much has been written about Belfort Instrument Company's
DigiWx AWOS anonymously for good reason because the Belfort
DigiWx "fur" has been flying since at least 2005. One can
find mention of Belfort's inferior weather station named
DigiWx AWOS as witnessed by:

Ten reasons to NOT buy Belfort DigiWx AWOS (keep reading)

I also am of the belief that Belfort Instrument Company has
been actively censoring anyone and any words which dishes
dirt on this inferior DigiWx AWOS weather station.

Now we have word from Belfort Instrument Company of
a "Recommended Service Bulletin" dated April 21, 2011
and numbered 2011-1.

SUBJECT: Unicom Transmission

MODELS AFFECTED: Belfort DigiWx AV100 with
either Technisonic or ICom radios

TIME OF COMPLIANCE: At owners discretion

There have been some discussions by users at congested
airports of not being able to receive the AWOS broadcast
over the Unicom or the weather report stepping on other
Unicom communications. The following suggest may decrease
the problem.

1. On the DigiWx radio, set the squelch well above
the squelch break point this, in turn requires more
power to break the squelch which means traffic has to be
closer to the airport to receive the weather report.

2. The DigiWx standard broadcast mode is using 3 MIC
clicks. At busy airports, there isn t a way for the
DigiWx to determine if someone is clicking the MIC 3
times for the weather or three (3) separate pilots are
clicking the MIC to talk. If this is the case, it might
help to change the number of MIC clicks for weather to
5 MIC clicks. Both of the above recommendations will
help reduce the number of broadcasts from the DigiWx
and they are easy to do and don t cost money.

Belfort Field Service Team
800 937-2353

Well, I fly from one of the airports in MT with one
of these DigiWx AWOS pieces of SHIT. And its beyond me
to understand why changing the mic clicks at a congested
airport is going to fix the problem of a DigiWx which
clogs the UNICOM frequency. Just like Belfort said,
DigiWx cannot distinguish who is clicking the mic 3
times. The DigiWx is stupid. When it hears any 3 mic
clicks, it activates and clogs an already congested
UNICOM frequency. We pointed this out to Belfort 3

If I cut thru the emotion of everything ever written
about the Belfort Instrument Company DigiWx AWOS, I
am now a believer. Belfort doesn't know the first
phucking thing about designing an AWOS to broadcast
over a UNICOM frequency. I have talked with numerous
pilots from other airports who have the SuperAWOS
and the Vaisala AWOS. And they just DON'T have these
clogged frequency problems.

Yep, you read that right:
BUY Belfort Instruments DigiWx-SHIT... Have a PILE OF SHIT guaranteed!

Have you heard about the Meadow Lake Airport AWOS Fiasco?
Quoting, reads in short:

"Executive Conclusion: Of the four candidate AWOS manufacturers, only
two meet the threshold and objective system performance levels. These
are systems provided by All Weather Inc (AWI) and Vaisala. The
SuperAWOS by Potomac Aviation does not pass an initial cut due to
maintenance problems encountered with their SuperUnicom installed at
Meadow Lake airport."

"The Belfort DigiWX "AWOS" is not a true FAA fully commission-able
AWOS. Its complete sensor suite is not certified. Installation of this
system at 00V means that we would not have our weather data (METAR)
accessible in the federal database which means that Flight Service and
other sites such as ADDS, XM weather, WSI, etc would not not have
Meadow Lake weather data. The only certified weather info would be
altimeter and visibility. While this does allow Part 91 and 135
instrument approaches, the inability to incorporate its complete METAR
data in the federal system is a deal-breaker."

"The apparent initial cost savings of the initial Belfort DigiWX
acquisition is minimal and not worth the lack of functionality and
usefulness to the national aviation community. Life-cycle cost of the
Belfort system over 15 years is over $27,000 higher than the Vaisala

"It would not allow us to transition to a three letter airport

"Bottom line is that the Belfort system represents false economy,
minimal pilot usefulness and is inconsistent with providing the
aviation community services that make this airport attractive to
current and future pilots and businesses."

"Of the remaining systems offered by AWI and Vaisala, Vaisala is the
preferred system."

The complete report highlighting DigiWx shortcomings can be found at:

Now have a LQQK at this.....

Ron Lee from Meadow Lake Airport wrote in Pike's Peak Flyer:
January 2009

The SuperUnicom was shut down in early August 2008 due to
harmful interference on the 122.7 MHz frequency A grant was
submitted and approved to get an AWOS III P/T using FAA funds.
Our portion of the cost is around $4,000 although incidentals
may drive it higher... but far below the $25,000 previously
budgeted for an AWOS. One MLAA Board member is attempting to
force a system that is not fully certified down our throats
using the flawed rationale that it is cheaper that the fully
certified systems offered by All Weather Inc and Vaisala. A
major down side to the Belfort system is that pilots will not
be able to access METAR data through Flight Service, ADDS, on
their on-board weather systems, etc. We will very likely be
unable to acquire a three letter airport ID and maintenance
will cost much more over its lifetime than with either of the
fully certified systems. Plus in its current implementation,
there is no obvious upgrade path to getting present weather
and lightning information available in an AWOS III P/T system.
It is crucial to the safety of this airport and our usefulness
as a destination airport within the National Airspace System
that we get a state of the art AWOS. With the FAA grant, it is
amazingly affordable. But it is essential that local pilots
become informed on this matter and contact all Board members
to express their view. My opinion... based upon extensive
research on behalf of MLAA members... is that we need a fully
certified AWOS. The minimum configuration is AWOS III, with
AWOS III P/T highly desirable (objective). It needs to be the
number one priority acquisition with a target installation not
later than Spring 2009. It must not be sacrificed to pay
interest on the land acquisition.

His full report is located he

If you're considering Digiwx AWOS... READ THIS ANALYSIS FIRST!

Following up on the post regarding the UN-APPROVED, UN-
CERTIFIED and UN-OFFICIAL weather data spewed by Belfort
Digiwx AWOS, one also needs to note that they only sold 2
units during all of 2011.

Bruce R. Robinson's 10 reasons to NOT buy Belfort Digiwx AWOS:

Ten reasons for not buying Belfort Instrument Digiwx AWOS:
1) no FAA Approved or FAA Certified wind speed
2) no FAA Approved or FAA Certified wind direction
3) no FAA Approved or FAA Certified temperature
4) no FAA Approved or FAA Certified dewpoint
5) no FAA Approved or FAA Certified density altitude
6) no FAA Approved or FAA Certified visibility
7) no FAA Approved or FAA Certified precipitation measurement
8) no FAA Approved or FAA Certified precipitation discriminator
9) no FAA Approved or FAA Certified ceiling measurement (ceilometer)
10) no FAA Approved or FAA Certified lightning detection

About Belfort Instrument Company:
Belfort used to be a leading provider of weather instruments
to the government, professional meteorology and aviation
markets. Key words: "use to be." They never provided any wind
sensors to the Wright Brothers despite their fantastic
assertion that they did! Historical archives available at the
U.S. Air Force National Museum (1100 Spaatz Street, Wright-
Patterson AFB, OH 45433) tells a very different story and
specifically mentions a "Richards" anemometer which Wilbur
Wright held as pictured
at: "".
The Belfort aerovane wind system on U.S. Naval aircraft
carriers are currently being replaced with ultrasonic wind
sensors from QPI (11207 Single Oak Road, Fredericksburg, VA
22407) which just won a $94 million dollar contract for the
Moriah Wind System. Belfort wind speed and direction
anemometers found on the ASOS platform are now being
replaced with ultrasonic sensors from the Vaisala Group.
Belfort Instruments Model 6000 visibility sensor will no
longer be a part of the U.S. Air Force's OS-21/FSB program
come early 2007. And despite a $500,000 U.S. government
grant from NASA's Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS)
program in 2004 to build a low-cost ceilometer, Belfort
didn't possess the technical smarts nor the engineering
know-how to accomplish the task. So now they're importing
the Eliasson CBME 80A laser ceilometer from Muir Matheson.
As one can readily see, Belfort is no longer setting any
standards of measurement in the weather instrumentation
world. And now Belfort is propagating lie after lie about
their fabled company history while trying to steal
thunder from the accomplishments of the Wright Brothers.
According to the National Museum of American History (12th
Street and Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20560),
Belfort founder Julian Friez never made it to Baltimore to
set up shop until sometime in the 1890s even though Belfort
officials fraudulently claim the company was founded in 1876.
Thus, there was no 125th anniversary for Belfort to
celebrate in 2001 even though they hosted a party to which
no one came! Belfort's proclamation that it is the "Oldest
Weather Company in the World" is simply yet another Belfort
lie as Thomas Romney Robinson invented the first wind
anemometer in 1846, six years before Julian Friez was born
in 1852. Belfort doesn't even know it's own company history
so they just make it up! You should wonder what other crap
(eg. Digiwx AWOS) they also make up! For more information
about Belfort Instrument and DigiWx, visit dogsh*

Belfort Instrument Company does business under several names
including Gamma Scientific, UDT Instruments, Advanced Retro,
Road Vista and KR Acquisitions Corporation.

Does anyone have anything good to say about Belfort's Digiwx AWOS?

BUY Belfort Instruments DigiWx-SHIT... Have a PILE OF SHIT guaranteed!

Google Belfort Instruments owners and managers:

Feb 2, 2016, 3:54:54 PM2/2/16
Mark W. Decker has been BLOWING both Judge James J. Lombardi
and Judge Arthur M. Monty Ahalt who, in return, have been porking
Decker's three daughters named Libby, Audrey & Hannah Decker!


Belfort Instrument Company
727 South Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD 21031 rating with Belfort Instrument Company
Rated by his peers as "Unfavorable" in 7 different job categories

And now Belfort Instrument Company (dba DigiWx AWOS, Gamma
Scientific, UDT Instruments, Advanced Retro, RoadVista, KR
Acquisition Corporation) finds itself in United States Bankruptcy
Court as evidenced by:

Belfort Instrument Company financials are so BAD that CEO Bruce R.
Robinson has his primary residence in a trust as noted at:

You might ask "Why would someone put their home in a Trust?" at:

"Belfort's owners have "valuables" (like their homes) held in a trust
to prevent creditors (in this case, the bank that lent Belfort
Instrument Company all that money) from seizing their personal
home(s) when Belfort can't pay back the business loans. In the case
of Belfort Instrument Company, this was a smart move (some might
consider this a sneaky move also) because I pulled Belfort's credit
reports from the 3 main credit bureaus and Belfort is currently
delinquent and "past due" with several creditors by more than 90
days and in some cases 120 days. This means the money isn't coming
in fast enough from sales to pay for the company's debts. I even
found notes that some of Belfort's creditors are on a "cash only
basis" meaning Belfort needs to cough up money for goods and services
(raw materials) before another company will even sell them those goods
and services. This is NOT a pretty picture. This has been going on
for years. If you would be inclined to buy finished product from
Belfort, you may find a company which doesn't stand behind that
product because they went out of business. Info from Dun & Bradstreet
indicates turnover in this very small privately-held company at the
managerial and executive level so people's heads are probably
rolling there and it is likely only a matter of time before this
business is no more!

So who was driving these companies into the hole...... because there
is a common theme here...... his name is Mark W. Decker...... and he
lives at: 289 Long Point Road, Crownsville, MD 21032-1853. Call for
a personal appointment if you'd like to see how he can drive your
organization off a cliff!

Wanker Mark W. Decker Shatters World Masturbation Record

ATTENTION: Mark Wilson Decker is apparently posing as a photographer
based upon his Workface, LinkedIn, Posterous, Twitter,
BigSight, Ziki, tBlog and Wordpress profiles --- just goes to show
you how sneaky AND creepy he really is! He's an unemployed fired POS!


Well, have a LOOK at this:
Two federal cases that specifically mention Mark W. Decker:
U.S. Department of Labor Case # 2006-SOX-57
U.S. Department of Labor Case # 2006-SOX-81

According to:

Mark Wilson Decker was investigated for:

"FAA is investigating Belfort Instrument President Mark W. Decker and
Digiwx AWOS Tech M. Tylor Burton for bribing federal FAA officials."
"DOL is investigating Belfort Instrument President Mark W. Decker
for retaliating after suing a former employee who ratted Decker
Pecker out under a federal whistleblower protection program."
Did Bruce R. Robinson, Nicholas C. Kaufman, Debra S. Alascio Lange,
Ralph F. Petragnani and M. Tylor Burton aid in this conspiracy?

And there is MORE:
All the info contained herein has been published in some form
since at least 2005. Mark Wilson Decker gave up any legal right
(he may now be asserting) a long time ago that this info is
injurious to him or his family since the statute of limitations
to bring a libel lawsuit is 1 year in each of the 50 U.S. states.

<> wrote:

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Somebody is censoring this stuff; the truth must hurt!

Onze afternoon, i wasz catchin a snooze in my backyard on a sunny
day. Much to my surprize, i lifted my hat and found my neighborz
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Mark W. Decker has a boat named Spoony:

What do you think the chances are that he has already
"spooned" and felt-up all three of his daughters (Audrey,
Hannah and Libby Decker) aboard his boat with his "vessel"
which he has a propensity to play with.... even in public!
Let's see if this causes Mark Kacucha some legal trouble:

Belfort President Mark W. Decker (U.S. Naval Academy alumnus), let
me tell you about this lowlife. Starts the workday between 9-10AM
by checking work and personal email. Come 11-11:30AM, he's ready
to go to the local gym to work out. Gets back in the office around
1PM and only then decides to take a lunch break as if the gym work-
out didn't count for a lunch break. By 1:30PM, he's checking work and
personal email and maybe making a few entires in his family diary
which he keeps at work on the company hard drive. Come 3-4PM, he's
getting anxious and is looking to wrap up his workday so he can go
home and coach soccer league for one of his three daughters.
Needless to say, all thru-out his "playful" workday, one gets to
see all his dirty nasty habits including:

1) scratching his balls,
2) stroking his c o c k,
3) farting (and then asking someone else if they farted),
4) belching,
5) biting his fingernails,
6) picking his nose (and eating the choice boogies),
7) scratching his ass,
8) picking at his toenails
9) coughing (he has a chronic productive cough... yuck)
10) he has kidney stones (and urinates with pain)

Now keep in mind that this is a US Naval Academy graduate (Class of
1979) who's motto is "don't do as I do" but "do as I say!" Makes
complete sense because he superiors in the U.S. Navy recognized his
lack of leadership very early on. That's why Lt. Decker didn't last
in the U.S. Navy and decided to enter the corporate world where he
could use his skills of conniving, lying, denying, concealing,
deceiving, and making things up!

Let's get this straight, he been with at least three different
companies over the past dozen years, all where he had a hand in
running them into the ground. Doesn't a midshipman know how to steer
a boat to prevent it from running into the ground? He's been with:

1) Unc, Inc.
2) Mentor Technologies
3) Belfort Instruments

And now there appears to be evidence that he either resigned or
was fired from Belfort Instrument Company for "poor performance."
Seems like he spent four years trying to sell DigiWx and DigiWx AWOS
and was a miserable failure at all of it while dragging down the
finances for the rest of the Belfort company. It's easy to conclude
that Mark W. Decker is "all that and a bag of chips" along with
some "s h i t" salza on the side!

How many freakin passes does this lowlife (who was born with a silver
spoon in his mouth) get? What kind of role m o d e l is he for his
three daughters Audrey, Hanna, and Libby Decker? And how about his
wife Jennifer Racey who decided to keep her maiden name (maybe
because she knew about the lowlife she married).

Why do we have lowlifes like Mark W. Decker around? This guy thinks
he the best thing since sliced bread. He doesn't think his s h i t
stinks and he doesn't think too highly of woman in general either.
Wonder how he'll explain that one to his three daughters one day?
- show quoted text -
And then we have this:
Hannah, Audrey & Libby Decker (daughters) were found dead in a
second family home owned by Ralph P. Decker, Mary Ann Decker, Mark
W. Decker and Jennifer L. Racey according to land records available
from the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation. No
immediate cause of d e a t h was available. The second family home
is located at: 11 Silverwood Circle SILVERWOOD Unit 3, Building 11,
SC 3, Annapolis, MD 21403.

No explanation was available about how Hannah, Audrey & Libby Decker
ended up in this second family home versus the other family home at
289 Long Point Road, Crownsville, MD 21032-1853 which is noted as
being the family's primary residence according to land records
available from the Maryland State Department of Assessments and

And then this:
COCK Scratching Belfort Digiwx President Mark W. Decker

Pecker Scratching Belfort Digiwx AWOS President Mark W. Decker:

Dilbert: WHY ME?

Pecker Scratching Belfort Digiwx AWOS President Mark W. Decker: YOU


Pecker Scratching Belfort Digiwx AWOS President Mark W. Decker: JUST


Pecker Scratching Belfort Digiwx AWOS President Mark W. Decker: BID


Pecker Scratching Belfort Digiwx AWOS President Mark W. Decker: YOU

Just a typical day at Belfort Instrument Digiwx AWOS company with the
likes of Pecker Scratching Belfort Digiwx AWOS President Mark W.
Decker, Resident MURDERER Debra S. Alascio Von Lange (aka Debra
Lange), Jowl, Belly & Ass Ralph F. Petragnani, and the other THREE
STOOGES: William C. Gordon, Bruce R. Robinson and Nicholas C.

Lastly, we have this:
Belfort Instruments Digiwx has t-shirts emblazoned with the phrase:
"The Wright Brothers Relied on Us"

American history seems to tell a very different story!

There is a press release with President Mark W. Decker
name on it as the contact at:

Mr. Decker says "The Wright Brothers monitored these
(i.e. Belfort's) instruments as they prepared for
their famous flight on December 17th, 1903."


Here is what the Wright Brothers really wrote
on December 17, 1903:

"We had a 'Richard' hand anemometer with which we
measured the velocity of the wind. Measurements made
just before starting the first flight showed velocities
of 11 to 12 meters per second, or 24 to 27 miles per
hour. Measurements made just before the last flight
gave between 9 and 10 meters per second. One made just
after showed a little over 8 meters."

And then there is that indisputable picture of:

Belfort Instrument Company President Mark W. Decker
is trying to re-write history to include mention of
Belfort and/or Friez. This is a shame and a sham!
Buy anything except Belfort Instrument Digiwx AWOS
from Bruce R. Robinson and company.

MARK WILSON DECKER (Class of 1979 U.S. Naval Academy)

Mark came all the way across town to attend Canoe U. Plebe year he
became a news column regular from a starting position on the varsity
soccer team and co- captain of the plebe lax team. Youngster year
brought endless hours of study and a permanent nickname, " Max."
He strove to max all he did and was involved in everything from hang
gliding to " 4 pts. " and stars and strips. His home became the
refuge for many youngster autos and drunk classmates, none the
less the welcome mat was always out, and the hospitality was
deeply appreciated. Second class year saw the dawning of the
star fleet command of which Max was the CO. Even though Mark
had female pussy connections in nearly every college in Maryland
and Virginia, his 20-10 was primarily focused on the Ivy Leagues.
Whether commanding a squadron or managing a corporation,
you can bet Max will maximize and run it into the ground.

Last but not least:
From: George Orwell >
Newsgroups: md.annapolis
Subject: Mentor Technologies Mark W. Decker liked playing pocket
Message-ID: >
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 22:07:29 +0200 (CEST)

I saw where Mark W. Decker is now working at Belfort Instrumentation
as I always wonder where he went after skipping out of Dodge City
just barely when he left Mentor Technologies. If he hadn't left
in 2001, Decker would have been shown the exit after his dismal
performance at Mentor. The thing I will always remember about Decker
was his passion for playing pocket pool, the kind one plays when
they have something nasty growing in their crotch out of control. I
mean get some Desenex or something for that jungle rot. He was
absolutely icky just watching him work his hands in his pants pocket
as he attempted to reach his private parts in search of a much
needed scratch. Several coworkers wondered exactly why he scratched
his crotch in public for everyone to see and notice. I guess he
figured that he could be a Baltimore Oriole Cal Ripkin on the
baseball diamond and nobody would notice, well many people did
notice and found it disgusting and repulsive to say the least.
I always wonder what his wife must have growing in her crotch as a
result of him passing along his germs and god knows what else to
her. Anybody at Belfort Instrumetnation seen Decker digging at his
pecker in public? I would bet he still is!

Belfort Instruments suing fired worker Mark W. Decker

A Baltimore manufacturer of weather instruments is suing a fired
employee it claims is on an anonymous Internet rampage. Belfort
Instrument says Mark W. Decker has been harassing current Belfort
employees via e-mail, calling the company's customers and partners
alleging unethical business practices, and posting trade secrets on
the Internet. Defendant Decker has an alarming history of engaging
in such 'anonymous' Internet attacks against those who he believes
may have slighted him (including past employers), and, absent a TRO,
will continue his historical pattern of making outrageous & harmful
attacks against the material business interests of Belfort
Instrument, reads Belfort's complaint, filed earlier this month in
Baltimore County Circuit Court. Belfort, which obtained a temporary
restraining order against Decker on Nov. 15, is suing him for
misappropriating trade secrets, breach of contract, defamation and
tortious interference with contractual relations. The company is
seeking $1M. After consulting with his client, Belfort attorney Doug
W. Desmarais declined to speak about the case. My client's position
is that this is a dispute that they have chosen to resolve through
legal channels, and they're going to let it play out through legal
channels, Desmarais said. Decker could not be located for com-
ment; his phone number is unlisted and a reverse search of his
Annapolis, MD address produced no results. According to the
complaint, when Decker started working for Belfort in 2001, he
signed a contract promising that, if he left the company, for two
years afterward he would not say negative things about it; if he
did, he would face court action. He is also bound by the Maryland
Uniform Trade Secrets Act not to divulge privileged information,
Belfort says. Decker was fired on Oct. 20 of this year and then
started to harass his ex-girlfriend, still a Belfort employee, via
e- mail, the suit reads. He also allegedly emailed the company's
general mailbox anonymously, promising to fight back against
the company and drive it out of business. The company also
claims he called their customers and made untrue allegations.
Decker also used an Internet newsgroup to criticize the Belfort
product he had been in charge of marketing, the DigiWx AWOS digital
weather transmitter, calling it DigiSHIT, Belfort claims. He also
allegedly listed which of Belfort's customers were using DigiWx. The
motion does not state how Belfort knows that Decker is behind the
anonymous e-mails, phone calls and Internet postings, but a letter
from Desmarais to Decker warns that Belfort can easily trace the
communications to Decker. Belfort also claims that Decker has a
history of using pseudonyms to criticize whoever has offended [him]
on a particular day. Indeed, a search of Google's newsgroups shows
lots of chatter about Decker, including several posts purporting to
unmask him as the anonymous source of negative comments about

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