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Eram semper recta

Nov 27, 2021, 12:09:05 AM11/27/21
First learn how my historic geometric identity of January 2020 proves your mainstream formulation of calculus is an elaborate fraud:


Seeing is believing, so download the following applet and watch how my historic geometric theorem works for any given function:


There are no viruses or spy software in my applets and to my knowledge most browsers will warn you before you download any malicious code in applets. Don't waste your time on the fraudulent mainstream formulation of calculus which cannot be understood because it is anti-mathematical nonsense. Download my applet now and gain understanding and knowledge you couldn't find at school or university!

Second, learn how it fixes the mainstream bogus definition of definite integral:


Applet which explains the definite integral without any ill-formed concepts such as infinity, infinitesimals or the circular rot of limit theory:


A video explaining the new applet:


Third, study my free eBook because not only your mathematical future depends on it but also your sanity!


Lastly, ignore all the trolls and cranks such as Dan Christensen, Jean Pierre Messager (aka Python aka YBM aka JPM), Jan Burse, Michael MORONey, QB, Earle, Jens Stuckelberger, Jan Bilawski, Zelos Malum, Markus Klyver, Alan McKenzie, Ludwig Poehlman (certified crank aka Archimedes Plutonium) etc. These fools have nothing to say about my work. All they know is how to throw shade because they are ignorant, arrogant, incompetent and incorrigibly stupid. Unfortunately, sci.math has become the mainstream's "Truth Network" - replete with paid trolls, some of whose names are mentioned in this paragraph.

I shall not respond to any of them again.

At times it's good to laugh at the stupidity and dishonesty of mainstream academics. However, the situation is dire when religion trumps common sense:


This comment will be periodically reposted for the sake of new visitors.

My lecture on the true Foundations of Mathematics was recorded.

You can download it here:


The Gift applet (almost in power point format!):


Remember, you cannot understand mathematics without me because no one understands mathematics as well as I do. The lecture is a bit on the slow side (because of my health issues), BUT you will learn more about the foundations of mathematics than you ever knew your entire life!

The Elements is not about geometry. It's not about algebra. It's not about constructions. It is a template for the realisation of all SCIENCE.

I quote a Greek scholar (http://www.physics.ntua.gr/mourmouras/euclid/common/anti_prologou.html):

Τα Στοιχεία Ευκλείδου δέν είναι Γεωμετρία (ούτε επιπεδομετρία, ούτε γεωμετρία χώρου), απλώς μπορούν να παραχθούν από αύτα «Γεωμετρίες» (είτε «Ευκλείδειες,» είτε «μή Ευκλείδειες», κλπ), όπως επίσης μπορούν να παραχθούν πολλές άλλες θεωρίες «Μαθηματικές» καί όχι μόνο, π.χ. Θεωρία Αριθμών, Aναλογίες, Aσύμμετρα Μεγέθη, Θεωρία της Σχετικότητας, κ.α.

Τα Στοιχεία τού Ευκλείδου δεν είναι ούτε αντικείμενα του Πραγματικού κόσμου, καίούτε είναι αντικείμενα τών Μαθηματικών, αλλά χωρίς αυτά, όλα τά παραπάνω δέν μπορούν να περιγραφούν, να κατανοηθούν, να ερμηνευτούν.

Πολλοί συγχέουν τον πραγματικό χώρο τών «Φυσικών» επιστημών με τά Στοιχεία Ευκλείδου. Aπό τα Στοιχεία Ευκλείδου προέρχονται οί πλείστες μαθηματικές καί φυσικές επιστήμες, τόσο οί παραδοσιακές όσο καί οί μοντέρνες. Γιά τις τεχνολογίες αυτό είναι προφανές.

Τα Στοιχεία Ευκλείδου αποτελούν ένα ενιαίον όλο, ένα «Σύστημα», τό οποίο είναι «κλειστό καί ἀνοικτό», τόσο όσο καί ή σκέψη, ό λόγος καί ή γραμματική τής ανθρώπινης υπόστασης. H πληρότητα καί ἡ συνέπεια είναι δομημένες μέ έναν εκπληκτικό τρόπο, πού τό καθιστούν μοναδικό.

My καθαρεύουσα (high Greek) Greek is very poor, but here is my translation:

Euclidean Elements are not Geometry (neither plane geometry nor space geometry), from these can be produced "Geometries" (either "Euclidean" or "non-Euclidean", etc.), as well as many other "Mathematical" theories can be produced and not only, e.g. Number Theory, Proportions, Asymmetric Sizes, Theory of Relativity, etc.

The Elements of Euclid are neither objects of the real world, nor are they objects of Mathematics, but without them, all the above cannot be described, understood, interpreted. Many confuse the real world of the "Natural" sciences with the Euclidean Elements. Most of the mathematical and natural sciences, both traditional and modern, come from the Euclidean Elements. For technologies this is obvious.

The Euclidean Elements constitute a single whole, a "System", which is "closed and open", as much as the thought, reason and grammar of the human condition. Completeness and consistency are structured in an amazing way, which make it unique.


This professor (of Physics and mathematics) also reads all the Ancient texts and gives lectures. He is quite an interesting academic and very learned. He is currently reading all of Aristotle's texts:


What you probably do not know is that there is no mention of any of the following words in the Elements:

straight-edge or ruler

The diagrams are merely used as a means of communicating the relationships between points (location) and distances (lines).

The Elements is a product of pure thought that was realised first by the brilliant Ancient Greeks.

Become a subscriber to my New Calculus YT channel to learn more mathematics than you learned in all your school and university years:


Mainstream mathematics has turned into a universe of alternate "facts". The majority of mainstream academics are stupid and ignorant beyond belief so that mainstream math is today more of a cult than the science it was meant to be.

Unfortunately mainstream academia does not teach one how to think, only to memorise the prescribed doctrines that form their official statement of beliefs. Free yourself from the utter bullshit you are forced to memorise and if you're honest with yourself, will admit that you never actually understand.

Mainstream academia are shitting themselves because their days are numbered. I am their prime target because the more I publish facts (truth), the more I am hated for it. Even the cranks (Archimedes Plutonium aka Ludwig Poehlman) join in the mocking spectacle.

Don't believe a word I say, but prove that what I say is indeed the case. How, you ask? Use your brain!

There's more....

Learn about the BIG LIE "Calculus was made rigorous...":


"Why can’t you understand the difference between assuming that f'(x)=3x^2, as a “fact” upon which to build further proofs, and hypothesizing that f'(x) might equal 3x^2, as a guess to be treated with extreme suspicion and checked using the definition before I’m allowed to write f'(x)=3x^2?" - Anders Kaesorg.

The 5 Step method is outlined below and it summarises the mindset of most morons from MIT:

1. Assumption of fact
2. Hypothesis
3. Probability
4. Suspicion
5. Verification



Subscribe to my YT Channel - the best math channel on the web:


Nabor Nave

Nov 27, 2021, 1:48:07 PM11/27/21
Eram semper recta wrote:

> First learn how my historic geometric identity of January 2020 proves
> your mainstream formulation of calculus is an elaborate fraud:
> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RDulODvgncItTe7qNI1d8KTN5bl0aTXj

stop mass-protesting and singing, you idiot. They want to kill you with
death_vaxx and you are singing?? How stupid can you be. You have to enter
the building and take them out, arrest, judging and so on. Apply
Nuremberg 1 and 2 to those traitors. Yesterday.
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