Errata: Pi and the Mandelbrot set

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David Wilson

Jun 25, 1992, 10:57:47 AM6/25/92

The original "Pi and the Mandelbrot Set" was apparently posted
by Dave Boll ( I am sorry that
I cannot shed light on the case c = -.75+di, since I cannot
approximate the trajectory of the iterates.

Also, the result

n_c(v) = 4v/(1-2v), v < 1/2
pi/(2sqrt(v) v = 1/2
pi/sqrt(v) v > 1/2

should read

n_c(v) = 4v/(1-2v), v < 1/2
pi/(2sqrt(d)) v = 1/2
pi/sqrt(d) v > 1/2

David W. Wilson (

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